Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Random Thoughts of The Day

Below are some of my random thoughts about reality television, random stuff and fashion from the past week.

The Real Housewives of Miami aren't cutting it for me. I wanted to like the show - I really did! I just can't get into it. All I can think of is the women complaining about a chef cooking in a crockpot. Does it taste good? Sure. So who cares how it's cooked?

America's Next Great Restaurant was entertaining, but not all that I thought it would be. Unlike American Idol, which is good at first and then fizzles out, America's Next Great Restaurant seems to be starting slowly, but will get better. I am interested to see how the contestants progress and what restaurant wins the game. I will say that watching the show made me hungry.

StyleFind.com is a great site if you're looking to buy a particular brand. You can search your favorite brands and find what websites are selling items from that brand. If you're not person who cares about brands, but fashion in general, you can search by category. This site features everything from inexpensive (like Girlprops) to expensive (like super expensive jewelry). I learned about it as a BzzAgent at BzzAgent.com.

Charlie Sheen is still a mess. He recently criticized Chuck Lorre for hiding from his Jewish background, and when confronted by a Jewish group, went off about how he's Jewish, and so is his ex-wife. Somehow, all of his madness is making Charlie even more famous and popular. He got himself fired from Two and a Half Men and somehow he'll probably get even richer doing something else.

Britney Spears' Hold It Against Me is not that great, in my opinion. Eek! I feel like this might cause some anger from Britney Spears fans! The thing is, it's an okay song with a catchy beat, but it's not as spectacular as some other songs out there, or her past ones. I was a huge fan of If You Seek Amy, but not 123. I've loved a lot of her past songs, but have been 'eh' on others. The thing is, Britney Spears songs will become famous no matter what, so I guess they can have only moderately good lyrics and still get majorly popular.

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