Monday, April 11, 2011

Robyn Brown Pregnant: Kody's Fourth Wife To Bring Another Kid Into the Family

Attention Sister Wives fans: Robyn Brown is pregnant!

Baby Truely will lose her status as the youngest Brown child because the newest member of the Brown marriage, Robyn, is pregnant.

Kody is reportedly thrilled, due in part to the fact that this will further cement Robyn as a member of his polygamist family.

I'm happy for the couple and hope that the Sister Wives embrace the new baby with open arms, as I'm sure they will. However, if there's any jealousy among the wives, I'm not sure this will help too much. It's hard to watch the new, younger wife become pregnant with your shared husband's child, I'm sure, especially for Mariah's mom who only has one biological child.

In any case, I wish the Brown family the best and hope Robyn has a safe and healthy pregnancy.

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