Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Paris Hilton Plans To Make House Music

It has been a while since we heard from Paris Hilton. She hasn't sung about how stars are blind (remember that?) or selected another new BFF in a while. So how is Ms. Hilton re-entering the world of fame? By releasing an album of house music.

Perez Hilton shared the news that Paris Hilton has been working on an album for quite some time, and it's moving away from its pop roots. While the album was initially going to be pop music oriented, it's moved towards more of a house, dance and club music.

I'm not sure I can really imagine a house / dance / club album from Paris Hilton. Although she does (or at least did) frequent the club scene, so she probably has a good understanding of dance music. That being said, I can't help being skeptical of this new album, because Paris doesn't exactly have a reputation for selling records. If you read the reviews of the song Stars Are Blind from Paris Hilton's first album, you probably won't have high hopes for her sophomore attempt. (If you don't want to read the reviews in full, she's called talentless and a copycat.)

Paris will be writing on her new album, so let's hope she pleasantly surprises us with her singing and writing skills, rather than making us want to cover our ears and say "la la la la la!"

Bravo's Platinum Hit is a Miss

I watched Bravo's Platinum Hit last night and I was not impressed.

First of all, the show tried to have a lot of star power (Jewel, Kara DioGuardi, Jermaine Dupri) to bring in audiences, but I don't think it was enough. Secondly, the show, despite focusing on songwriting, still had the whole singing show format going on.

I really wish I could describe more about the show, but I had a lot of trouble paying attention without tuning out (no pun intended). There were good people and not so good people. There were good performers and not so good performers. And, there was one person that I thought was pretty awful that the judges seemed to enjoy.

Overall? A fail for me. I will not continue to watch this show, even though it follows one of my favorites: The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Real Housewives of New Jersey 5/30/11: The Giudice / Gorga Fight Continues

Is anyone else getting the hint that Joe Giudice is really the common denominator in a lot of the Giudice / Gorga family fights, not Teresa?

For example, after he saw Joe Gorga at the gym, he called Teresa, and quite venomously, let her know how he felt about her brother? Meanwhile, when Joe Gorga and Melissa discussed the Teresa situation yet again, Melissa actually supported fixing the family drama.

Kathy Wakile's attempt at reaching out to Caroline Manzo seemed a bit more than backhanded, and I was glad that Caroline reacted the way she did. If Kathy really wanted to make things better with Teresa, she may have had a chance through Caroline. However, it didn't work out that way. Kathy claims that she never meant to choose between Melissa and Teresa, and I do believe her, but once things got crazy she certainly did choose a side.

Teresa Giudice tried to write a letter to her brother to make things right, but she couldn't see beyond her issues with Melissa Gorga to say all of the things that she needed to say. Specifically, she needed to address her issues with Melissa and how she wants to make things better in that respect. That being said, I give Teresa credit for trying, and although we clearly know from news reports that things aren't better within the Giudice/Gorga family, at least she tried.

Jacqueline Laurita had some great points about Teresa and the letter - as they went to deliver it, Teresa noted that she wanted her brother to change and that she was ready to be confrontational. However, that was not an appropriate approach - she should have tried to be more open about it. When it came down to it, no one was home, so that was a non-issue, and Teresa left the note in the door.

I have to give Melissa Gorga credit for encouraging her husband Joe to read the letter and to talk to Teresa again. He was clearly hesitant, but Melissa was definitely doing the right thing because without her, Joe probably wouldn't have even entertained the idea.

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on TLC: A Look at the Lives of Romany Gypsies and Irish Travellers

I just saw the first two episodes of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on TLC, and it was amazing. We look inside the giant weddings of the Gypsy and Traveller communities, and also take a look at the struggles of the communities. For example, Gypsies and Travellers own land in England, but can't legally build on it.

On the British television show that is adapted for American audiences, we see an extravagant dress for bride Sam, and learn how her non-Traveller family supports her wedding to a Traveller. We also see young cousins discuss their desire to marry at the age of seventeen. In addition, we watch young girls get dolled up in giant dresses to celebrate their communions.

It was heartbreaking to see the sadness of a young Traveller girl as her older sister got married, because that means she's forced to drop out of school and do all of the chores for her household. Traveller girls, throughout their whole lives, are groomed to cook, clean and be housewives.

What is particularly interesting (and sad) is the struggle that Travellers and Gypsies face. They face prejudice from the UK population, and often find themselves forced to move, even when trying to build permanent communities and integrate themselves into UK society.

For my full review and thoughts on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, as well as some information and background on the culture, click here to read my article.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spencer Pratt Is Self Centered; Thinks Everything Is About Him

According to TMZ.com, Spencer Pratt is angry with Virgin Mobile for running commercials depicting a fake celebrity couple called 'Sparah.'

In the commercial, the couple, comprised of two people named Spencer and Sarah, were introduced simply with the purpose of becoming media targets. Their names were mashed into one, much like what has been done with many celebrity couples. Yes, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt did become Speidi, but we certainly can't forget other couples, including the much more famous Brangelina.

