Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Teen Mom Season Finale: Why, Jenelle, Why?

Jenelle from Teen Mom frustrates me.

Let's see...her boyfriend Kieffer does cocaine behind her back, leaves her stranded in a house that she shouldn't be in which allows her to get arrested for marijuana possession and breaking and entering, and then asks her to post bail...and she does it?

And her friend co-signs the bail bond, despite the fact that Jenelle doesn't make much money and owes her mom $700?

Bah! Jenelle, what are you doing?!?

On a happy note, Leah and Corey had a beautiful wedding.

All the best to the couple. If any of the couples truly can make it, I think it's Leah and Corey. Leah, Corey, Aleeah and Aliannah make a wonderful family, and I hope everything works out wonderfully for them.

Leah looked amazing in her dress, and the couple seemed so ready to be married and start the rest of their lives together.

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Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

Leah and Corey's wedding ws the best part from last night's show!!! I started crying when she put on her dress because I know that will be me in about 2 years!!!