Saturday, February 5, 2011

MTV vs. Ms. LC

MTV has opted not to air Lauren Conrad's new reality show, which would detail her professional life but not focus on her personal affairs.

While MTV states that the network supports Lauren and wants to work with her, LC states that MTV won't air her show because it's too 'high-brow' and needs to be dumbed down for MTV's audiences. (The Laguna Beach and Hills star, after all, made the network millions with her personal life based shows.)

MTV contends that they'd air the show if it focused more on Lauren's personal life, which is a reality show format that MTV viewers know and love.

MTV also contends that a pilot was filmed for the new reality series, whereas Lauren notes that the whole series had been filmed and was ready for TV.

Will we get to see this new Lauren Conrad reality show? MTV states that they may try to make a special from the footage, but it may be a better fit for Lauren to try to sell her series to another network. Either way, I'd like to get a glimpse into Lauren's current endeavors. I do agree, though, that MTV may not be the best venue for a professionally-based show at this time.

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keLLy said...

That's too bad I heart LC. I wonder if Bravo, VH1 or one of those channels will pick it up.