Sunday, May 8, 2011

Breaking Back the Bars on OWN: An Incredible Show

After talking to a friend about the OWN channel, I flipped on On Demand and started watching Breaking Back the Bars. It was so good.

In a world full of reality TV with catty women and singing competitions (not that I don't love those shows!), it was a nice break to see an uplifting show about women in tough situations improving their lives.

On Breaking Back the Bars, we follow the lives of women in jail. We learn about their backstories, hear about their pain, and watch them move towards a better lifestyle. It's amazing to learn what these women went through - painful childhoods, drug addicted homes, abuse and more. The show doesn't allow the women's pasts to justify their actions, it merely helps us understand the circumstances that affected the women in their lifelong journeys.

The positive part about Breaking Back the Bars is that we see the women in prison improve their lives and move forward. We watch them move in a positive direction.

If you want to read more about my thoughts on the women on the show, click here and read the article I wrote about the show and its participants.

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