Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Outrageous Kid Parties Is Outrageously Boring

I tried watching an episode of Outrageous Kid Parties last night, and it wasn't good.

Outrageous Kid Parties is a show that I really wanted to like. I thought it would be cool to watch people spend outrageous amounts of money on an event that will last four hours. I mean, I understand that weddings cost money, but parties for kids are a bit silly - the kid won't even remember the event in two years. (Not that we don't realize that the parties are actually for the adults, but whatever.)

The family Outrageous Kid Parties just came out looking whiny. The mom wanted to throw a circus party, even though the kids seemed more interested in other things.

The show was full of manufactured drama: the party planner quit, the mom was so busy planning that she had to shut down her dental practice for a few days, the weather was bad, blah blah blah.

The show has a good concept, and some of the lines were funny, like when the dental assistant who was forced to be a party planner said, "I wonder who makes more, a dental assistant or a party planner?" (Hint: it's a party planner.) Also, like with all feel good shows, the party turned out great and everyone was happy. You know, typical TLC television.

Want to make Outrageous Kid Parties better? TLC is now casting for the show, so you can sign up to be on an episode more entertaining than the one that I watched.

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