Thursday, March 31, 2011

Random Teen Mom Stuff

I found out that many people who run across my blog search the term "Is Chelsea's dad gay?" Well, the answer is no. He's actually married to Chelsea's stepmom, who reportedly is embarrassed by the whole Teen Mom thing. Chelsea's dad, in case you're curious, owns a dental practice with his wife.

Megan Nelson, Chelsea's former roommate, is pregnant. When asked about whether her parents were mad, she said no, which seems to be a bit of a problem for me - I mean, shouldn't parents be at all concerned that unmarried young adults are getting pregnant?

A tabloid magazine claims that Maci Bookout and Gary Shirley ran into each other and were seen kissing. First of all, what? Maci was reportedly with boyfriend Kyle, so I highly doubt she was having a makeout fest with another Teen Mom's boyfriend. Secondly, this is just not something I believe. Would I believe they kissed on the cheek? Absolutely? But real kissing? Highly doubtful.


Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

Hmm...I the thought that Chelsea's dad is gay never crossed my mind.
I heard a few weeks ago about Megan being pregnant. I guess she didn't learn anything from Chelsea.
And that is crazy about Maci and Gary. I can't see why she would want to kiss him!! Gross!!!!

Unknown said...

I'm addicted to this show lol its my guilty pleasure. I never thought her dad was gay I just figured he never remarried b/c no other woman would tolerate the way he spoils chelsa, which is his complete right lol...I don't blame her step mom for being embarrassed, I wouldn't do the show myself.

Anonymous said...

I actually thought he was gay because when him and Chelsea were talking about the Lady Gaga concert, chelsea explained that her father would fit "right in" because there were gay guys and girls around, he agreed that he would fit right in. I don't know, that was strange to me.