Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Teen Mom 2: Dr. Drew Reunion Special

The Teen Mom finale special was great this season - welcome back Leah, Chelsea, Kailyn and Jenelle!


On the reunion show, we saw Leah talk about how she gets butterflies when looking at the video of her wedding to Corey, and that's so nice. I'm glad it worked out for them.

Leah looked really happy on the show with Dr. Drew - and tan! She seems really confident in her relationship with Corey and the girls, and that's fantastic.

Leah let us know that Ali's MRI came back normal, and thankfully, she's improving.

We learned that Leah's fear of marrying Corey stemmed from the fact that her own father isn't in the picture. It's sad that she had to feel that way, but I'm glad she didn't let that stand in her way. Leah has truly overcome her past, as well as Corey's, to form a happy family. I wish Leah, Corey and their twin daughters all the best and hope they have a wonderful life.


I'm a major Chelsea supporter because she's a great mom. She appeared on the reunion with Adam, but per Twitter, they broke up shortly after the reunion and she's happy now.

I feel for Chelsea - while I don't believe that her relationship with Adam is necessarily a healthy one, it can be hard to walk away from a relationship - especially when a child is involved - when everyone seems to be against you. Chelsea may need to talk out her feelings, but it's hard for people to listen when they have their own opinions on the subject. Adam has wronged Chelsea, that's for sure, but they're both young and young love and breakups are tough.

Chelsea's shown major signs of growing up: she now pays rent, she's working on school, and she's making her own decisions (whether they're necessarily the right ones or not).

Chelsea: We all know that you're a strong person, so hang in there and be the great mom that you are. You have a great, strong family support system, so keep them close and move forward with your life. You have great things ahead of you.


Kailyn found herself in a tough situation this season. She and boyfriend Jo broke up and she started dating someone else. Because of this, she was forced to leave Jo's parents house.

Their situation is difficult because Kailyn didn't mean to meet Jordan, but couldn't help her feelings. Jo had feelings for Kailyn (most likely), which led to him lashing out. Kailyn admitted that she was upset with Jo for past actions. That being said, Kailyn is happy - she's living in a place that Jo doesn't know, she works and she's raising her son. This is fantastic for her.

Of all of the Teen Moms, I think Kailyn has grown the most. She's living in her own place, making her own money and more. She realizes that she needs more self confidence and she's working towards it, despite Jo putting her down. Kailyn is a strong woman who has come a very long way.

I also feel badly for Jo - he truly cares about Kailyn, and we can tell. He seems to have really had hopes for them to work as a family together with Isaac, but unfortunately, the two of them couldn't make it work. It's evident that there's still disagreement and tension between Kailyn and Jo, and Kailyn realizes that. The two of them are missing the trust they'd need to make it work. If the trust could be there, I think the two could one day make a relationship work.


Jenelle finally admitted that being so wrapped up with Keiffer was a bad idea. She also admitted that the cops warned her and Kieffer not go to the beach house the night that they were arrested - she knew better.

Jenelle also admitted that whenever she's with Keiffer, she tends to blow things off when she would otherwise be responsible. This seems to stem from Jenelle's fear of being alone because she doesn't feel love from her mom or other family.

Jenelle said that she and Kieffer are currently broken up and she admits that Kieffer was using her for money, her car and more. It was funny - Dr. Drew told Kieffer to "bleep" off, and Jenelle agreed. I hope she truly does stay away from Kieffer and other bad influences and moves forward with her life.

Fortunately, Jenelle admitted that her mom supports her and provides her everyday needs. She also admitted that giving her mom temporary custody of Jace was a good idea.

I can see the struggle between Jenelle and mom Barbara. Mom only wants to do the right thing, but she seems to have issues communicating effectively with Jenelle. Jenelle wants to be loved, and Barbara needs to show that. But it's hard for Barbara to see her daughter making bad choices. Barbara claims she does tell Jenelle that she loves her, but the way she says it doesn't seem to be from the heart - it sound so harsh. We can tell that Jenelle wants love and praise, but we can also tell that it's hard for Barbara to do that.

It was kind of heartbreaking to hear Barbara say that Jenelle's not lovable, when all Jenelle wants is to be loved. But in all fairness, Barbara is burnt out and can't love Jenelle like she needs to be loved. Both parties need to go partway and meet in the middle, and the situation will likely improve.

Jenelle deserves much better than she's gotten, but she needs to give positive things in return, which she truly doesn't seem to be doing. That being said, I'm not at all saying that Mom's right - she seems really difficult to deal with, probably because her words come from a place of pain.

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