Thursday, March 31, 2011

Random Teen Mom Stuff

I found out that many people who run across my blog search the term "Is Chelsea's dad gay?" Well, the answer is no. He's actually married to Chelsea's stepmom, who reportedly is embarrassed by the whole Teen Mom thing. Chelsea's dad, in case you're curious, owns a dental practice with his wife.

Megan Nelson, Chelsea's former roommate, is pregnant. When asked about whether her parents were mad, she said no, which seems to be a bit of a problem for me - I mean, shouldn't parents be at all concerned that unmarried young adults are getting pregnant?

A tabloid magazine claims that Maci Bookout and Gary Shirley ran into each other and were seen kissing. First of all, what? Maci was reportedly with boyfriend Kyle, so I highly doubt she was having a makeout fest with another Teen Mom's boyfriend. Secondly, this is just not something I believe. Would I believe they kissed on the cheek? Absolutely? But real kissing? Highly doubtful.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And They Said That Miami Was The Last Installment...

The Real Housewives may have more installments, eh?

Word has it that despite Andy Cohen's claims of starting no more Real Housewives franchises, The Real Housewives of Toronto may break his claim. Casting is currently underway, but the show is in its very early planning stages - any may never make it to Bravo.

I think The Real Housewives of Toronto would be a great addition to the Real Housewives franchise. While I agree with Andy's sentiments that the franchise is in decline, this may be the fresh start that the franchise needs. It'll be interesting to see how the rich ladies live in Canada. It think there's definitely interest in the series and would love to see this hit the Bravo airwaves.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Teen Mom Season Finale: Why, Jenelle, Why?

Jenelle from Teen Mom frustrates me.

Let's see...her boyfriend Kieffer does cocaine behind her back, leaves her stranded in a house that she shouldn't be in which allows her to get arrested for marijuana possession and breaking and entering, and then asks her to post bail...and she does it?

And her friend co-signs the bail bond, despite the fact that Jenelle doesn't make much money and owes her mom $700?

Bah! Jenelle, what are you doing?!?

On a happy note, Leah and Corey had a beautiful wedding.

All the best to the couple. If any of the couples truly can make it, I think it's Leah and Corey. Leah, Corey, Aleeah and Aliannah make a wonderful family, and I hope everything works out wonderfully for them.

Leah looked amazing in her dress, and the couple seemed so ready to be married and start the rest of their lives together.

Really, Jenelle? A Fight Over Keiffer Delp?

If you follow Teen Mom drama, you've heard a lot about Jenelle Evans and Keiffer Delp.

Jenelle attacked victim and former friend Britany Truett because her boyfriend Kieffer was flirting with her. First of all, fighting isn't the answer. Secondly, girls need to stick together. It is not Britany's fault that Kieffer was flirting with Britany. Third, doesn't Jenelle get it that it's not the girl's fault? Blame the boy who is causing the problem, not the random girl who got involved just by existing!!! To be fair, I can't say with certainty that Britany didn't play a role in this, but unless she flirted with Keiffer and it was completely one sided, I think Jenelle might want to think about where she's focusing her anger.

As further proof of why this fight wasn't worth it, Keiffer was arrested the same day for cocaine possession. And for this videotaped fight, Jenelle was charged with assault. Also, Jenelle brought friends over to Britany, and they had the video camera to record the if this wouldn't come back to bite Jenelle. Fighting is awful and is NOT THE ANSWER. Videotaping it to incriminate yourself? That's just icing on the cake.

Oh, yeah, and Jenelle already has charges against Kieffer for assaulting her...I doubt this will help her case. Once again, though, violence is not the answer.

I bet Jenelle's already disappointed mom is not having a good time with this incident. While Jenelle's attorneys claim that Jenelle was set up by a friend who egged her on, Britany is not convinced - and neither are we. However, Jenelle is egged on at first by Britany and a friend who starts the fight by pushing Jenelle into Britany. That being said, Jenelle went to Britany's house (claiming she was invited over), started the fight and was ridiculously violent, (watch it here) and Britany did walk away when she was released, which is the right thing to do.

