Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You're Cut Off: Hana Turns Evil and Erica Rose Makes an Appearance

On You're Cut Off, Jen decided to leave, which turned Hana into an uber...well, let's just say witch.

Hana, who can flip flop from nice to nasty, got in touch with her nasty side. She went as far as to show that she's better than everyone else by not participating in the fashion session (where she chose not to show off her style and the cost of her clothing). The other girls had fun with it - Hana cut herself out.

She then flipped out when Aimee wouldn't buy her cigarettes with the grocery money after she barely participated in painting the fence, which was her chore. She proceeded to flip out again when Aimee came back without the cigarettes and poured soda down the sink drain.

It's sad to see this because Hana could truly be nice, but she seems to get in touch with her nasty side at inappropriate times. I'd love to see her make a turnaround because I truly believe she has potential.

Erica Rose made an appearance on You're Cut Off, which was awesome!

Unfortunately, she didn't do much to show off her TV star personality. She modeled the items in the budget or bank competition, in which the girls have to decide whether something is expensive or inexpensive. (Note: they did not do well.) I would have loved to see the girls dress her in the swap meet clothing! (Their challenge was to buy outfits for socialite Tinsley Mortimer at a swap meet. Look for pics of this if you want to see Nadia look like a prostitute.)

I was happy to see both Tinsley Mortimer and Erica Rose in the episode - those are two of my favorite socialite / reality stars.

In the end, everybody failed for the day. It was sad, but definitely deserved.

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