Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Teen Mom 2 Baby Mama Drama - Well That Didn't Last Long! Leah Messer To Divorce Husband Corey Simms

Rumor had it that in order to earn a coveted spot on Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer and boyfriend Corey Simms would have to get back together. Which they did...briefly, at least.

I guess Leah earned her permanent spot on Teen Mom 2, because she is saying goodbye to husband Corey Simms after less than six months of marriage.

I feel awful for Leah and Corey because they were the couple that we were all rooting for, and that we believed could make it through. But Leah did make it evident that she had her doubts about the marriage, and this proves that she may have had reason to have those doubts. Plus, she kind of saw this coming - Leah's parents married young and divorced, so Leah was aware that this outcome was a possibility - hence her hesitance towards marrying Corey in the first place.

Leah filed for divorce from Corey, who I feel may be upset about the breaking of their union (although reports say he appears happy). He seemed very interested in marrying Leah and showed his dedication to her in the first season of Teen Mom 2. This is probably a heavy blow to Corey, who had a tumultuous relationship with Leah when she was still seeing her ex-boyfriend after the birth of their babies. (Or something like that, anyway - she was still into Robbie at some point, then begged for Corey back, and he forgave her and married her.)

In a somewhat turn of events, reports state that while a reason for divorce has not been stated, it may have something to do with Corey's infidelity. It also may have to do with Corey spending shared money on a truck for himself.

Despite their kids awfully spelled names (Aleeah and Aliannah), the couple did seem to work well together, and I hope that they can fix their marriage for the sake of their children. This divorce looks like it's going to lead to a nasty and public custody battle, being that both parents want custody of their twin daughters.

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Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

My roommate told me about that the other day. I can't believe it!!! I was so rooting for them and I really thought things would work out for them!