This proves one thing for sure: girls sure are awful to each other when sometimes, especially when they may be blaming each other in error. This incident landed them both in jail.

Janelle already faces charges for drugs and breaking and entering.

Note:nStarcasm reports that the girls made up on Facebook (although Britany has since pressed charges so that may have passed) and that Jenelle's friends (who encouraged her to fight) sold the video for money. Also, word has it that Jenelle's friend that encouraged her to fight was upset that she also got thrown in jail - and that Jenelle didn't help her get out.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sister Wives: Let's Talk Money!

It's Sunday, and that means it's Sister Wives day!

The money question came up this week. The world wants to know - how can the Brown family afford their needs? At first, we didn't get a clear answer - after all, saying everyone uses their talents doesn't exactly explain where cash comes from. However, the answer came out later: Kody and the wives put their money together, more or less, to pay for everyone's needs. While Kody and one of the wives has the most income, all of the bills do get taken care of in a communal fashion. Some wives pay their own bills, but some of them make less than others and the money is ultimately spent for the common good.

However, not everything is communal, because Mariah, as her mother's only child, tends to get what she needs and wants directly from her mom.

Robyn's monetary guilt was evident this week as she discussed her concerns over not having a job. Who could blame her? She came in as a fourth wife to the Brown family, bringing three kids of her own and no income. It was noted that Robyn really stepped up with the chores at home, but adding four mouths to feed, plus rent at Robyn's house, was sure to be a burden on the large polygamist family.

Robyn's guilt seemed to be multiplied by the fact that when she was on her own, she worked and paid for her kids' needs all on her own, and now with Kody, Robyn has to ask for money to pay the bills.

The family openly admits that Robyn's looking for a job, but in a way, her help in the home has been more valuable than the extra income. Robyn doesn't feel that she adds the value that Meri, Christine and Jenelle add at this point - she thinks that she could walk away and no one would care about the value that she added.

I wonder about the money related jealousy in the household. Do the wives who don't make money think they deserve more or less than they get? Do the wives that stay home think that they should get a cut of the other wives' paychecks for watching their kids? Do working moms ever wish they could stay home and do stay at home moms wish they could work? Do the working moms have jealousy that the other moms are playing a significant role in the raising of their children? I'm sure more of this will come out as the series progresses.

Update 10/2/11: Meri, Christine and Kody are considering going into real estate as a way to make money, now that they live in Las Vegas.

Update 11/28/11: Now on Sister Wives, the Brown family is looking to open up a fitness center. I wonder how they're doing this, considering the expenses of four wives, several children and the expenses of opening a new business. Not to mention that they plan to build new houses for themselves. Are they really making that much cash being on the show? Note that the family also sells Pampered Chef products, and probably makes a ton of cash from that, given their fame.

Some Random News

Congratulations, Reese! Reese Witherspoon married Jim Toth this weekend. Good for you, Reese! You deserve a wonderful life. 120 friends and family members attended the ceremony, and the bride wore Monique Lhullier. I've been a huge Reese Witherspoon fan since seeing Legally Blonde, and I hope this is the start of an amazing marriage for her.

Bret Michaels is suing over the injuries sustained as a result of his performance on the Tony awards. Michaels claims that he was never told that there would be threat of injury, and all he had to do was walk off of the stage. While I am a major Bret Michaels fan, I'm a bit unsure if he's in the right about this. Sometimes things happen, and I'd be willing to chalk this up to chance, not fault. I can definitely see why Bret's suing, but he already has millions. And, he claims that he's only alive now due to his sheer will to's maybe a little dramatic and not relevant to the case, don't you think? This is hardly the worst thing that's happened to Bret lately, and I think he'll have a hard time proving that the award show incident is solely responsible for bleeding that occurred in his brain six months after the incident.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Would You Watch Another Season of The Real Housewives of DC?

