Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Moral Of The Story: Don't Marry Two People Who Don't Know About Each Other

Richard Barton Jr. got into a lot of trouble with his first wife when she saw pictures of Richard and his other wife on Facebook.

Okay, so polygamy's in the spotlight now (hello, Sister Wives!), but not like this. Richard Barton Jr. was caught in a double marriage by his first wife...when she saw his pictures of wedding to his second wife on Facebook. Barton was married to a Rhode Island woman, and disappeared one night, ending up in jail. When he was released, he didn't go home. Apparently, he started a new life with a Michigan woman, and they got married.

Okay, new marriage, no big deal, right? Wrong. Barton never divorced his first wife (despite the fact that they'd discussed it), so he was actually married to two different people at the same time. His first wife got the hint about Barton's new marriage when Barton de-friended her on Facebook...and then she saw his wedding photos with his new wife.

Barton, who fled Rhode Island after being released from prison, admits he made a mistake, but I don't think it'll do much to help him now.

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