Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Renee Graziano - Who Claimed Loyalty To Her Dad - Is Not In Contact With Her Dad Because of Mob Wives

Renee Graziano made a big deal about her loyalty to her father and his mob lifestyle on Mob Wives, which was why she and Karen got into an argument.

As it turns out, Renee should take a step back and apologize because her dad dropped her for being on Mob Wives. Dad Anthony Graziano doesn't approve of Renee spilling the family's secrets on television, so he cut contact with Renee.

I think Renee should apologize to Karen Gravano after making a big deal about how they can't be friends because Karen's dad ratted out his peers, and Renee believes so strongly in her lifestyle and her father's wishes that Karen shouldn't even be allowed to live in the same state as she lives in. I mean, Renee made this whole big deal about the importance of supporting her dad, and now he's ditched her because she's on television.

Sorry, Renee...I hope you work it out with your dad and Karen!

Random: Angelina Pivarnick of Jersey Shore fame is pregnant. SAY WHAT?!?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Voice: My Thoughts On The Season Premiere

The Voice premiered today on NBC, and it was interesting.

The show began with the judges singing together, and Christina Aguilera got to showcase her voice, which is a great thing after her recent PR disasters.

Then, we got an explanation of the show's process. It was pretty boring, so I kind of tuned out. But basically, the judges have their backs to the performers, and if they want them on their teams, they hit a button and their chairs turn around. If more than one judge selects the contestant, the contestant gets to pick whose team to be on (and who will be their mentor, in the process).

Okay, fair enough. But part of the premise of the show is that the judges don't know anything about the contestant, like his or her age, ethnic background, looks, etc. I can understand the part about not knowing someone's looks, but trained singers can probably tell things like age (based on vocal maturity) and maybe ethnic background and other factors. So just not seeing someone doesn't necessarily mean that the judges - as classically trained singers - won't have any clue.

Like with American Idol, judges provide feedback to the contestants, although there's none of the negative since all of the contestants are good, since they're pre-screened. Even the people who aren't chosen don't really get tough criticism - they get mild thoughts and encouragement.

Like with American Idol, there's a guy who acts in Ryan Seacrest's role. He's the cheerleader and the "aww, it's okay!" guy. It's a bit been-there-done-that but I guess it's necessary.

Is this show super original? No. Is it missing the funny auditions that we love on American Idol? Yes. But is it going to play out in an interesting way? Yeah, I think so. It might be worth watching at least a few episodes of The Voice. After all, Cee Lo Green is enjoyable to watch, and I think that if nothing else, it'll be fun to see him and Christina Aguilera on the show.

Monday, April 25, 2011

16 and Pregnant's Jennifer Del Rio Got Pregnant On Purpose - To Be On The Show

A while back, I was stating that I didn't think that MTV's 16 and Pregnant solely prevents teen pregnancies - I think it causes some as well.

And now, this seems to have been proven. Jennifer Del Rio, a teenager, and now mother of twins, allegedly got pregnant so she could get her slice of reality pie. This came out when her boyfriend filed a restraining order on her. Josh Smith claimed that Jennifer lied to him, saying she was already pregnant, so Josh wouldn't wear a condom, and would therefore impregnate her. He claims she used copies of her friend's sonograms and everything to pretend that she was with child.

What makes this story even more twisted is that the two have a history of domestic violence, and are now locked in this legal dispute, with both Jennifer and Josh holding restraining orders against the other. So much for spending time raising their twin boys!

According to this article, 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom producer Morgan J. Freeman even has doubts that 16 and Pregnant is really a positive thing for society. He states, "Frankly, it’s a challenge to stay focused on the real issues, stay focused on the real challenges in all of our girls’ lives with this sort of larger cloud of the tabloids, the media circus, the glamorizing and glorifying aspects of it."

The article goes on to make other good points, like the fact that 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom often ignore the financial aspects of raising a child. For example, Leah Messer and Corey Simms must have some major cash coming in from somewhere to pay for all of Ali's doctor visits as well as their wedding (which resulted in a six month marriage). And Amber Portwood, of course, is doing fine, on her $180,000 a season salary.

