Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weight Discrimination: Ashley Kauffman Is Owed More Than An Apology

American Idol fan Ashley Kauffman went to see a taping of the show with her friends. What she ended up getting was a broken heart.

Ashley Kauffman was sitting in the front row of a free American Idol taping with some friend when staffers sent her to the back row for being too heavy. I know that television adds weight to people and American Idol is obsessed with image, but how is this fair? Ashley got her ticket fair and square, and if the producers didn't like it, they should have instructed the camera crew not to focus on her - not that it should matter, as weight discrimination is NOT OKAY.

The sickest part of this is that Ashley, who can be seen here, is a normal sized girl. In her photo, she looks happy and healthy. The article linked above states that Ashley is 5 feet 2 inches tall and 150 pounds - which is completely normal! This is appalling!!!

What's worse is that Ashley, along with a friend who wasn't wanted in the front row because she was wearing shorts, weren't put in the row behind their friends...they were sent all the way to the back. I think being in the second row would have hidden her friend's shorts...and once again, I don't see a problem in the least with Ashley's weight.

Ashley, don't let this get you down. American Idol was wrong by not letting you sit with your friends, and they owe you not only an apology, but a front row seat for another American Idol taping as well.

Stay strong, Ashley! You don't deserve this and you're not fat!!!

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