Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sister Wives Is Back: Season Two Premiere

Sister Wives season two premiered today. It was really good! We welcomed back Kody, Meri, Jenelle, Christine and new wife Robyn.

It was interesting to watch season two of Sister Wives because it seemed more polished than the first season. Plus, the subject matter was really interesting - we learned about the aftermath of coming out as polygamists, including the talk show appearances and paparazzi photographing the Brown family.

In this episode, we saw the family struggle with explaining fame to their kids and letting them know that people who know their names are not necessarily their friends. We also saw the struggle of the family moving their kids into public school and openly addressing their polygamy. (It seemed to be fine from what was shown in this episode.)

The family seems a lot more settled than last season, when the family was welcoming Robyn as Kody's fourth wife. It was nice to see the family be more open about their total relationship, which was evidenced by how one of the wives filled out the school emergency contact forms - she wrote "other mother" as the titles for the sister wives.

The notable part of the episode for me was that Robyn had her kids calling Kody 'Daddy.' Well, last season we saw her pushing for it and this season it seemed voluntary. I kind of wonder how their biological father feels about the kids referring to Kody as their daddy. I also wonder if Robyn plans to get pregnant - that would be interesting!

Season two of Sister Wives looks like it's going to be a great season and will be very interesting to watch.

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