Additionally, probably because it won't bring in viewership, we don't see any really tragic stories on 16 and Pregnant. While people struggle, everyone kind of ends up okay in the end. I'm not saying they do well, I'm saying that they survive. We don't see anyone with their lights off and no running water or something really awful. Of course, I would never wish that fate on anyone, but MTV isn't showing a real portrayal of what could happen to a down-on-her-luck teenage mother.

I stand by my original statement on the subject of Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant: The first season of 16 and Pregnant was great, and did a lot to show the struggles of teen pregnancy. (Didn't we see something sick like a girl and her mom being pregnant at the same time?) Teen Mom let us see the continued struggles of the teenage mothers. But by continuing with the show, MTV is just playing a ratings game. They know people are watching 16 and Pregnant, as well as Teen Mom, and are enjoying the monetary benefits...and not caring about the societal negatives. Do I blame MTV? No. The cable network is raking in millions of dollars and paying out pennies. Their ratings are high. People are getting pregnant just to show their faces on MTV...and millions of others are watching in envy. So, honestly, if you were MTV, would you stop showing 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom? I don't think so.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Rebecca Black Parodies Get Funny and Religious

Rebecca Black's song Friday has sure made a splash in the YouTube world...and now it's gotten religious in the funniest possible way.

If you're a Rebecca Black parody fanatic, you've seen lots of YouTube videos, like Gang Fight, the version where a deaf person interprets the weekday-themed song based on Rebecca's lip movements. That one was funny...but this one is hilarious. And life's not worth living without a sense of humor, right?

I think my favorite line is, "Friday, Friday, getting crusified-day. Dad better be right about my resurrection."

Note: if you're looking for some actual religious versions of Rebecca Black's Friday, try these - but the thing is, they aren't that good, and I think they're serious. And, as a non-religious person myself, I think it's a bit silly to just make a boring, non-funny song parody of a song like Friday. But hey, what do I know, right?

On another note, this parody just bleeps out some words to make it sound like Rebecca's dropping frequent F bombs. It's pretty awful. The only reason I bring it up is because if you like songs with bleeped out words, try The Count. This is truly hilarious. I highly recommend this video - it's fantastic.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Teen Mom 2 Baby Mama Drama - Well That Didn't Last Long! Leah Messer To Divorce Husband Corey Simms

Rumor had it that in order to earn a coveted spot on Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer and boyfriend Corey Simms would have to get back together. Which they did...briefly, at least.

I guess Leah earned her permanent spot on Teen Mom 2, because she is saying goodbye to husband Corey Simms after less than six months of marriage.

I feel awful for Leah and Corey because they were the couple that we were all rooting for, and that we believed could make it through. But Leah did make it evident that she had her doubts about the marriage, and this proves that she may have had reason to have those doubts. Plus, she kind of saw this coming - Leah's parents married young and divorced, so Leah was aware that this outcome was a possibility - hence her hesitance towards marrying Corey in the first place.

Leah filed for divorce from Corey, who I feel may be upset about the breaking of their union (although reports say he appears happy). He seemed very interested in marrying Leah and showed his dedication to her in the first season of Teen Mom 2. This is probably a heavy blow to Corey, who had a tumultuous relationship with Leah when she was still seeing her ex-boyfriend after the birth of their babies. (Or something like that, anyway - she was still into Robbie at some point, then begged for Corey back, and he forgave her and married her.)

In a somewhat turn of events, reports state that while a reason for divorce has not been stated, it may have something to do with Corey's infidelity. It also may have to do with Corey spending shared money on a truck for himself.

Despite their kids awfully spelled names (Aleeah and Aliannah), the couple did seem to work well together, and I hope that they can fix their marriage for the sake of their children. This divorce looks like it's going to lead to a nasty and public custody battle, being that both parents want custody of their twin daughters.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mob Wives Premiere: My Review

I watched Mob Wives last night, and it was enjoyable. It wasn't groundbreaking or anything, but it was a good watch.

