Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Voice: My Thoughts On The Season Premiere

The Voice premiered today on NBC, and it was interesting.

The show began with the judges singing together, and Christina Aguilera got to showcase her voice, which is a great thing after her recent PR disasters.

Then, we got an explanation of the show's process. It was pretty boring, so I kind of tuned out. But basically, the judges have their backs to the performers, and if they want them on their teams, they hit a button and their chairs turn around. If more than one judge selects the contestant, the contestant gets to pick whose team to be on (and who will be their mentor, in the process).

Okay, fair enough. But part of the premise of the show is that the judges don't know anything about the contestant, like his or her age, ethnic background, looks, etc. I can understand the part about not knowing someone's looks, but trained singers can probably tell things like age (based on vocal maturity) and maybe ethnic background and other factors. So just not seeing someone doesn't necessarily mean that the judges - as classically trained singers - won't have any clue.

Like with American Idol, judges provide feedback to the contestants, although there's none of the negative since all of the contestants are good, since they're pre-screened. Even the people who aren't chosen don't really get tough criticism - they get mild thoughts and encouragement.

Like with American Idol, there's a guy who acts in Ryan Seacrest's role. He's the cheerleader and the "aww, it's okay!" guy. It's a bit been-there-done-that but I guess it's necessary.

Is this show super original? No. Is it missing the funny auditions that we love on American Idol? Yes. But is it going to play out in an interesting way? Yeah, I think so. It might be worth watching at least a few episodes of The Voice. After all, Cee Lo Green is enjoyable to watch, and I think that if nothing else, it'll be fun to see him and Christina Aguilera on the show.

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