In any case, it seems that Spencer isn't really upset that he thinks Virgin Mobile is copying him and Heidi, he's really upset that he's not getting a paycheck for it. That's right, folks. Once again, Spencer's willing to make ridiculous accusations (like this one, where he's clearly acting like he's the only Spencer in the world and everyone cares about him) in order to pick up some cash.

Spencer claims that Sparah looks like the real Speidi, so they're clearly a copy of him and Heidi - although the only similarity I see is Sarah's blonde hair.

I'm not going to say that there is zero coincidence between the Speidi and Sparah trends, but I certainly don't think that Heidi and Spencer deserve any compensation for the similarities. Spencer's concerned that this seems like a joke that's all about him, but the real joke comes from his antics - and the fact that he thinks he deserves a paycheck for somebody else's work.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Mildred Patty Baena's Daughter Speaks Out...And Says Something Dumb

Mildred Patty Baena, the woman who fathered a child with Arnold Schwarzenegger, is famous for sleeping with the Governator. But her daughter claims there's a reason beyond that.

Per TMZ.com, Jackie Rozo thinks people only care about Arnold Schwarzenegger's affair because of Arnold's fame...and because her mom's Hispanic.

Say what?

I can't speak for anyone else, but it makes no difference to me if Mildred Patty Baena is Hispanic or Caucasian or anything else. That was never even a concern about that. The concern was the fact that the woman slept with a married man, mothered his child and stayed employed in his household after committing adultery. Background has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Is Jackie insinuating that we wouldn't care about Arnold's affair if he had it with a woman of another ethnic background? Because I am pretty sure we'd still be pretty upset, regardless of ethnicity, and feel badly for Maria Shriver.

Jackie went on to say that her mother doesn't have to justify herself. In a sense, she's right - private life is private. But the secret about the kid got out somehow, and if Jackie didn't even know, Mildred must have released (or told someone that released) the secret. Plus, when you mess with a public figure, the public ends up knowing your business.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Real Housewives of New York City Episode Recap - 5/26/11

This week, the Real Housewives of New York City headed to Morocco.

The episode opened with Luann telling the girls how to say darling in Arabic, which while kind of cool, probably won't be very helpful.

The first set of women arrived in the amazing residence that LuAnn reserved for them. It was amazing. Then the scene flashed to Ramona on the plane complaining that she's nervous about the accommodations because she needs things like her white sheets and her own Pinot Grigio. LuAnn later shared the fact that asked the staff to unpack her luggage. I'm sorry - do normal people ask for that? Ramona and Sonja immediately began complaining about things like the dust and poverty. It was a bit ridiculous.

When Ramona and the other blondes arrived, Jill let us know that she and Ramona need to have a talk, and their tension is an elephant in the room. That being said, LuAnn tried to make that talk happen pre-Morocco (in the last episode) but Jill acted like everything was fine. Was waiting to be in Morocco really the best time to address the Jill and Ramona drama?

After all of this, the women went off on tangents about how sexy and inappropriate Ramona's clothes were for Morocco. LuAnn said that while Morocco is westernized, modesty is a necessity.

Cindy then told everyone how upset she was that someone stole hangers out of her room. She made a big deal about it, and as soon as she left the room, the other girls started talking badly about her. Drama ensued. One of the staff members who was putting away Ramona's clothes probably took them or something. The drama was ridiculous.

Later, some members of the group wanted to go for a car ride and LuAnn got all high and mighty about planning a group trip. I don't really blame the women for taking their car ride, but it's kind of weird that they left the group so soon in the trip.

Jill connected with some friends who were hosting a party, the friends invited the group of NYC housewives. Apparently, Jill's friend Brad doesn't like Ramona, and Jill couldn't help noting that you can go halfway around the world and still find someone who doesn't like Ramona.

LuAnn brought in a famous fashion designer to create something for the girls. Ramona managed to embarrass everyone again with her weird demands, despite the fact that she was speaking to a famous designer. She asked a famous designer to put a log on a fire.

The girls went to the party, which turned out to be at a bed and breakfast, not Brad's house. Cindy was appalled by the mean girl antics that were going on, but she shouldn't have been - she knew what she was getting into when she joined The Real Housewives of New York City.

The girls and other party guests were then entertained by a snake show, which was not very entertaining to watch on TV. Following that was a fortune teller. First, Jill had her fortune read. She was told that she has a big heart but she talks too much. Kelly was told that she wants to have another child.

Next up was Ramona, and Kelly was told to translate her fortune. Ramona was told that there's another woman...basically, that her husband is cheating.

Then, we were slapped with the 'To be continued' message on the screen.

Overall, I found this episode a bit boring and unfulfilling. The NYC housewives just don't have the same appeal that they used to.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Real Housewives of New Jersey: Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile's Second Episode

Caroline Manzo opened up the episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey by counseling Teresa on what do after the brawl at Melissa and Joe's son's Christening. Her advice was good - talk to your brother and make things right. Teresa agreed, but then in the confessional, said she doesn't need Caroline's advice.