Mob Wives just seemed like a VH1 version of The Real Housewives of New Jersey one state over. Women fought, talk about the mob was evident, etc. Most of the women had husbands in jail (the other had a jailed father), but the men don't appear much in The Real Housewives of New Jersey anyway, so it wasn't significantly different in that respect.

I feel like the previews for the show made it seem like the women would be learning from the err of their husbands' ways, but it seems like it'll be more about catfighting and stuff.

I will say, the Karen and Renee argument (You leave! No you leave!) was pretty interesting because I feel like it could have been easily solved with a few minutes of discussion...but that doesn't make for good TV, now does it?

Is Mob Wives a must watch show? No. But is it good, mind-numbing entertainment, yes it is.

I also watched Audrina.

Once again, this show was mind numbing. It was fun to see the interaction between Audrina and lookalike sister Casey. I also didn't realize that Audrina had other siblings...and I guess they all now want a piece of reality pie. Will I continue watching this show? Probably not. But it was definitely better than the show that came on after it...Saddle Ranch or something. That was just awful.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weight Discrimination: Ashley Kauffman Is Owed More Than An Apology

American Idol fan Ashley Kauffman went to see a taping of the show with her friends. What she ended up getting was a broken heart.

Ashley Kauffman was sitting in the front row of a free American Idol taping with some friend when staffers sent her to the back row for being too heavy. I know that television adds weight to people and American Idol is obsessed with image, but how is this fair? Ashley got her ticket fair and square, and if the producers didn't like it, they should have instructed the camera crew not to focus on her - not that it should matter, as weight discrimination is NOT OKAY.

The sickest part of this is that Ashley, who can be seen here, is a normal sized girl. In her photo, she looks happy and healthy. The article linked above states that Ashley is 5 feet 2 inches tall and 150 pounds - which is completely normal! This is appalling!!!

What's worse is that Ashley, along with a friend who wasn't wanted in the front row because she was wearing shorts, weren't put in the row behind their friends...they were sent all the way to the back. I think being in the second row would have hidden her friend's shorts...and once again, I don't see a problem in the least with Ashley's weight.

Ashley, don't let this get you down. American Idol was wrong by not letting you sit with your friends, and they owe you not only an apology, but a front row seat for another American Idol taping as well.

Stay strong, Ashley! You don't deserve this and you're not fat!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Robyn Brown Pregnant: Kody's Fourth Wife To Bring Another Kid Into the Family

Attention Sister Wives fans: Robyn Brown is pregnant!

Baby Truely will lose her status as the youngest Brown child because the newest member of the Brown marriage, Robyn, is pregnant.

Kody is reportedly thrilled, due in part to the fact that this will further cement Robyn as a member of his polygamist family.

I'm happy for the couple and hope that the Sister Wives embrace the new baby with open arms, as I'm sure they will. However, if there's any jealousy among the wives, I'm not sure this will help too much. It's hard to watch the new, younger wife become pregnant with your shared husband's child, I'm sure, especially for Mariah's mom who only has one biological child.

In any case, I wish the Brown family the best and hope Robyn has a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Friday, April 8, 2011

America's Most Desperate Reality Stars Team Up For a Food Show

What are two things that are clearly oversaturated in today's society? Disliked reality stars and shows about food. Now the two have come together to form an all new reality show.

What do Danielle Staub, Heidi Montag and Jake Pavelka have in common? Yes, they were all on reality shows. Yes, they made people mad and yes, they seem to all crave more fame. But what else? They are all going to be on a new reality show...together.

In a show that seems to be in the style of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, Heidi, Jake and Danielle will revamp a restaurant.

The "stars" are posting about filming on Twitter, but they're being vague and not releasing details about their upcoming reality show.

