Friday, February 4, 2011

Clearasil Keeping Ads During MTV's Skins

While major advertisers pull their commercials from MTV's Skins, Clearasil is sticking with the show and continuing their ads.

I give Clearasil props for this. Advertisers constantly run from controversial shows for fear of consumer backlash. While I understand this, controversy equals viewership, and Clearasil is sure to be noticed by Skins fans. And really, what's the PTC (who is protesting Skins) going to do? Ask people not to buy Clearasil? I hate to tell you, but if Clearasil helps keep my skin clear, I don't care if the PTC doesn't like the company.

Additionally, while Skins is said to be aimed at adults, we know that teens are watching MTV. And who needs Clearasil most? Teens! They've got acne, or at least concerns about preventing acne. Clearasil, by keeping its ads, is exactly attracting its target audience.

Props, Clearasil! You're sticking with your advertising strategy and probably gaining business in the process. Not to mention the great relationship this will build with MTV.

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