The screen then went to Melissa Gorga, who was complaining again about Teresa, saying how she danced with the baby for over an hour at the Christening. I don't believe it. Then the conversation took a turn when Joe Gorga chimed in, stating that Joe Giudice ruined the relationship when he got in the middle of things. The fact that Teresa used to idolize her brother was clearly an issue for her husband Joe, and that helped to tear apart the family. (It would also explain why he trashed Joe Gorga to his and Teresa's dad.)

At this point, both parties seemed to want to make things right in the Gorga / Giudice family. And I think they could have. However, this doesn't seem to happen according to current news reports.

Kim D., probably knowing the drama it could potentially cause, asked Melissa to walk in the Posche fashion show that would be held at The Brownstone. Then Kim G. stepped onto the scene and shared some negative conversation with Melissa about Teresa. This is the point where I have to sigh - hasn't Kim G. learned anything from last year's Jacqueline Laurita/Danielle Staub issue? Well, actually, she did learn something - doing inappropriate things earns you screen time, especially when there's no chance that you'll be cast as a full fledged NJ housewife.

Next up, we watched the families celebrate Halloween. This part of the show wasn't terribly exciting. Although Joe Gorga's costume was a bit scary, and Audriana looked like a tiny Sue Sylvester.

Because Kim D. asked Melissa to be in her fashion show, Melissa invited the Kims to join her at a Halloween party. Kathy seemed more hesitant about trusting the pair. Sure enough, the conversation turned to Teresa. Kathy said she didn't plan to approach Teresa first at the fashion show, but would accept an apology and a discussion.

At this point, I gained some respect for Kathy that I was missing during the first episode of this season of RHONJ. She thought rationally about how Teresa might feel and didn't just take Melissa's side.

After that, we caught a quick glimpse of Caroline and Albert Manzo setting up The Brownstone, then flipped over to a shot of Jacqueline and Teresa. Jacqueline said she was nervous about the fashion show, but Teresa seemed to be calmer, even though she knew Melissa was also walking. (At this point, my respect for Teresa is renewed because she plans to be normal and social with Melissa.) Although Jacqueline made an excellent point: every time Teresa even says hello to someone, things go nuts.

The shot flashes back to Melissa, who states that she wants an apology from Teresa. And while I still think that the Christening incident wasn't Teresa's fault, it probably would help for Teresa to apologize. The scene continued further, with more repetitive talk about the Christening. Then Kathy let Melissa know that she'd like to talk to Teresa about what's going on with her. Melissa said that the fashion show isn't a place for family stuff, possibly in an attempt to stop a reconciliation between Kathy and Teresa, or to avoid possible drama.

Next up we saw behind the scenes at the fashion show, where Teresa went so far out her way to make things look normal when they clearly weren't. I'm going to have to call foul on Teresa here - she tried so hard to act unfazed, whereas a sheepish grin and shy hello with a promise to talk later would have done wonders. It's hard for Teresa to give in to Melissa, since they clearly have competition going on, but she could have done at least something without showing much weakness.

Following that, Teresa and Caroline noticed that Kim G. was at the fashion show talking to Melissa Gorga and her sister Lysa, and the gossip began.

We saw some of the fashion show with a focus on Melissa, who seemed to be having a blast on the runway. Her walk wasn't a model walk by any means, but she did have a great time, which counts for a lot. As she walked, her table gave her tons of applause. Melissa had a genuine smile. Then Teresa walked, and while she also got applause, she didn't have a table of groupies, and her movement looked forced. I don't blame her, of course, but without trying to make things right with Melissa, of course she had a lot on her mind.

Kathy then approached Teresa asking what happened at the Christening, and Teresa immediately went on the defensive. She said that Kathy doesn't know her brother, and when she approaches him, he acts like an animal. When Kathy probed further, Teresa relinquished all responsibility, saying that her brother started the issue, which he did. However, this was the chance for Teresa to back down and say "Yeah, my brother started it, but we can make it right together." She didn't. When Kathy noted that Audriana was left alone and she took her out of the room during the Christening brawl, Teresa flipped out, saying that it was an untrue accusation and Kathy didn't have the kid. This is where I call shenanigans on Teresa again. I understand that she can't let her guard down, probably because she's been so hurt, but she needs to let it out and mend her family.

Caroline confronted Kathy and Melissa, saying that they need to fix their family drama, but not at The Brownstone - in their own homes. In a way, she was keeping drama out, but also seemed to be defending Teresa, saying that Melissa and Kathy have to fix the family issues with Teresa and her husband Joe.

Next week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we'll see Kathy and Caroline talk, Melissa talk to Joe about forgiving Teresa, and Teresa stay stuck in her ways and not try to make up with her family, even though she's far from innocent.

Takeaways: I have a bit less sympathy for Teresa and a bit more for Melissa and Kathy. However, I don't think it will stay that way - I think this will flip-flop as the season progresses.

Kim G. was probably disappointed to have not gained more screen time because she's always trying to create drama and get screen time. Insulting Teresa was not the way to gain time on RHONJ.

Teresa and Melissa need to make up. I'm sure that that's a long way away, if it will ever happen, but I hope it does for the sake of their families. However, Bravo probably never wants that to happen - the ratings would drop without the New Jersey family drama.

On Watch What Happens Live, 92% of voters were on Team Teresa (as opposed to Team Melissa). I have to agree, despite her inability to open up and work things out with her family.

