Monday, February 28, 2011

You're Cut Off: Season 2 Finale

On the You're Cut Off season finale, Laura met with the girls' parents.

Laura's main criticisms were:

- Marcy is bossy.
- Lauren wants people to like her and isn't living up to her potential.
- Hana gets resistant when she doesn't get her way.
- Aimee lashes out when things don't go her way.
- Marissa needs permission from her mom to be an independent person.
- Nadia is spoiled like crazy and is immature.

Jessica, on the other hand, got complimented for making major strides and stepping outside her comfort zone.

Graduation went as follows:

- Nadia's parents want Nadia to spend more time with daughter Layla, work on a career, help with house cleaning, drink only on weekends and work towards becoming a better person. Nadia accepted the terms and graduated.

- Marcy's parents asked her to live on her own and get a job. Marcy accepted and graduated from You're Cut Off.

- Lauren's dad asked her to take life more seriously, and gave her a three month deadline to get a job. Lauren accepted and graduated from the program.

- Jessica's parents decided to limit her luggage to five pieces of luggage, versus the current nine. Her parents also hoped that she'd help to take care of the dogs. I have to give it to Jessica - while her parents didn't give her many rules, she set her own rules to grow up and become independent. Jessica accepted her own terms and graduated.

- Aimee (who was mean all the way to the end of the show) had a harsh reality check from her mom. She was given two months to get her and her dog into their own place. She was getting cut off from vehicle maintenance and gas. She was told that she would be completely financially responsible. Aimee accepted the terms, but I bet she won't be able to successfully stick with them.

- Marissa noted that she wanted to become more financially responsible. Her mom, however, just asked her to make tea and make her bed once in a while. Marissa accepted the terms, because after all, making tea once a week isn't that hard.

- Hana was seriously cut off by her mom - she had to get a job with a steady paycheck to cover her expenses. She also has to move out. Next, she has to finish her real estate license, pay for her bills, and cut her traveling until she can afford it. Hana accepted and graduated from You're Cut Off.

After the show, Aimee crashed her ninth car, Lauren cut herself off, Marissa and her mom stayed super close, and Hana wanted to work. So, this show worked for some girls and not so much for others, but no matter what, it was fun to watch!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Amber Portwood's Nude Photos Hit The Internet

RadarOnline obtained recent naked pictures of Amber Portwood.

The nude photos, which can be seen here, are taken in a pinup style and don't show Amber's naughty bits. They do, however, show off Amber's tattoo of daughter Leah, as well as a much more fit physique than she displayed while on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom.

According to a source, theoretically a friend of Portwood's, Amber had a friend took the nude pictures at the friend's home because she wanted pinup style photos. However, Amber contends that the photos were taken at her own home, and RadarOnline (the medium to which the source spoke), has their facts wrong.

Amber contends that the photos were never intended for public viewing. Amber also notes that were not taken for sexual reasons. She also contends that the photos were stolen from her phone, and she knows who did it. She notes that she'll be going after the person, presumably in court.

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Quick Recap of the 2/23/11 Toddlers and Tiaras Episode

Okay, the girls on this episode of Toddlers and Tiaras were likable, but there were two things that were kind of ridiculous to me.

1. The girls all had 'misspelled' names. I understand that naming is a matter of preference, but if you ever want anyone to spell your kid's name right - ever - you might want to choose a traditional spelling. The names were Karmen, Kelci and Lynsie.

2. I'm pretty sure reciting the names of the books of the bible is not a real talent. I mean, it was good that she could do it, but is that really appropriate? And is memorizing some words really a talent?

That is all.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Real Housewives of Miami: Premiere Episode Review

The Real Housewives of Miami looks like it's going to be interesting.

The most notable thing about the show is that the women are very aware of how attractive they are (or how attractive they think they are). What I'm saying is that they're beautiful and have the confidence to back it up.

The women are all different, and it looks like the dynamic is going to be quite interesting. I think there will be lots of catfights, mostly over who's the most attractive. There will also be arguments, I'm sure, between the single and married women because of their different priorities.

No one stuck out as a clear favorite or as obviously awful, but I think Marysol Patton looks like she might be one of the most interesting characters on the show. The woman who said she's a living Barbie is also very interesting, although I can't remember her name. I think it was Alexia.

I enjoy the fact that there's a strong Latina presence on this show. The Latina women have been underrepresented in other Real Housewives franchises. I like the new flair brought in by the exciting, fiery women on The Real Housewives of Miami.

My initial take is that this Real Housewives franchise is going to be good, but maybe not as good as The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Juicy Couture Suing Jesus Juice Coature Over Use of 'Juicy J' shared the news that Juicy Couture is suing Jesus Juice Couture over the use of their trademark J.

Click here to see the two logos. says the lawsuit is a bit silly, but I understand where Juicy Couture is coming from. First of all, Jesus Juice Coature could easily be - and probably is - ripped off of the Juicy Couture name. And, the logo is similar. Juicy is probably really suing Jesus Juice Coature because they ripped off their name and image (in a way), but all they can legally sue for is their trademark J.

Plus, both brands are competing in the outerwear market. According to their blog, Jesus Juice Couture is looking for an employee for their women's outwear department, and that'll be direct competition for Juicy Couture. While Jesus Juice focuses on leather and I haven't seen too many leather jackets from Juicy Couture, their Bird line is a bit edgier and might be trying to move into that market.

I think Jesus Juice Coature definitely used Juicy Couture as the source of their name, or at least as a parody of sorts. What do you think? Does Juicy have a right to sue Jesus Juice Coature?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another Richards Wants To Join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I'm not necessarily a Denise Richards fan, but Denise being on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is a million times better than Heidi Montag wanting to join the show. reports that Denise Richards wants to join the other women of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on the next season of the Bravo reality show.