Conflicting reports have surfaced regarding the fate of The Real Housewives of DC.

Some sources are saying that The Real Housewives of DC has been canceled by Bravo, whereas others are saying that no decision has been made on the reality show's fate.

One thing's for sure: reports aren't stating that the show has been renewed, and with good reason. I think if it were to be brought back, it would need a revamp. Bravo might want to consider bringing on some new, interesting, likable characters. The network might also consider not asking Michaele and Tareq Salahi to return.

I'm not sure what it is that makes The Real Housewives of DC so much less interesting than the Orange County, New York, New Jersey and Beverly Hills shows. I just don't enjoy it as much, and from the bad press that it received, others didn't seem to like it either.

Interesting thought about the Real Housewives franchise: Could the demise of DC be the beginning of the end for the Real Housewives shows? Reports state that no more Real Housewives shows will be produced, and Miami doesn't seem to making as huge of a splash as Beverly Hills did. Many good things have to end, and this may be one of them.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

American Idol Contestants: Fans of Singing, Not of Ghosts

If this season's American Idol contestants were to sing the song from Ghostbusters, they would be lying.

"I ain't afraid of no ghosts" isn't a line that you'll be hearing from the season 10 American Idol finalists. In fact, they are afraid of ghosts - the ones living in their former mansion, at least.

Apparently, the ten remaining American Idol finalists made it clear that they want to leave the Beverly Hills mansion that they'd been living in because it was haunted, and they'd seen a sheet floating mysteriously down the hallway.

Coincidentally, the roof also began leaking after a major rainstorm, which may have helped the American Idol contestants' case that the haunted mansion was no place for people that have to perform live for millions of viewers.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Moral Of The Story: Don't Marry Two People Who Don't Know About Each Other

Richard Barton Jr. got into a lot of trouble with his first wife when she saw pictures of Richard and his other wife on Facebook.

Okay, so polygamy's in the spotlight now (hello, Sister Wives!), but not like this. Richard Barton Jr. was caught in a double marriage by his first wife...when she saw his pictures of wedding to his second wife on Facebook. Barton was married to a Rhode Island woman, and disappeared one night, ending up in jail. When he was released, he didn't go home. Apparently, he started a new life with a Michigan woman, and they got married.

Okay, new marriage, no big deal, right? Wrong. Barton never divorced his first wife (despite the fact that they'd discussed it), so he was actually married to two different people at the same time. His first wife got the hint about Barton's new marriage when Barton de-friended her on Facebook...and then she saw his wedding photos with his new wife.

Barton, who fled Rhode Island after being released from prison, admits he made a mistake, but I don't think it'll do much to help him now.

The Girls of Teen Mom 2 Make Way Less Money Than The Original Teen Mom Girls

Jenelle and Kailyn of Teen Mom 2 make about $9,000 a season, compared to the $140,000 salary made by Amber Portwood.

So why do the new girls of Teen Mom 2 make less than Amber Portwood of season one? Here's my opinion:

* Leah, Jenelle, Kailyn and Chelsea are stepping into an already successful franchise, which makes them less valuable. The first set of girls on 16 and Pregnant started the wave and got themselves into the franchise not knowing what to expect. These girls are entertaining on Teen Mom, but they can't top Amber, Farrah, Maci and Catelynn.

* The girls are less scandalous. We saw pics of Jenelle in a bikini, but we saw Amber nude. Jenelle does drugs on screen, but Farrah got her mom arrested. Teen Mom season one has more drama and madness.

* Teen Mom 2 girls aren't as interesting. While we hope for the best for Leah and Corey, Jenelle and Chelsea make us feel frustrated. (Jenelle because of her awful choices, and Chelsea because of her mistakes with her ex-boyfriend.) Kailyn and Jo, unfortunately, are kind of forgettable. They've got drama but there's nothing over the top exciting like we got from Amber Portwood.