Is Kelsey Grammer Right To Ask For Sole Custody Of His Kids With Camille Grammer?

Kelsey Grammer and Camille Grammer were locked in a nasty divorce battle, and now that it's over, they're going to go head-to-head for custody of their kids.

Although the news only recently went public, there may be more to this than we know. Word has it that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills producers told Camille that she's been boring this the taping of the show for the upcoming season and needs to step it up and cause some drama. Perhaps the issues with Kelsey are dictating her calm behavior. If she acts up, the judge may have a case to take the kids from Camille and present sole custody to Kelsey and wife Kayte Walsh.

Rumors are swirling, including the fact that Camille Grammer's goal is to upset Kelsey (which Camille denies), and the fact that Kelsey thinks Camille isn't parenting - instead, she's leaving the kids with nannies.

Honestly, I don't think 50/50 custody is healthy for the kids, ages 6 and 9, especially with parents who live in different parts of the country. But which parent is the better choice for them? I'm not really sure. Kelsey Grammer is busy filming a reality show, and would probably leave the kids with wife Kayte a lot of the time. And who's to say Kayte won't resent that? And I'm not sure it's a great idea to rip the kids away from the parent they currently live with, Camille. But Camille's had her share of bad behavior, so I'm not going to defend her as a definite positive role model.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kashing In On Kids (Bad Spelling Intentional)

Frank Sorrentino posted rants on You Tube going off on son Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino of Jersey Shore fame. This is just the latest installment of parents cashing in on their kids. Why do these fame-whoring parents do it? There are several reasons, I'm sure.

Frank Sorrentino was quick to defend himself when he went off on son Mike Sorrentino in some You Tube clips. It seems that his words came from a place of pain, and instead of trying to smooth things over, Frank is using his slice of reality pie to make some much needed cash.

The deal is that Frank, an out-of-work diabetic, needed some money for medical expenses. So he reached out to Mike for some financial assistance. Mike didn't return his call, which made Frank mad. So he decided (or so it seems) that the best revenge is to publicly trash his son, which in turn earned him some fame and money.

Taking this story at face value, I have a few takeaways. These aren't based on facts, merely my opinion. First, there was probably a reason Mike didn't call his dad back. His dad may have been out of work many times before and asked for cash from Mike. Mike probably thought the best course of action was to ignore his dad, rather than create a conflict...especially if he knew his dad was seeking some fame and fortune from his success.

Secondly, Frank had plans for this opportunity. He may have known his pleas for cash wouldn't pan out, so he quickly created his You Tube videos, grabbed his fame, and tried to run with it as fast as he could by asking for a reality show of his own. This, in and of itself, shows his intentions are not exactly as clean as he wants us to believe.

Plus, Frank has a bone to pick - he said his kids once told him he's got no talent, so he wants to prove them wrong.

Note that Mike served dad Frank with legal papers because of the unauthorized use of his likeness on his website, TheConfrontationSite.com. However, even a lawsuit can't take away Frank's newfound fame...and this will only make it grow.

Frank Sorrentino's not the only fame-seeker out there, of course. We've got Michael Lohan, Jon Gosselin and that woman Rocky who showed off her kid on I Know My Kid's A Star and later appeared on Tough Love, among others.

We'll never truly know what inspires these parents to use their kids as pawns for fame, but it's fairly obvious that the reason it continues is because it works. That's really the problem here - although Michael Lohan and others aren't exactly popular in the public eye, they are famous. And that does create opportunities. I mean, even Ashley Dupre, mistress to Elliott Spitzer is going to be on a reality show. We're clearly sending out the wrong message here - do something dumb, exploit someone or sell out your kids, and we'll reward you with fame and fortune.

On a related note, has anyone even considered what will happen to the kids of the Teen Mom girls? If they stay on the MTV reality show when they're old enough to be conscious of what's going on, doesn't anyone realize this could negatively impact their lives? What about the kids of The Real Housewives of New Jersey? They're young and impressionable - is anyone thinking about their safety and well being?

Jordan Ward From 16 and Pregnant is Pregnant Again!

In terms of things absolutely ridiculous, 16 and Pregnant teaches people nothing. Jordan Ward, who was recently featured on the MTV show, is pregnant again.

That's right, people. The 18 year old, who admits that she isn't taking birth control, managed to get herself re-impregnated. At least dad Brian Finder is doing the right thing and joining the Air Force to earn an income and benefits for the whole family.

Brian and Jordan are married, so that's a good thing, but in the midst of adjusting to teen parenthood, is conceiving a second child really the best idea? Jordan admits that this baby (a girl) was an 'oops' baby and taking birth control would have been responsible...but that doesn't really help after the fact, now does it?

I guess at least baby Noah will have a sibling close in age, which may be nice for him and the new baby.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Danielle Staub Gets Naked For Scores Gentleman's Club

If you thought Danielle Staub hit rock bottom after her criminal past got out and she participated in a sex tape, you were wrong. Staub, of Real Housewives of New Jersey fame, has agreed to get naked for Scores Gentleman’s Club in New York.

