Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Teen Mom: Jenelle's "Winner" of a Boyfriend

This week on Teen Mom, we were introduced to Jenelle's new boyfriend Kieffer.

If you follow my blog, you probably realize that I have a major pet peeve with misspelled names. And Kieffer is definitely one of them. Still, the meaning of the name seems to fit Kieffer well. Kiefer (the correct spelling) means son of a lion. And Kieffer definitely was a lion.

I have to give credit to Kieffer for volunteering to meet Jenelle's mom, but he certainly looked like an idiot doing it. Let's recap:

* When asked if he has a job, the answer was that he's temporarily laid off. Never fear, though! Even though he told us earlier that he didn't graduate high school, he's taken two classes in culinary school. And, with his resume, he can walk into any restaurant and get a job as a line cook. (First of all, that's not impressive, and secondly, why don't you do it?)

* Kieffer told Jenelle's mom that he moved to his new state by himself and walked to the town where he currently lives carrying forty pounds of clothes. Say what? You're supposed to clean up your answer, man! Say you moved there looking for a new life and you're making it happen, not that you ran away from home at sixteen (or whatever) and were homeless!

* Kieffer noted that Jace can't keep his eyes off of him. Um, self centered much? And, I don't think that Jenelle's mom Barbara took this as a good thing - he might have confused Jace, not stepped in as a new daddy.

Not to mention that Jenelle has to drive him everywhere, he gave her tons of hickeys and I'm pretty sure that like her, he's doing a lot of drugs (pot, at minimum).

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