Saturday, March 5, 2011

Would You Buy a Wedding Dress At Costco? reported that Kirstie Kelly, wedding dress designer, will be doing a line of wedding dresses for Costco called Costcouture.

I took a look at the Kirstie Kelly dresses, and they're actually nice! I think this Costco wedding dress line will give affordable wedding dress company David's Bridal a run for their money.

While I support the move to affordable wedding wear, I do have a few questions:

- Can the limited line compete with David's Bridal, which offers a full service wedding shop, including accessories and bridesmaids' dresses? The Kirstie Kelly dresses cost between $699 and $1,399, which is comparable to David's Bridal, except when David's Bridal has sales and people can buy dresses for $100.

- Can you try on dresses at Costco? Last time I checked, Costco doesn't have dressing rooms, let alone a bridal studio.

- Are the dresses returnable? This is most relevant if brides-to-be can't even try them on.

- Will Costco offer alterations for the dresses, or will people be on their own?

This is a very interesting concept that I support very much, especially with more and more brides getting married with budgets. But is this really going to work without a full service bridal studio in each Costco?

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Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

I definitely would not consider it at all!!