Photo provided by TMZ.com.
I honestly didn't realize that a nude Danielle Staub was something people wanted to see.

The forty-eight year old, who I believe has claimed to want to do what's right for her daughters, is taking it all off for Scores Gentleman’s Club - once in a live appearance and over the course of three years on the Scores website - ScoresLive.com. Staub signed a three year contract, which means she'll be making nude appearances until she's fifty-one years old.

If you're not ready to believe this (and many of us aren't), you can visit TMZ.com and see photographic evidence. You won't see anything dirty because it's all covered up, but I still wouldn't view this at work or something.

Update: Danielle has since quit the stripping business (probably after all of the bad publicity got out) and is now being sued for breach of contract with Scores. Lovely.

Cancelled Shows...Are They Justified?

Some television shows, including Mad Love, Outsourced, Better With You and Perfect Couples, were cancelled. Were these cancellations justified or just plain wrong?

Outsourced was a great television show. I'll be sad to see it go. Apparently, it did well on NBC (only second to The Office, until NBC moved it to the 10:30 PM time slot. Then it got cancelled. Seriously, what did NBC think? That you can move a show to 10:30 PM (not a traditional primetime spot) and expect it to perform as well as it did in the 8 - 10 timeframe? Of course it didn't. And it got cancelled because of it. Outsourced didn't deserve this - it was a good show. Plus, it might have been a better choice to ditch The Office now that Steve Carrell's gone because the show will likely jump the shark pretty quickly.

Mad Love was good to watch, and while I think it had potential, it was predictable and repetitive. If the show had taken the Connie and Larry storyline to new levels or made Kate a more interesting character, I think the show might have made it. But we sat there and watched a whole season of Larry-loves-and-hates-Connie drama, which never seemed to move forward. Until the season finale, that is, when it was too late, and even that was a weak move.

Better With You was mediocre at best and was a waste of Joanna Garcia Swisher and Debra Jo Rupp's talent. I can definitely understand why this was cancelled and will not miss it.

Perfect Couples was mediocre, and I feel like it managed to begin a major decline already within season one. The cast was talented (Mary Elizabeth Ellis in particular) but the show wasn't strong enough to make it into a sophomore season.

On a more positive note, while Mr. Sunshine didn't make the cut, Happy Endings did. Happy Endings is a fantastic and smart show that rivals 30 Rock in terms of being a smart and entertaining comedy.

I have mixed feelings on CBS saving Two and a Half Men with Ashton Kutcher as the new character in Charlie's place. I think it might work but it'll be a stretch to keep the show's concept intact without Charlie Sheen.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Real Housewives of New Jersey Season Premiere: Some Takeaways

The Real Housewives of New Jersey introduced Melissa Gorga, and wow, she's a lot like Teresa Giudice.

Melissa Gorga is married to Teresa Giudice's brother, Joe Gorga. Teresa and Melissa have a major competition going on, partially for Joe Gorga's attention. It was pointed out that the pair is very similar, which causes their competition. It's true - both want to be glamorous, throw the biggest parties and be the most popular. They both, deep down, want a good relationship, I believe. But they can't get over their competition.

It's likely that new cast member Kathy Wakile will be a sidekick to Melissa Gorga, but won't cause a whole lot of drama without Melissa as backup. That doesn't mean that drama won't be caused - it seems that Kathy and Melissa will be spending a lot of screen time together.

It looks like the Ashley Holmes drama will escalate even more this season. Mom Jacqueline Laurita is trying to what's best for her daughter, but Ashley wants her freedom: a New York apartment and freedom from mom's rules. Jacqueline is clearly trying to help her daughter, but because of her approach with words, Ashley pushes her away.

Caroline Manzo and family seem to be bringing way less drama than in past seasons of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The family's focus in this episode is that Albie and Chris are moving out, which is hardly dramatic compared to the "My family is thick as thieves" style drama encountered when Danielle Staub was on the show.

Overall, we can probably expect a whole lot of Giudice / Gorga drama this season, even though deep down, it seems like everyone just wants to be a happy family again. Except for Joe Giudice, maybe, who seems to be creating plenty of controversy. But from the season premiere of RHONJ, Teresa seems to want her family together, and so do Joe Gorga and Kathy Wakile, deep down. Melissa probably would too if she and Teresa could stop competing and make peace. But let's face it, Bravo wouldn't have cast Gorga if there wouldn't be drama, and you can't have to alpha females in a situation without jealousy.

Real Housewives of Orange County: I'm Off Team Jeana

I was a big Jeana Keough fan throughout the course of The Real Housewives of Orange County, but that's over after this week's episode.

First of all, I think Tamra Barney did what she had to do when she called the cops on ex-husband Simon Barney. I also genuinely believe that she didn't want him arrested but feared for her children.

Jeana Keough
called and texted Tamra after Tamra called the cops, which landed Simon in jail. Simon came to Tamra's house uninvited and threw something past their son Spencer's head and towards Tamra. Jeana texted Tamra and later met with her, stating that she did the wrong thing and called the cops on Simon because she wanted drama. Jeana then played the "Tamra doesn't know what abuse is" card because she'd been in an abusive relationship.

