Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sister Wives: Let's Talk Money!

It's Sunday, and that means it's Sister Wives day!

The money question came up this week. The world wants to know - how can the Brown family afford their needs? At first, we didn't get a clear answer - after all, saying everyone uses their talents doesn't exactly explain where cash comes from. However, the answer came out later: Kody and the wives put their money together, more or less, to pay for everyone's needs. While Kody and one of the wives has the most income, all of the bills do get taken care of in a communal fashion. Some wives pay their own bills, but some of them make less than others and the money is ultimately spent for the common good.

However, not everything is communal, because Mariah, as her mother's only child, tends to get what she needs and wants directly from her mom.

Robyn's monetary guilt was evident this week as she discussed her concerns over not having a job. Who could blame her? She came in as a fourth wife to the Brown family, bringing three kids of her own and no income. It was noted that Robyn really stepped up with the chores at home, but adding four mouths to feed, plus rent at Robyn's house, was sure to be a burden on the large polygamist family.

Robyn's guilt seemed to be multiplied by the fact that when she was on her own, she worked and paid for her kids' needs all on her own, and now with Kody, Robyn has to ask for money to pay the bills.

The family openly admits that Robyn's looking for a job, but in a way, her help in the home has been more valuable than the extra income. Robyn doesn't feel that she adds the value that Meri, Christine and Jenelle add at this point - she thinks that she could walk away and no one would care about the value that she added.

I wonder about the money related jealousy in the household. Do the wives who don't make money think they deserve more or less than they get? Do the wives that stay home think that they should get a cut of the other wives' paychecks for watching their kids? Do working moms ever wish they could stay home and do stay at home moms wish they could work? Do the working moms have jealousy that the other moms are playing a significant role in the raising of their children? I'm sure more of this will come out as the series progresses.

Update 10/2/11: Meri, Christine and Kody are considering going into real estate as a way to make money, now that they live in Las Vegas.

Update 11/28/11: Now on Sister Wives, the Brown family is looking to open up a fitness center. I wonder how they're doing this, considering the expenses of four wives, several children and the expenses of opening a new business. Not to mention that they plan to build new houses for themselves. Are they really making that much cash being on the show? Note that the family also sells Pampered Chef products, and probably makes a ton of cash from that, given their fame.

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jim kytasaari said...

i can't understand that the family now lives in las vegas. with four seperate very nice homes, supporting 21 people, buying new furniture, personal fitness trainer, going on trips, with no one working can they do this?