* Leah's a bit like Maci, and while we like her, we already have Maci herself. It's not hard to draw the comparisons - they're both sweet, pretty blondes that you want to succeed. You feel for them. But that being said, they're easy to lump into the category noted above.

* What was more exciting - the first handheld video game console or the sixty millionth version of the Nintendo DS to hit stores? I feel kind of the same way about Teen Mom 2. It's good, but the original was way more exciting when it came out.

* Teen Mom season 2 has less variety. Catelynn and Tyler threw the adoption story into the mix for season 1 - there isn't that break in season 2.

This being said, Teen Mom season 2 still brings in high ratings and loads of cash for MTV, but I still don't think it's as novel or entertaining as Teen Mom season 1.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ark Music Factory: Mass Producing Wannabe Famous Preteens

Factories can be good things - they create the products we all know and love. But what's one thing that shouldn't be made in factories? Auto-tuned songs sung by mildy talented preteens.

'You must be this tall to ride this ride' is clearly not a phrase that Ark Music Factory believes in.

I was watching The Soup on E! when Joel McHale started mocking the songs mass produced by Ark Music Factory. I did a little research and listened to "Friday" by Rebecca Black and "My Jeans" by Jenna Rose and Baby Trigga. The songs seem to follow the same pattern: begin with a pop song about something totally pointless and mom friendly, followed by a 'rap-style' interlude, and concluding with some more mom-friendly lyrics.

I watched some video responses to Ark Music Factory on YouTube and can truly understand the anger of some people at how Ark Music Factory is exploiting the kids in these videos. It's noted that one girl is only nine years old, and the company seems to be telling her - and others - that they can be female versions of Justin Beiber. Well, there's a big difference between Alana Lee and Justin Beiber, mainly that Justin Beiber is actually quite talented (despite the fact that it pains me to say that) and is, well, famous.

One thing that really gets me about the Ark Music Factory is that the girls in the videos look so dead inside. If you watch the videos, they're just mouthing along with their lyrics, which aren't even good. Their eyes say nothing. You can stare right through them and see no emotion or excitement. Shouldn't a young girl recording her first single be excited? Apparently not, according to the mass produced videos from Ark Music Factory.

I'm not saying the kids 'discovered' by Ark Music Factory are entirely untalented, but they certainly aren't Justin Beiber material. And, apparently their parents don't even think they're that talented, although they do think the kids have a shot - they actually pay Ark Music Factory for the songs and video production for their kids. (That answers the question of how soulless a parent must be to put their kids in this teen talent factory...very!) That being said, when her song went viral, the madness actually worked for Rebecca Black, despite the fact that her song "Friday" is well below mediocre and it sounds like she's got serious nasal allergies when she says the word Friday.

The sick thing about the kid churning music factory is that it can work, as it has for Rebecca Black. She's making loads of cash because her song went viral. The thing is, this will only encourage more fame-whoring kids and their parents, and give them the hope that their child will be the (pardon the fact that I have to say this) next Rebecca Black.

Oh, yeah, one more thing - the caption for Alana Black, who Ark Music Factory is trying to make famous next, is "the girl who introduced Rebecca Black to Ark Music Factory." Nice, guys. Really nice.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

30 Rock Parodies Real Housewives Series

As you probably know, NBC and Bravo are part of the same company. As such, it made it even funnier that NBC parodied part of its own organization on 30 Rock this week. This week's show portrayed a fake reality show called Queen of Jordan, which featured Angie, Tracy Jordan's onscreen wife. The show was a parody of the Real Housewives shows, including scenes of gossip, wine throwing and other over the top behavior.

Most notable about this parody for me was the reference to The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Liz Lemon says that the TGS cast and crew are her family, and her family is thick as thieves. (Remember when Caroline Manzo said that?) She then flipped a table in the style of Teresa Giudice.