First of all, there are many kinds of abuse and Jeana has no right to judge Tamra's situation when she's only hearing Simon's side of stories because they're close friends and Jeana trusts what Simon says.

I've definitely not been a Tamra fan throughout The Real Housewives of Orange County, especially with her antics with Gretchen, but looking back, it may have come from a place of pain from her failing relationship with Simon. Maybe...or maybe she was just a mean girl who's had some reform since then.

To help her healing, Tamra needs to stop talking to Jeana. She knows Jeana talks to the media, says mean things about her and repeats her words to Simon. She needs to cut part of the problem out of the picture, and that means cutting out Jeana.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sister Wives: Searching For a Home

This week on Sister Wives, we saw Kody Brown and family try to find a new home in Las Vegas.

The real estate agent, right off the bat, noted that Las Vegas does not have polygamist homes, so Kody Brown and the family might have to buy multiple homes. The problem? The family can't afford to buy four houses, and finding a house with fifteen bedrooms (which the family wants) is not exactly an easy task.

The Browns' real estate agent managed to work a great deal for the family, although financing would be a challenge. A developer had four homes on the same street for sale, and he was willing to work with the Browns. Kody and the family with him looking at homes loved the prospects of the four neighboring houses, so they called the realtor about moving forward with a possible sale.

What was nice was that Christine, when she saw the images of the new homes, lost her reservations about moving - she loved the look of the new houses. Unfortunately, her happiness was short lived, and the family only had seen days to move - their offer on the homes was rejected.

It's awful that the Brown family was forced to move due to the investigation against their family for their polygamist lifestyle. It's obviously so hard for Kody, Meri, Jenelle, Christine, Robyn and the kids. I hope their move turns out to be a positive thing.

Note: Reports state that Kody Brown and his polygamist family moved into a Las Vegas rental home in January, so the hunt to buy a house must not have worked out.

Update: As of the season finale, the family moved into a rental property in Vegas. We'll see what happens when the show returns!

Danielle Staub Dating Ray J

Danielle Staub, of Real Housewives of New Jersey fame, is entering the cougar zone as she is reportedly dating Ray J.

The two "stars" were seen locking lips, creating speculation that the pair is dating.

Ray J and Danielle Staub may make a good couple because they have something in common: making a sex tape! If you recall, a big part of the reason that Kim Kardashian is famous is the sex tape she made with Ray J. And, Danielle's got a sex tape of her own.

Ray J Norwood, brother of Brandy Norwood, theoretically tried to find love on the reality show For the Love of Ray J. However, if I recall correctly, he was surprised that the show's winner actually expected to date him after the show wrapped.

Danielle Staub was a major source of drama on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, where she created trouble with everyone, and her criminal past (and previous names - Danielle's not her original first name) were revealed.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baby Leah Enters Gary's Custody; Jenelle Enters Rehab

Teen Mom Amber Portwood, who just turned 21, lost custody of baby Leah. Custody was given to baby daddy Gary Shirley.

At her birthday party, Amber and Gary enjoyed some fun. So, even though Amber doesn't have custody of Leah, she's sure to see a lot of her and she and Gary are looking quite close.

Though Amber and Gary looked close, Amber's been spending plenty of time with her neighbor, Midas Fields. He's the father of a baby with girlfriend Jamie Monroe, who is said to have vandalized Amber's home and car. Amber's mom states that while Midas has a crush on Amber, Amber's still 100% into Gary (although they're not officially together).

Jenelle Evans is making a positive turn and is going to rehab.

Apparently, Jenelle's really into weed and Ecstasy. According to a friend of Jenelle's, the Ecstasy reportedly makes her feel like people like her, when in reality, not everyone is her biggest fan. I'm happy that Jenelle's taking a step in the right direction. She's made some really awful decisions, despite the fact that she could do much better. Jenelle voluntarily entered a 45 day treatment in rehab. This may be a ploy to avoid jail time for her crimes, rather than because she should do it for herself, but in any case, it's a positive thing.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Ashton Kutcher To Replace Charlie Sheen On Two and a Half Men

Ashton Kutcher will take Charlie Sheen's place on the CBS television show Two and a Half Men.

Charlie Sheen reacted by stating that Ashton Kutcher is a great actor. This is positive, but also backhanded - he followed it up by complimenting himself.

Chuck Lorre, who Sheen insulted while complimenting Kutcher, has what he considers an excellent plan to introduce Kutcher to Two and a Half Men.

Word has it that Kutcher hasn't officially signed yet, but he's definitely in and the hit CBS show will go on.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chris Christie's Message To The Jersey Shore Cast: Get Out of Jersey, You New Yorkers!

Jersey Shore filming was delayed in Italy, but that's not the fun news. The fun news is that New Jersey governor Chris Christie wants the Jersey Shore cast out of New Jersey!

Chris Christie spoke to the media and expressed his disdain for MTV's Jersey Shore and its cast, implying that it sheds a negative light on the Garden State.

Christie thinks that MTV's habit of taking New Yorkers (Snooki!) and putting them in the a TV show based at the Jersey shore makes New Jersey look bad and as if it's full of people who live only the GTL lifestyle. (This is clearly paraphrased, but you get the idea.)

