Friday, February 4, 2011

Maury: Is This America?

I got to watch Maury today, and the situation on the show made me say "What?"

19 year old Ashley has two kids with boyfriend Brad. They'd been having sex since the age of 13. Ashley cheated several times, but she insisted that Brad was the father of their child, Bradley. (The lie detector determined that this was a lie - she wasn't actually sure.) In the end, Brad was the father, but seriously, WHAT? Is it really okay to have sex with multiple partners at 13 years old? Beyond that, did Brad and Ashley really expect a relationship that began at age 13 to last in the long term? Is having two children at the age of nineteen really the answer? Maybe I just don't understand, but this is madness. I'm significantly older than Brad and Ashley, and I'm not even ready for a kid!

Not only that, but why are the moms in situations like these so involved? I understand that a parent wants to defend her child, but when the boyfriends' moms get all up in the girlfriends' faces, it's a bit overwhelming. Especially when the girlfriends are in the right.

I have to give it to Maury - both Ashley and Brad said they want to make their relationship work, so Maury told Brad's mom Karen to butt out. Brad and Ashley want to be a family. Let them do it!

Maury is now casting for an episode with the description: Does your significant other work in the fast food industry, and do you think he's cheating on you with the customers? This is quite a specific topic. I guess there probably are people out there with this problem, though.

I also saw a bit of the Tyra show yesterday, despite the fact that I can't stand it. On the show, Alana was a pregnant (legal) prostitute at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada. Tyra made a big deal about how Alana was letting down the six year old version of herself by being a prostitute, since her goal at age six was to be a mom. Tyra also said that Alana is creating major psychological issues for her unborn daughter by acting as a prostitute while pregnant. I think Tyra means that the child will have issues if Alana tells her that she was a prostitute while pregnant, but it certainly came off sounding like Tyra meant that the baby would have issues just by existing in Alana's body. Tyra - reality check. Just because you don't believe in prostitution doesn't mean that Alana doesn't have to make a living. She was totally okay with her profession before Tyra made her feel awful. Also, if you think she needs a better job, why don't you employ her? I'm not condoning prostitution in any way, but don't just lecture Alana - offer her another option! Help her!

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