It wasn't my favorite episode of 30 Rock, but it was funny to see the show tie in elements from the Real Housewives franchises.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Outrageous Kid Parties Is Outrageously Boring

I tried watching an episode of Outrageous Kid Parties last night, and it wasn't good.

Outrageous Kid Parties is a show that I really wanted to like. I thought it would be cool to watch people spend outrageous amounts of money on an event that will last four hours. I mean, I understand that weddings cost money, but parties for kids are a bit silly - the kid won't even remember the event in two years. (Not that we don't realize that the parties are actually for the adults, but whatever.)

The family Outrageous Kid Parties just came out looking whiny. The mom wanted to throw a circus party, even though the kids seemed more interested in other things.

The show was full of manufactured drama: the party planner quit, the mom was so busy planning that she had to shut down her dental practice for a few days, the weather was bad, blah blah blah.

The show has a good concept, and some of the lines were funny, like when the dental assistant who was forced to be a party planner said, "I wonder who makes more, a dental assistant or a party planner?" (Hint: it's a party planner.) Also, like with all feel good shows, the party turned out great and everyone was happy. You know, typical TLC television.

Want to make Outrageous Kid Parties better? TLC is now casting for the show, so you can sign up to be on an episode more entertaining than the one that I watched.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sister Wives Is Back: Season Two Premiere

Sister Wives season two premiered today. It was really good! We welcomed back Kody, Meri, Jenelle, Christine and new wife Robyn.

It was interesting to watch season two of Sister Wives because it seemed more polished than the first season. Plus, the subject matter was really interesting - we learned about the aftermath of coming out as polygamists, including the talk show appearances and paparazzi photographing the Brown family.

In this episode, we saw the family struggle with explaining fame to their kids and letting them know that people who know their names are not necessarily their friends. We also saw the struggle of the family moving their kids into public school and openly addressing their polygamy. (It seemed to be fine from what was shown in this episode.)

The family seems a lot more settled than last season, when the family was welcoming Robyn as Kody's fourth wife. It was nice to see the family be more open about their total relationship, which was evidenced by how one of the wives filled out the school emergency contact forms - she wrote "other mother" as the titles for the sister wives.

The notable part of the episode for me was that Robyn had her kids calling Kody 'Daddy.' Well, last season we saw her pushing for it and this season it seemed voluntary. I kind of wonder how their biological father feels about the kids referring to Kody as their daddy. I also wonder if Robyn plans to get pregnant - that would be interesting!

Season two of Sister Wives looks like it's going to be a great season and will be very interesting to watch.

Tyra Banks Loses Last Name; Just Wants To Be Tyra

In a move typically reserved for really famous people or people change their names too frequently to keep track, Tyra Banks has decided that she's too good for last names and will now just be known as Tyra.

How many celebrities really only have their first names, or at least a name they play off as their first name? Only a few, successfully. Madonna. Prince. Cher. Rihanna. Puffy / Diddy / Diddy Dirty Money or whatever he is now...the three word name now withstanding.

I hate to say it, but I just don't think Tyra has it. Yes, she's famous. Yes, she has a talk show bearing her name. But in twenty years, when someone says Tyra, I feel like the response will be "Tyra who?" In twenty years when you say Cher or Madonna, there will still be a sense of recognition.

As a point of reference, even Britney Spears, who revolutionized pop as we know it, has kept her last name. And she even had so much star power that a start-up singer changed her stage name from her given name of Brittney to Nikki because her record label already had Britney on their roster! (Remember the shortly famous song I.M. Me? That was Brittney Cleary, later known as Nikki Cleary.)

I wish Tyra all the best with her single named existence and hope it works out for her, but I think she's getting a bit ahead of herself with this one.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Were You a Marissa Fan On You're Cut Off 2? You Can Wear Her Line of Clothing.

Marissa Erskine of VH1's You're Cut Off 2 has more going on than we knew about...she has a fashion line.

