Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cancelled Shows...Are They Justified?

Some television shows, including Mad Love, Outsourced, Better With You and Perfect Couples, were cancelled. Were these cancellations justified or just plain wrong?

Outsourced was a great television show. I'll be sad to see it go. Apparently, it did well on NBC (only second to The Office, until NBC moved it to the 10:30 PM time slot. Then it got cancelled. Seriously, what did NBC think? That you can move a show to 10:30 PM (not a traditional primetime spot) and expect it to perform as well as it did in the 8 - 10 timeframe? Of course it didn't. And it got cancelled because of it. Outsourced didn't deserve this - it was a good show. Plus, it might have been a better choice to ditch The Office now that Steve Carrell's gone because the show will likely jump the shark pretty quickly.

Mad Love was good to watch, and while I think it had potential, it was predictable and repetitive. If the show had taken the Connie and Larry storyline to new levels or made Kate a more interesting character, I think the show might have made it. But we sat there and watched a whole season of Larry-loves-and-hates-Connie drama, which never seemed to move forward. Until the season finale, that is, when it was too late, and even that was a weak move.

Better With You was mediocre at best and was a waste of Joanna Garcia Swisher and Debra Jo Rupp's talent. I can definitely understand why this was cancelled and will not miss it.

Perfect Couples was mediocre, and I feel like it managed to begin a major decline already within season one. The cast was talented (Mary Elizabeth Ellis in particular) but the show wasn't strong enough to make it into a sophomore season.

On a more positive note, while Mr. Sunshine didn't make the cut, Happy Endings did. Happy Endings is a fantastic and smart show that rivals 30 Rock in terms of being a smart and entertaining comedy.

I have mixed feelings on CBS saving Two and a Half Men with Ashton Kutcher as the new character in Charlie's place. I think it might work but it'll be a stretch to keep the show's concept intact without Charlie Sheen.

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