Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Girls of Teen Mom 2 Make Way Less Money Than The Original Teen Mom Girls

Jenelle and Kailyn of Teen Mom 2 make about $9,000 a season, compared to the $140,000 salary made by Amber Portwood.

So why do the new girls of Teen Mom 2 make less than Amber Portwood of season one? Here's my opinion:

* Leah, Jenelle, Kailyn and Chelsea are stepping into an already successful franchise, which makes them less valuable. The first set of girls on 16 and Pregnant started the wave and got themselves into the franchise not knowing what to expect. These girls are entertaining on Teen Mom, but they can't top Amber, Farrah, Maci and Catelynn.

* The girls are less scandalous. We saw pics of Jenelle in a bikini, but we saw Amber nude. Jenelle does drugs on screen, but Farrah got her mom arrested. Teen Mom season one has more drama and madness.

* Teen Mom 2 girls aren't as interesting. While we hope for the best for Leah and Corey, Jenelle and Chelsea make us feel frustrated. (Jenelle because of her awful choices, and Chelsea because of her mistakes with her ex-boyfriend.) Kailyn and Jo, unfortunately, are kind of forgettable. They've got drama but there's nothing over the top exciting like we got from Amber Portwood.

* Leah's a bit like Maci, and while we like her, we already have Maci herself. It's not hard to draw the comparisons - they're both sweet, pretty blondes that you want to succeed. You feel for them. But that being said, they're easy to lump into the category noted above.

* What was more exciting - the first handheld video game console or the sixty millionth version of the Nintendo DS to hit stores? I feel kind of the same way about Teen Mom 2. It's good, but the original was way more exciting when it came out.

* Teen Mom season 2 has less variety. Catelynn and Tyler threw the adoption story into the mix for season 1 - there isn't that break in season 2.

This being said, Teen Mom season 2 still brings in high ratings and loads of cash for MTV, but I still don't think it's as novel or entertaining as Teen Mom season 1.

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Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

What I don't understand, is why do any of them need to get paid at all? I mean, seriously, what is this showing young girls who are 14-16? They're probably thinking "Ooo...I can become pregnant when I'm 16 and then be on MTV and become famous!" As much as I love watching the show, I still think it glamorizes teen pregnancy way too much. They should just be on the show to be on the show and show other teenagers why teen pregnancy isn't good. They shouldn't get paid for it, they should just be doing it because they want other to learn from their mistakes.

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