Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baby Leah Enters Gary's Custody; Jenelle Enters Rehab

Teen Mom Amber Portwood, who just turned 21, lost custody of baby Leah. Custody was given to baby daddy Gary Shirley.

At her birthday party, Amber and Gary enjoyed some fun. So, even though Amber doesn't have custody of Leah, she's sure to see a lot of her and she and Gary are looking quite close.

Though Amber and Gary looked close, Amber's been spending plenty of time with her neighbor, Midas Fields. He's the father of a baby with girlfriend Jamie Monroe, who is said to have vandalized Amber's home and car. Amber's mom states that while Midas has a crush on Amber, Amber's still 100% into Gary (although they're not officially together).

Jenelle Evans is making a positive turn and is going to rehab.

Apparently, Jenelle's really into weed and Ecstasy. According to a friend of Jenelle's, the Ecstasy reportedly makes her feel like people like her, when in reality, not everyone is her biggest fan. I'm happy that Jenelle's taking a step in the right direction. She's made some really awful decisions, despite the fact that she could do much better. Jenelle voluntarily entered a 45 day treatment in rehab. This may be a ploy to avoid jail time for her crimes, rather than because she should do it for herself, but in any case, it's a positive thing.

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