Thursday, February 3, 2011

Groovy, Baby! Toddlers and Tiaras: Groovy Girls Pageant

This week's Toddlers and Tiaras brought us a slightly non-traditional pageant: a 70s and 80s themed pageant called the Groovy Girls pageant.


This week brought us Taralyn, a young girl who's won over $18,000 and has fiery red hair. Taralyn is very likable - she seems like a nice, grounded girl. What I really like about Taralyn is that onstage, she still looks like a kid. Yes, she's a kid with a ton of makeup, but she has genuine childlike confidence and stage presence. The thing with Taralyn is that she's a genuinely beautiful child, both with and without makeup, and that shows. Taralyn looked like an angel in her white outfit of choice clothing.


We also saw Brooklyn this week. Like Taralyn, Brooklyn is also likable. Both girls are down-to-earth, real girls. Their families also both seemed nice, and while they are pageant moms, they don't seem over the top. It was touching to see Brooklyn's mom Kandice get emotional complimenting how well her daughter did - she showed genuine love no matter how Brooklyn performed, and it didn't hurt that she did well!

Brooklyn's outfit of choice clothing was awesome. You could see that so much effort went into it. Brooklyn's groovy wear outfit was also great - it was age appropriate and she looked so happy while wearing it.

Taralyn and Brooklyn's Friendship

Taralyn and Brooklyn are friends and competitors. Brooklyn's mom stated that Taralyn usually places ahead of Brooklyn, and you could see the distress in her face. Fortunately, the spirit of competition doesn't seem to get between the moms or the kids in these families. I also have to give Brooklyn's mom credit - she uses stick on nails for Brooklyn, rather than acrylics, because, as she says, it's not PC for a 5 year old to have acrylics.

It was great to see Taralyn and Brooklyn interact. They truly are friends, not just competitors.


Zanna, the third featured competitor, is the feistiest and most spirited of the group. Born just over a pound, she's got more attitude twice her size. However, she's also likable - she's not a diva like many of the Toddlers and Tiaras girls. Despite that, Zanna and her sister Zoey cost their parents $10,000 last month in pageant costs! Zanna does get acrylic nails, unlike Brooklyn - but that's because stick on nails pop off of her fingers.

Zanna has stage presence like an adult. As her mom said, her smile did look a bit fake, but her stage presence was phenomenal. One thing that I noticed is that Zanna looked like a little adult. This is an asset in pageants, but if I didn't know from the show, I'd have no idea that she's as young as she is.

The Pageant & Crowning

The Groovy Girls pageant was actually fun! It wasn't super glitzy and competitive like many of the pageants - the pageant seemed to be more fun and less serious than other pageants. Yes, it was true glitz, but it had so much personality.

In their division (4 - 5):
Brooklyn won outfit of choice.
Taralyn won groovy wear.
Brooklyn won most beautiful.
Mackenzie, who appeared to be the only other competitor, won queen, which means the other girls went for higher titles.

In her division (6 - 8):
Zanna won outfit of choice
Zanna won most beautiful
Sophie won divisional supreme, which means Zanna was left in for a higher title.

Zanna ended up with the 4 - 8 year old mini supreme title. Mom Patrice was happy because she knew Zanna was a bit off that day.

Brooklyn ended up winning 4 - 8 grand supreme...which left Taralyn with the title of ultimate grand supreme.

Both Brooklyn and Taralyn did great, and I'm glad that they both placed very well. Unfortunately, Brooklyn was a bit upset to not win it all, but she still did great. Cheer up, Brooklyn! You did great!

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