I don't know about you, but I hardly think that Danielle Staub, Jake Pavelka and Heidi Montag (or is it Heidi Pratt?) are qualified to save a failing restaurant. Word has it that the show will be a competition in the style of The Apprentice or America's Next Great Restaurant, with the winner earning part ownership in the restaurant. Rumor has it that members of Three 6 Mafia and Elliot Spitzer's call girl Ashley Dupre will also participate.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

K-Fed Knocks Up Girlfriend Victoria Prince

Kevin Federline has impregnated girlfriend Victoria Price.

K-Fed and Victoria decided that the baby, who will be a girl, would be named Jordan regardless of her gender.

This will be the fifth child for Kevin Federline. He has two kids with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson and two with Britney Spears.

Price, a volleyball player turned special ed teacher, is 28 years old. K-Fed is 33.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Teen Mom 2: Dr. Drew Reunion Special

The Teen Mom finale special was great this season - welcome back Leah, Chelsea, Kailyn and Jenelle!


On the reunion show, we saw Leah talk about how she gets butterflies when looking at the video of her wedding to Corey, and that's so nice. I'm glad it worked out for them.

Leah looked really happy on the show with Dr. Drew - and tan! She seems really confident in her relationship with Corey and the girls, and that's fantastic.

Leah let us know that Ali's MRI came back normal, and thankfully, she's improving.

We learned that Leah's fear of marrying Corey stemmed from the fact that her own father isn't in the picture. It's sad that she had to feel that way, but I'm glad she didn't let that stand in her way. Leah has truly overcome her past, as well as Corey's, to form a happy family. I wish Leah, Corey and their twin daughters all the best and hope they have a wonderful life.


I'm a major Chelsea supporter because she's a great mom. She appeared on the reunion with Adam, but per Twitter, they broke up shortly after the reunion and she's happy now.

I feel for Chelsea - while I don't believe that her relationship with Adam is necessarily a healthy one, it can be hard to walk away from a relationship - especially when a child is involved - when everyone seems to be against you. Chelsea may need to talk out her feelings, but it's hard for people to listen when they have their own opinions on the subject. Adam has wronged Chelsea, that's for sure, but they're both young and young love and breakups are tough.

Chelsea's shown major signs of growing up: she now pays rent, she's working on school, and she's making her own decisions (whether they're necessarily the right ones or not).

Chelsea: We all know that you're a strong person, so hang in there and be the great mom that you are. You have a great, strong family support system, so keep them close and move forward with your life. You have great things ahead of you.


Kailyn found herself in a tough situation this season. She and boyfriend Jo broke up and she started dating someone else. Because of this, she was forced to leave Jo's parents house.

Their situation is difficult because Kailyn didn't mean to meet Jordan, but couldn't help her feelings. Jo had feelings for Kailyn (most likely), which led to him lashing out. Kailyn admitted that she was upset with Jo for past actions. That being said, Kailyn is happy - she's living in a place that Jo doesn't know, she works and she's raising her son. This is fantastic for her.

Of all of the Teen Moms, I think Kailyn has grown the most. She's living in her own place, making her own money and more. She realizes that she needs more self confidence and she's working towards it, despite Jo putting her down. Kailyn is a strong woman who has come a very long way.

I also feel badly for Jo - he truly cares about Kailyn, and we can tell. He seems to have really had hopes for them to work as a family together with Isaac, but unfortunately, the two of them couldn't make it work. It's evident that there's still disagreement and tension between Kailyn and Jo, and Kailyn realizes that. The two of them are missing the trust they'd need to make it work. If the trust could be there, I think the two could one day make a relationship work.


Jenelle finally admitted that being so wrapped up with Keiffer was a bad idea. She also admitted that the cops warned her and Kieffer not go to the beach house the night that they were arrested - she knew better.

Jenelle also admitted that whenever she's with Keiffer, she tends to blow things off when she would otherwise be responsible. This seems to stem from Jenelle's fear of being alone because she doesn't feel love from her mom or other family.