Marissa's fashion line can be seen at her website, According to, Marissa has some high profile clients wearing her clothes these days - Katy Perry, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and some of the Jersey Shore girls.

I took a look at the clothing, which can currently only be purchased at a few boutiques, and it's nice! It's original and very pretty. It's not what I expected from Marissa, but not in a bad way. On You're Cut Off 2, Marissa was very strong willed, and her fashion collection seems to be fancier and more girly than the persona she portrayed on television. In any case, her pieces are beautiful and have an edge that I haven't seen often in today's upscale department stores (which is the market that I believe would be Marissa's main competition). Marissa focuses heavily on metallics and bold colors, it seems, and she's got a great sense of color coordination and style.

I'd love to wear clothes from Marissa's clothing line if they were more attainable. It seems that we'll soon be able to buy her clothes from, so I'll look into that when it becomes possible.

Do You Like To Earn Free Stuff For Your Input?

I've recently gotten into sites where you test products or complete surveys to get free stuff.

So far, I've used and


CrowdTap allows you to complete surveys and other actions to earn credits towards rewards or for a charity of your choice. This site features 'quick hits,' which are one question polls from which you earn points, as the primary point earning system. CrowdTap, currently in its beta stage, can be joined by invitation only. I joined via and invitation from Old Navy, and in the invitation email, I was told that I could earn free sample clothes and other free things for participating.

CrowdTap is a great site because it's easy and fun to earn points. All it takes is a few minutes to earn points, and the points can be redeemed once you reach $10 in earnings. It looks like it's just getting started up, so it's a great time to get onto the site and be a part of it as it grows.


BzzAgent, on the other hand, allows you to write reviews about products, services and companies. You also get the opportunity to complete short surveys and participate in product testing. For example, I've tested makeup, food and stationery, just to name a few. As a BzzAgent, you get to test products in exchange for sharing your opinion and telling others about the products.

BzzAgent interfaces with, so when you complete activities on the site, you earn credits which can be redeemed for gift cards.

If You Like To Travel or Shop...

If you like shopping and/or traveling and are a good networker, the fashion, travel and home decor sites linked here are great for you. When you refer people and they make their first purchase on each site, you earn credits toward future purposes. Plus, on these sites, you get access to designer clothing sample sales, home decor sample sales and travel deals at greatly reduced prices.

Michaele Salahi Kicked Off Of Celebrity Rehab For Lack of Addiction

Michaele Salahi, despite her many claims of pity, doesn't actually have any addictions that warrant her being on Celebrity Rehab.

Don't get me wrong; I'm glad Michaele and husband Tareq aren't suffering from addictions, but it's not impressive that they they used the guise of an addiction as a publicity stunt.

As you probably know if you followed The Real Housewives of DC, Michaele and Tareq Salahi didn't exactly earn the greatest reputation on the show. After the show, they had a chance to rebuild their shattered image, but instead they took this chance to pretend that they're alcoholics or whatever else they claimed to be.

People on Celebrity Rehab - or in any rehab program - actually need help. Pretending to have an addiction for self promotion purposes is not okay.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Random Thoughts of The Day

Below are some of my random thoughts about reality television, random stuff and fashion from the past week.

The Real Housewives of Miami aren't cutting it for me. I wanted to like the show - I really did! I just can't get into it. All I can think of is the women complaining about a chef cooking in a crockpot. Does it taste good? Sure. So who cares how it's cooked?

America's Next Great Restaurant was entertaining, but not all that I thought it would be. Unlike American Idol, which is good at first and then fizzles out, America's Next Great Restaurant seems to be starting slowly, but will get better. I am interested to see how the contestants progress and what restaurant wins the game. I will say that watching the show made me hungry. is a great site if you're looking to buy a particular brand. You can search your favorite brands and find what websites are selling items from that brand. If you're not person who cares about brands, but fashion in general, you can search by category. This site features everything from inexpensive (like Girlprops) to expensive (like super expensive jewelry). I learned about it as a BzzAgent at

Charlie Sheen is still a mess. He recently criticized Chuck Lorre for hiding from his Jewish background, and when confronted by a Jewish group, went off about how he's Jewish, and so is his ex-wife. Somehow, all of his madness is making Charlie even more famous and popular. He got himself fired from Two and a Half Men and somehow he'll probably get even richer doing something else.

