Saturday, March 12, 2011

Were You a Marissa Fan On You're Cut Off 2? You Can Wear Her Line of Clothing.

Marissa Erskine of VH1's You're Cut Off 2 has more going on than we knew about...she has a fashion line.

Marissa's fashion line can be seen at her website, According to, Marissa has some high profile clients wearing her clothes these days - Katy Perry, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and some of the Jersey Shore girls.

I took a look at the clothing, which can currently only be purchased at a few boutiques, and it's nice! It's original and very pretty. It's not what I expected from Marissa, but not in a bad way. On You're Cut Off 2, Marissa was very strong willed, and her fashion collection seems to be fancier and more girly than the persona she portrayed on television. In any case, her pieces are beautiful and have an edge that I haven't seen often in today's upscale department stores (which is the market that I believe would be Marissa's main competition). Marissa focuses heavily on metallics and bold colors, it seems, and she's got a great sense of color coordination and style.

I'd love to wear clothes from Marissa's clothing line if they were more attainable. It seems that we'll soon be able to buy her clothes from, so I'll look into that when it becomes possible.

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