Christie was quoted as saying, “They ought to take them out to Montauk, all the way out on the point, and leave them there. And don’t drop bread crumbs, so they can’t find their way back.”

It should be noted that some cast members, including Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola and Deena Nicole Cortese, are from New Jersey.

Also, on a random note, I'm on Crowdtap and would appreciate if you'd click here and vote in the Old Navy song contest.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Strange Sex: Nat and Abby Are Awesome

On Strange Sex, we saw a female-to-male transgendered person discuss his transition. It was great that he was so open about it. What was even better was watching his girlfriend Abby support him the whole way.

Nat, born Natalie, transitioned from female to male through hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery. I give Nat so much credit for following his heart and finding himself.

What was truly amazing for me, though, was hearing his girlfriend Abby talk. Abby and Nat began dating when Nat recognized himself as a man, but was physically female. Abby detailed their relationship, stating that she knew she (a straight female) had a connection with Nat, and although it was difficult at times, she stood by Nat in a relationship.

Like other relationships, Nat and Abby's wasn't perfect - they broke up / separated a few times when the relationship became difficult (like during times when Nat's hormones went wild during hormone therapy). But overall, Abby stuck by Nat and even made a comment that it was awesome that she'd get to pick the size of Nat's new penis.

I truly respect Nat for following his dreams and Abby for being so open about how gender, while it matters, isn't a deal breaker in a relationship just because it doesn't fit a typical stereotype of who a person likes. It was great to see Abby be so open about her feelings and relationship with Nat. She isn't hiding from the world and pretending that Nat was born a guy - she loves Nat for who he is inside, and that counts for a lot.

Props to Abby and Nat!

I feel that I should call attention to a few other details of the show, along with talking about how awesome Nat and Abby are.

* Nat's parents are amazing. The fact that hey helped Nat with his transition, and were willing to share their story, is fantastic. I hope they realize their story will help others in similar situations.

* The show had a realistic portrayal of a female to male transition. The show showed the struggles that Nat faced. Strange Sex did not make it seem like switching from a male to female body is easy - it showed the struggles with hormones, cost for surgeries and more.

* I give Nat so much credit for following his heart. He struggled through high school when he couldn't begin his gender reassignment, but overcame that and found his way to happiness. I can't even imagine the pain and stress that goes along with gender reassignment, and Nat seemed to handle it as well as possible.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Breaking Back the Bars on OWN: An Incredible Show

After talking to a friend about the OWN channel, I flipped on On Demand and started watching Breaking Back the Bars. It was so good.

In a world full of reality TV with catty women and singing competitions (not that I don't love those shows!), it was a nice break to see an uplifting show about women in tough situations improving their lives.

On Breaking Back the Bars, we follow the lives of women in jail. We learn about their backstories, hear about their pain, and watch them move towards a better lifestyle. It's amazing to learn what these women went through - painful childhoods, drug addicted homes, abuse and more. The show doesn't allow the women's pasts to justify their actions, it merely helps us understand the circumstances that affected the women in their lifelong journeys.

The positive part about Breaking Back the Bars is that we see the women in prison improve their lives and move forward. We watch them move in a positive direction.

If you want to read more about my thoughts on the women on the show, click here and read the article I wrote about the show and its participants.

Michaele Salahi Wants You To Hear Her Sing

Michaele Salahi is recording a single. The lyrics (if you can call them that) sound like they're about sex.

Michaele Salahi, of The Real Housewives of DC fame, is recording a song. You can here a clip of her recording it here. The song, which has the very intellectual lyrics "Bump it loud, loud, loud..." sounds like a song just as classy as Ms. Salahi herself.

I'm not sure why Michaele Salahi thinks recording a single will work for her - it's not like "Don't Be Tardy for the Party" by Kim Zolciak was a success or whatever that song about class was by LuAnn De Lesseps made it big.

It seems that recording songs seems to be the thing to do when you star on a Real Housewives franchise. Who's next - Teresa Giudice? Maybe she'll sing a song about flipping tables at enemies or something.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino Confirms Jersey Shore Spin-Off

Oh, please. You thought that Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino would let Snooki, J-Woww and Pauly D get spin-off opportunities without claiming one for himself?

After his interesting showing on Dancing With the Stars, I didn't think for a second that Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino would let that be his last spin-off from Jersey Shore.

The premise of his new show has yet to be announced. I think that's because MTV hasn't yet decided exactly what Mike's going to do. I mean, we've already seen him do the GTL thing - can we really just watch him do that again on another reality show? I would think maybe he'd try deejaying, but Pauly's already got that covered with his Jersey Shore spin-off. Maybe we'll watch him try to pick up girls or something...or maybe he'll host some kind of reality show where guys try to be like him. Maybe it'll be like Paris Hilton's My New BFF or that short-lived show Bromance or something.

Only time will tell. I wonder if Vinny will go for a spin-off as well, or if Deena Nicole will try to snag one even though she's spent much less time on Jersey Shore than the others.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Name Twin Babies - And The Names Are Weird

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon chose weird name for their newborn twins.

