Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Really, Jenelle? A Fight Over Keiffer Delp?

If you follow Teen Mom drama, you've heard a lot about Jenelle Evans and Keiffer Delp.

Jenelle attacked victim and former friend Britany Truett because her boyfriend Kieffer was flirting with her. First of all, fighting isn't the answer. Secondly, girls need to stick together. It is not Britany's fault that Kieffer was flirting with Britany. Third, doesn't Jenelle get it that it's not the girl's fault? Blame the boy who is causing the problem, not the random girl who got involved just by existing!!! To be fair, I can't say with certainty that Britany didn't play a role in this, but unless she flirted with Keiffer and it was completely one sided, I think Jenelle might want to think about where she's focusing her anger.

As further proof of why this fight wasn't worth it, Keiffer was arrested the same day for cocaine possession. And for this videotaped fight, Jenelle was charged with assault. Also, Jenelle brought friends over to Britany, and they had the video camera to record the fight...as if this wouldn't come back to bite Jenelle. Fighting is awful and is NOT THE ANSWER. Videotaping it to incriminate yourself? That's just icing on the cake.

Oh, yeah, and Jenelle already has charges against Kieffer for assaulting her...I doubt this will help her case. Once again, though, violence is not the answer.

I bet Jenelle's already disappointed mom is not having a good time with this incident. While Jenelle's attorneys claim that Jenelle was set up by a friend who egged her on, Britany is not convinced - and neither are we. However, Jenelle is egged on at first by Britany and a friend who starts the fight by pushing Jenelle into Britany. That being said, Jenelle went to Britany's house (claiming she was invited over), started the fight and was ridiculously violent, (watch it here) and Britany did walk away when she was released, which is the right thing to do.

This proves one thing for sure: girls sure are awful to each other when sometimes, especially when they may be blaming each other in error. This incident landed them both in jail.

Janelle already faces charges for drugs and breaking and entering.

Note:nStarcasm reports that the girls made up on Facebook (although Britany has since pressed charges so that may have passed) and that Jenelle's friends (who encouraged her to fight) sold the video for money. Also, word has it that Jenelle's friend that encouraged her to fight was upset that she also got thrown in jail - and that Jenelle didn't help her get out.

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I can't believe Janelle!!! She just bugs me sooooooo much!!! Go check out my latest blog post about what I thought about the show last night.