Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Real Housewives of Miami: Premiere Episode Review

The Real Housewives of Miami looks like it's going to be interesting.

The most notable thing about the show is that the women are very aware of how attractive they are (or how attractive they think they are). What I'm saying is that they're beautiful and have the confidence to back it up.

The women are all different, and it looks like the dynamic is going to be quite interesting. I think there will be lots of catfights, mostly over who's the most attractive. There will also be arguments, I'm sure, between the single and married women because of their different priorities.

No one stuck out as a clear favorite or as obviously awful, but I think Marysol Patton looks like she might be one of the most interesting characters on the show. The woman who said she's a living Barbie is also very interesting, although I can't remember her name. I think it was Alexia.

I enjoy the fact that there's a strong Latina presence on this show. The Latina women have been underrepresented in other Real Housewives franchises. I like the new flair brought in by the exciting, fiery women on The Real Housewives of Miami.

My initial take is that this Real Housewives franchise is going to be good, but maybe not as good as The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

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