Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Teen Mom: What Do You Think Of Chelsea's Dad?

We've gotten to meet Chelsea's dad on Teen Mom.

What do you think of Chelsea's dad?

There's a few obvious things that stick out to me:

* Chelsea's dad is rich. We saw his house during 16 and Pregnant, and it was nice. Also, he pays for Chelsea and Megan's apartment - or he did until Adam moved in, anyway.

* He spoils Chelsea. If you remember, his kitchen had a decal that said 'princess in the kitchen,' which was obviously for Chelsea. He continues to spoil Chelsea and take care of her.

* He's super supportive. He stuck behind Chelsea throughout her pregnancy and through her time as a mom. He took off from work when Chelsea needed him. He backs her up during tough times, even if she's not necessarily right.

* He's kind of a pushover when it comes to Chelsea. He told her that her only stipulation with her apartment was that Adam wasn't allowed there. Somehow, when Adam moved in, he respected Chelsea's decision and only requested that Adam pay a share of the rent.

I think Chelsea's dad is a truly wonderful guy who cares so much about his daughter. The only concern is that he's a major pushover and gives Chelsea whatever she wants with no repercussions. He might want to put the brakes on that - I know he cares about Chelsea and Aubree, but he might consider teaching Chelsea some tough lessons, rather than letting her keep the cushy life she's accustomed to having.

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