The girl is Monroe Cannon and the boy is Moroccan Scott Cannon. Monroe has no middle name because Mariah doesn't have one. More details can be read here.

I'm not a fan. Monroe is cute, especially because it's after Marilyn Monroe, but Moroccan (who is named after the room in Mariah's home where Nick Cannon proposed) is just...weird. Morocco would be weird but kind of cool. Moroccan is just...weird.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Simplify Your Life With About.Me

Do you have a blog, a Facebook, a Twitter, and about a million other social networking sites? It's hard to tell your friends about all of them, right? Fortunately, there's an easy way to keep track of all of them now. That answer is called about.me.

This customizable site lets you showcase your whole online life with one short, customizable URL. This site is a must use for all modern, internet-savvy people.

Speaking of internet savvy, I learned about this on BzzAgent.com. This and Crowdtap are my favorite ways to earn free stuff for participating in online surveys and things.

Maci, Kailyn and Leah: Teen Moms On Dr. Oz

Teen Mom stars Maci, Kailyn and Leah made appearances on Dr. Oz today to discuss their experiences as teen moms. The show also featured Lauren Dolgen, creator of Teen Mom.

Discussing Parenting and Being on Teen Mom

Maci noted that she is happy to be on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom because she can share a positive message - teen pregnancy isn't easy.

Dr. Oz asked Lauren Dolgen if she thinks that Teen Mom glamorizes teen pregnancy, and Lauren said no. She said that anyone that watches the show will realize that it shows the harsh reality of teen pregnancy and does not promote pregnancy. When asked about people that get pregnant to be on Teen Mom, Lauren stated that 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom would never cast anyone who planned a pregnancy for any reason.

Melissa Henson of the Parents Television Council also made an appearance to share her thoughts about how Teen Mom glamorizes Teen Pregnancy. Melissa's point was that while there probably was good intention at first with 16 and Pregnant, MTV's involvement made the participants into reality stars, not anti-teen pregnancy role models. Lauren did admit that the tabloids do dilute the message a bit, but there are positives - the girls are sharing their messages of struggle as teen moms.

Melissa later stated that MTV's marketing is the problem - MTV shows programs that promote (or at least show) teen sex, then later shows Teen Mom, calling it a form of birth control. She says MTV's messages are inconsistent, creating an unclear message.

Kailyn stated that she and her friends don't go to the tabloid and they aren't to blame, but to be fair, just by being on TV, people end up in the tabloids.

Dr. Oz asked if pregnancy pacts that are becoming prevalent in high school because of Teen Mom. A teen mom, Kathleen, stated that Teen Mom makes teen motherhood look easy, so she thought that if the girls on MTV could do it, so could she. Unfortunately, she was in for a rude awakening because it was much harder than the show made it seem. She went on to say that the show takes the fear out of being a teen mom and for making teen pregnancy mainstream, as well as removing the hard parts of parenthood from the show and focusing on the drama. Maci disagreed - she said her main source of concern, her relationship with Bentley's dad Ryan, is her main concern. This was captured on camera.

Lauren Dolgen countered Kathleen's argument by saying that the struggles shown on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom are real, and if Kathleen was on the show, we'd see different struggles in her life.

Discussing Sex and Teen Parenting

Dr. Oz addressed the issue of teens having sex, and Maci said she did it because she thought she was ready, and Kailyn said it had to do with self-esteem and coming from a broken home.

Sharon, Maci's mom, stated that she and Maci had discussed sex and birth control, and when Maci got pregnant, she thought she was still a virgin.

Dawn, Leah's mom, said that she was, and has continued to be, completely devastated with Leah's pregnancy. She said she actually had Leah on birth control (the Depo shot).

Clearly, in both cases, birth control was addressed, but it did not avoid teen pregnancy.

When audience members were interviewed, teens seemed to love the show and learn from it, but one of the moms seemed to think the show promoted teen pregnancy.

Dr. Oz's main point was that no matter what your thoughts are about 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, use it as a way to open the dialogue about teen pregnancy. Even if you don't condone the show itself, let it start a conversation about why being a teen mom or teen dad is not the answer.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Groupon Pulls Ads From The Celebrity Apprentice

Donald Trump never was a subtle one, was he? Between his Miss USA controversies, bankruptcies, claims of fortune and marriages, the man doesn't stay silent for long.

Now this political outbursts and Obama-wasn't-born-in-America messages have gone so far that Groupon is pulling its ads from the show. Groupon advertised on the online viewings of The Celebrity Apprentice, but pulled away when Groupon fans became upset with Donald Trump's actions. Groupon states that their choices are not political - they just don't want to offend their customers when it can be easily avoided.

In a move similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger's, Donald Trump is trying to make a move into politics. The difference is that Trump's goal is a bit loftier - he wants to the president of the United States, and he's making sure we all know about it. Word has it that he cursed way too many times in a campaign speech, although technically, any cursing is too much in a campaign speech if you don't want to alienate voters.

Before you start worrying about Trump ending up on a ballot in the presidential campaign, some people question Trump's desire to be president at all, and think his campaigning is just a publicity stunt to draw people to his Apprentice line of television shows.