Britney Spears' Hold It Against Me is not that great, in my opinion. Eek! I feel like this might cause some anger from Britney Spears fans! The thing is, it's an okay song with a catchy beat, but it's not as spectacular as some other songs out there, or her past ones. I was a huge fan of If You Seek Amy, but not 123. I've loved a lot of her past songs, but have been 'eh' on others. The thing is, Britney Spears songs will become famous no matter what, so I guess they can have only moderately good lyrics and still get majorly popular.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Are You Rich and Living in San Francisco?

If so, and you and your family are attractive and media hungry, you can audition to join the cast of the upcoming Bravo reality show The Real Housewives of San Francisco!

It seems that California turns everything to gold for Bravo, so the network is taking on another California installment of the Real Housewives franchise. posted the Craigslist casting notice for The Real Housewives of San Francisco. If you're interested, you better act fast - video auditions are due March 15th.

Like the Real Housewives of Miami brought us Latina flair, do you think the Real Housewives of San Francisco might bring us a lesbian couple? I'd love to see a wealthy lesbian couple portrayed in a positive light in this Real Housewives installment. Branch out, Bravo! This is the perfect series in which to do so!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Would You Buy a Wedding Dress At Costco? reported that Kirstie Kelly, wedding dress designer, will be doing a line of wedding dresses for Costco called Costcouture.

I took a look at the Kirstie Kelly dresses, and they're actually nice! I think this Costco wedding dress line will give affordable wedding dress company David's Bridal a run for their money.

While I support the move to affordable wedding wear, I do have a few questions:

- Can the limited line compete with David's Bridal, which offers a full service wedding shop, including accessories and bridesmaids' dresses? The Kirstie Kelly dresses cost between $699 and $1,399, which is comparable to David's Bridal, except when David's Bridal has sales and people can buy dresses for $100.

- Can you try on dresses at Costco? Last time I checked, Costco doesn't have dressing rooms, let alone a bridal studio.

- Are the dresses returnable? This is most relevant if brides-to-be can't even try them on.

- Will Costco offer alterations for the dresses, or will people be on their own?

This is a very interesting concept that I support very much, especially with more and more brides getting married with budgets. But is this really going to work without a full service bridal studio in each Costco?

The Sterling Twins of Toddlers and Tiaras: Looking Back

In July 2009, I wrote an open letter to Jamie Sterling, mother of AshLynn and BreAnne Sterling, the twins featured on Toddlers and Tiaras.

Recently, I became curious about the twins, and searched their names on Google. Surprisingly, I mostly found blogs complaining about things similar to my complaints about mom Jamie and the cruelty faced by AshLynn, and no new information about AshLynn and BreAnne.

I did find a video from when the Toddlers and Tiaras episode aired with Jamie Sterling talking about parenting and entering her twin girls in pageants. I decided to watch it, and despite the fact that it's been almost two years since the episode aired, the anger towards Jamie came right back.

Her clip, right from the start, talks about favoring BreAnne because she's the prettiest of the five girls. She later talks about how AshLynn is too skinny and has a big nose, and how she's shy and timid. What didn't immediately hit me last time when I saw the Sterling Twins on Toddlers and Tiaras was how articulate AshLynn was. She's clearly very intelligent, which makes the whole situation so much worse. She knows exactly what's going on when being berated by her family. And, she looks so sad! No six year old should have to suffer the hurt and humiliation that AshLynn did, especially because she is such a beautiful and articulate child who clearly doesn't deserve her mother's behavior.