Jenelle said that she and Kieffer are currently broken up and she admits that Kieffer was using her for money, her car and more. It was funny - Dr. Drew told Kieffer to "bleep" off, and Jenelle agreed. I hope she truly does stay away from Kieffer and other bad influences and moves forward with her life.

Fortunately, Jenelle admitted that her mom supports her and provides her everyday needs. She also admitted that giving her mom temporary custody of Jace was a good idea.

I can see the struggle between Jenelle and mom Barbara. Mom only wants to do the right thing, but she seems to have issues communicating effectively with Jenelle. Jenelle wants to be loved, and Barbara needs to show that. But it's hard for Barbara to see her daughter making bad choices. Barbara claims she does tell Jenelle that she loves her, but the way she says it doesn't seem to be from the heart - it sound so harsh. We can tell that Jenelle wants love and praise, but we can also tell that it's hard for Barbara to do that.

It was kind of heartbreaking to hear Barbara say that Jenelle's not lovable, when all Jenelle wants is to be loved. But in all fairness, Barbara is burnt out and can't love Jenelle like she needs to be loved. Both parties need to go partway and meet in the middle, and the situation will likely improve.

Jenelle deserves much better than she's gotten, but she needs to give positive things in return, which she truly doesn't seem to be doing. That being said, I'm not at all saying that Mom's right - she seems really difficult to deal with, probably because her words come from a place of pain.

Monday, April 4, 2011

No Prenup, Hef? Is That Really a Good Idea?

Holly Madison must be fuming with jealousy right now.

Not only is Hugh Hefner going through with his marriage to 24 year old Crystal Harris, but he's not having her sign a prenuptial agreement.

While this is a terrible idea, I'm sure there is some kind of outside agreement between Hef and Crystal. She must have signed something saying she can't divorce Hef and that she'll stay with him until he dies. (The man isn't young, after all.)

However, this may not be the case. Word has it that Crystal has some kind of power over Hef, and has even banned him from inviting any of his ex-girlfriends to their wedding. Reports say that Hef trusts Crystal, that's why she's not signing a prenup. I'm not sure why his family hasn't discouraged this.

Sounds like this will be interesting!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Debate: Would You Allow Your Underage Daughter To Be On 16 and Pregnant?

16 and Pregnant skyrockets young mothers into instant fame. Some claim that the show helps to prevent teen pregnancy, while reports have also stated that girls have gotten pregnant in hopes of appearing on the MTV reality show.

If your daughter found herself underage and pregnant, would you allow her to appear on 16 and Pregnant, and subsequently, Teen Mom? I'm a bit torn on the issue.

On one side of the issue, 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom pay participants for their appearances. That money can go a long way for teen moms, who have lots of expensive bills to pay. Plus, the show documents a time in their life that would not otherwise be captured, which can be great to have in the future.

Also, if you believe 16 and Pregnant helps prevent teen pregnancies, you're doing a good thing by helping a cause. If your story can help others, that's a positive thing.

16 and Pregnant can provide stories of hope - for example, like season 2's Leah. She and boyfriend Corey had a rough start, but their marriage and achievements have shown that being a teen mom doesn't mean that your life is over. This can be very encouraging to other teen moms who feel like hope is lost.

On the other side of the coin, being on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom rewards irresponsible behavior with fame and money. It also turns someone who had a baby while still in high school into an icon, showing that inappropriate actions can have very positive consequences.

In addition, being on the shows makes your life very public. Everyone knows your business - they learn about your child's pregnancy, struggles and bad decisions. Yes, the shows aim to have a positive twist in some areas, but it's harder to do with some participants, especially when the participant continues as part of the Teen Mom series.

Appearing on these shows can have long term consequences. Future job offers and opportunities can be affected. Fame seekers may enter your child's life just to get a few moments on MTV. Mistakes are advertised and magnified, and are broadcast to the world. People around the world will write about and critique your child, and the words people write and say can be painful.

What do you think? Would you let your child be on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom?