Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tyra Banks Loses Last Name; Just Wants To Be Tyra

In a move typically reserved for really famous people or people change their names too frequently to keep track, Tyra Banks has decided that she's too good for last names and will now just be known as Tyra.

How many celebrities really only have their first names, or at least a name they play off as their first name? Only a few, successfully. Madonna. Prince. Cher. Rihanna. Puffy / Diddy / Diddy Dirty Money or whatever he is now...the three word name now withstanding.

I hate to say it, but I just don't think Tyra has it. Yes, she's famous. Yes, she has a talk show bearing her name. But in twenty years, when someone says Tyra, I feel like the response will be "Tyra who?" In twenty years when you say Cher or Madonna, there will still be a sense of recognition.

As a point of reference, even Britney Spears, who revolutionized pop as we know it, has kept her last name. And she even had so much star power that a start-up singer changed her stage name from her given name of Brittney to Nikki because her record label already had Britney on their roster! (Remember the shortly famous song I.M. Me? That was Brittney Cleary, later known as Nikki Cleary.)

I wish Tyra all the best with her single named existence and hope it works out for her, but I think she's getting a bit ahead of herself with this one.

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