What also strikes me is that dad Barry Sterling clearly notes that he doesn't like his girls competing against each other in pageants, but denying Jamie's desire would create friction in their marriage. Stick up for yourself, man! I truly hope Barry has stood up for his beliefs after the Toddlers and Tiaras episode - he clearly knew what Jamie was doing was wrong, but didn't express it to Jamie - only to the cameras.

If anyone has any information on where the Sterling twins and Sterling family are now, please let me know! My last Sterling sighting was on Little Miss Perfect in 2010, I believe. I want to know if AshLynn is still being forced to compete in pageants, if BreAnne was finally disciplined, and if the Sterling marriage survived the Toddlers and Tiaras drama.

Update 8/15/11: Word has it that the Sterling's are getting a divorce. Click here for details.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Charlie Sheen To Make a Cameo in The Hangover 2

Word has it that Charlie Sheen will be making a cameo in The Hangover 2, despite the fact that filming has wrapped and this would require re-opening the movie to redo or add scenes.

This is surprising because there was a big controversy over Mel Gibson appearing in The Hangover, yet Charlie Sheen, who is just as messy, seems to be welcomed.

I guess the studio thinks that giving Charlie a cameo will make big bucks for the studio, and they may be right. While Charlie Sheen is a total mess right now, people can't get enough of him. He's all over the interview circuit, and doing a web search for Charlie Sheen's name will bring you lots of news article about his recent madness.

It seems that if anyone can make being a train wreck into a positive thing, it's Charlie Sheen. He certainly does know how to play the fame game.

Click here to read my article on why people love Charlie Sheen, despite his recent controversy.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Teen Mom 2: My Thoughts on Jenelle and Leah

For those who've been watching Teen Mom 2, you've been following Jenelle and Leah, and you've probably got a strong opinion on at least one of them.

Jenelle is a person that I want to like, but I'm finding it so difficult. She dreams big but keeps messing up. And shady boyfriend Keiffer isn't helping. He's a mess - he doesn't work, smokes weed at Jenelle's mom's house and seems like he'd leave Jenelle in a second if she wasn't providing fame or money.

The thing is, as much as I dislike Jenelle at times, I see why she is the way she is. Her mom is dragging her down, too, although trying to pick her up. Her mom is probably one of the biggest nags I've ever seen. I feel awful for Jenelle when she talks about how no one ever hugs her or says she loves her. I believe that her mom doesn't do or say these things, as Jenelle states, which is why Jenelle is looking for love in all the wrong places.

Leah, on the other hand, is the girl I'm hoping has a lot of success. To begin, she's pretty in that pretty but not intimidating way, which makes her easily likable. Secondly, she made mistakes, but truly turned her life around. She and Corey are working really hard to make their family work, and I truly hope that they do.

I also feel terrible for Leah and Corey. When we hear about Aliannah's problems, we really hope that she's just developing slowly and won't have long term health issues. As we watch Leah and Corey cry, we feel their pain - their situation is hard! They're young parents of twins dealing with such a difficult situation, yet they are growing as a family, rather than against each other.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Charlie Sheen's Out Of Control

As you probably know by now, Charlie Sheen is the reason that Two and a Half Men will not complete its season.

...And that stinks. But seriously, I wonder why he can't see that he's doing himself wrong, and doing wrong for so many people. Because of his actions, many innocent people are out of work. People who just want to make a living for their families are now without work because of Charlie Sheen's actions.

Charlie Sheen clearly has a problem, but he isn't willing to admit it. Have you heard his recent interviews? Charlie trashes Chuck Lorre, creator of Two and a Half Men, saying he's trying to vilify him and make him look bad. As if he's not doing that himself!

Charlie goes off on rants about how he's better than drugs and how he himself is a drug. He elaborates by saying that he's doing good things for the world because a night of partying with him will change someone's life, even though it won't affect his at all.

Charlie clearly needs help and I hope he is able to get it.