Monday, February 28, 2011

You're Cut Off: Season 2 Finale

On the You're Cut Off season finale, Laura met with the girls' parents.

Laura's main criticisms were:

- Marcy is bossy.
- Lauren wants people to like her and isn't living up to her potential.
- Hana gets resistant when she doesn't get her way.
- Aimee lashes out when things don't go her way.
- Marissa needs permission from her mom to be an independent person.
- Nadia is spoiled like crazy and is immature.

Jessica, on the other hand, got complimented for making major strides and stepping outside her comfort zone.

Graduation went as follows:

- Nadia's parents want Nadia to spend more time with daughter Layla, work on a career, help with house cleaning, drink only on weekends and work towards becoming a better person. Nadia accepted the terms and graduated.

- Marcy's parents asked her to live on her own and get a job. Marcy accepted and graduated from You're Cut Off.

- Lauren's dad asked her to take life more seriously, and gave her a three month deadline to get a job. Lauren accepted and graduated from the program.

- Jessica's parents decided to limit her luggage to five pieces of luggage, versus the current nine. Her parents also hoped that she'd help to take care of the dogs. I have to give it to Jessica - while her parents didn't give her many rules, she set her own rules to grow up and become independent. Jessica accepted her own terms and graduated.

- Aimee (who was mean all the way to the end of the show) had a harsh reality check from her mom. She was given two months to get her and her dog into their own place. She was getting cut off from vehicle maintenance and gas. She was told that she would be completely financially responsible. Aimee accepted the terms, but I bet she won't be able to successfully stick with them.

- Marissa noted that she wanted to become more financially responsible. Her mom, however, just asked her to make tea and make her bed once in a while. Marissa accepted the terms, because after all, making tea once a week isn't that hard.

- Hana was seriously cut off by her mom - she had to get a job with a steady paycheck to cover her expenses. She also has to move out. Next, she has to finish her real estate license, pay for her bills, and cut her traveling until she can afford it. Hana accepted and graduated from You're Cut Off.

After the show, Aimee crashed her ninth car, Lauren cut herself off, Marissa and her mom stayed super close, and Hana wanted to work. So, this show worked for some girls and not so much for others, but no matter what, it was fun to watch!

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