While I'm not a huge fan, I think Denise Richards would be a good fit for the show, and she'd bring in new viewers because she adds some fame, and is sure to add some drama.

I think Denise actually has a good chance of joining RHOBH, and here's why:

* She fits the demographic - she's a wealthy mom with a bit of fame and lots of public struggles...after all, she was Charlie Sheen's wife!

* Denise has reality show history - she did Denise Richards: It's Complicated on E! It didn't do so well, but it does show that Ms. Richards can hold her own on reality TV.

* She's got cute kids that we care about - mostly because they're her kids with Charlie Sheen - who will add the 'cute kids that we kind of feel bad for' factor to the show. Plus, these kids will open the door for more kid parties, and we love watching expensive kid parties!

* Denise is a good replacement for Camille Grammer, should Camille decide not to return to the show. Or, she'd create a very interesting dynamic with the soon-to-be-ex-Mrs.-Grammer.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Teen Mom: What Do You Think Of Chelsea's Dad?

We've gotten to meet Chelsea's dad on Teen Mom.

What do you think of Chelsea's dad?

There's a few obvious things that stick out to me:

* Chelsea's dad is rich. We saw his house during 16 and Pregnant, and it was nice. Also, he pays for Chelsea and Megan's apartment - or he did until Adam moved in, anyway.

* He spoils Chelsea. If you remember, his kitchen had a decal that said 'princess in the kitchen,' which was obviously for Chelsea. He continues to spoil Chelsea and take care of her.

* He's super supportive. He stuck behind Chelsea throughout her pregnancy and through her time as a mom. He took off from work when Chelsea needed him. He backs her up during tough times, even if she's not necessarily right.

* He's kind of a pushover when it comes to Chelsea. He told her that her only stipulation with her apartment was that Adam wasn't allowed there. Somehow, when Adam moved in, he respected Chelsea's decision and only requested that Adam pay a share of the rent.

I think Chelsea's dad is a truly wonderful guy who cares so much about his daughter. The only concern is that he's a major pushover and gives Chelsea whatever she wants with no repercussions. He might want to put the brakes on that - I know he cares about Chelsea and Aubree, but he might consider teaching Chelsea some tough lessons, rather than letting her keep the cushy life she's accustomed to having.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some Real Housewives Updates

Heidi Montag is claiming to be upset by Andy Cohen's words, stating that she'll never be on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Okay, so Andy may have spoken harshly, but Heidi doesn't live in Beverly Hills, isn't a housewife like the other women and doesn't have the positive star power to support a possible role on the show. Meanwhile, the Richards sisters are regretting being on the show, with Kim stating that she may not return for a second season.

Bethenny Frankel is really happy to be off of The Real Housewives of New York City, but her costars aren't as thrilled. (Bethenny would prefer to chase her dream of a talk show.) Ramona singer refutes rumors that the show was delayed to allow Bethenny Frankel to return. She states that Bethenny's out and it's for the best, as she and Jill caused too much dark drama for the show.

Marysol Patton is ready to show her face on The Real Housewives of Miami. I think the positive interviews and being on the show are a great idea for Patton, the owner of a public relations company. You can be sure the woman knows how to market herself, and this appearance will do wonders when it comes to boosting the popularity and profitability of her organization.

Chris and Albie Manzo will be gracing our screens with their new reality show, in which they'll take Hoboken, NJ by storm. Caroline Manzo's sons, who won't reveal many details about the show, state that living in Hoboken is like being back in college.

We've got a lot of interesting Real Housewives television to look forward to watching!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gay Characters on The Disney Channel: A Do Or A Don't?

There has been some debate lately about the fact that The Disney Channel doesn't feature any gay characters.

Some people state that Disney has the obligation to feature gay characters, while others, specifically the Disney programming people, don't think it's necessary.

Here's why I think Disney's staying away from featuring gay characters:

1. Let's face it - TV is all about marketing to your target audience. Disney's target audience is comprised of young kids and their parents. While I believe that gay and lesbian relationships should be openly supported, I'm pretty sure not everyone agrees, and Disney could take a major hit by featuring a gay couple.

2. Disney's target audience is pre-pubescent, and some American parents probably won't appreciate a television channel teaching their kids about sexuality. Disney execs are smart - they know featuring a gay couple is likely to alienate more people than it will encourage to watch their shows. Does that make it right? No. But does it make it a valid marketing decision? Absolutely.

3. The topic of homosexuality isn't the only topic Disney avoids due to the nature of the target audience. The channel also doesn't focus on other controversial topics - it's just not in their strategy.

4. Disney allows characters to be identified as gay, even if it's never stated. From this, the company opens the door to GLBT relationships without specifically bringing them into the shows. The network probably sees this as the best of both worlds.

Clearly, this issue has been well thought through by the Disney team, and a decision has been made. Is their decision right? Opinions will vary - it depends on who you ask.

What do you think about Disney not featuring gay characters? is it right or wrong?

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Real Heidi of Beverly Hills

Heidi Montag wants to join the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills...despite the fact that she'd be an awful fit.

Heidi Montag, along with husband Spencer Pratt, are in talks with the important people in charge of RHOBH casting.

Clearly, the duo (who do not live in Beverly Hills - fakers!) have noticed the success of Lisa, Kim, Kyle, Taylor and Camille and want a piece of the action. Here's the thing - how are Speidi even a remotely good fit for the Bravo reality show? They aren't!

First of all, Heidi's years younger than any of the current cast members. Second, she's not in the same social group as any of the current women. Third, she doesn't have a mansion in Beverly Hills. Long story short, she's not a real housewife of Beverly Hills at all! She wouldn't fit in with their social circles and events! She'd be there to create drama, but her drama isn't exactly tied in with the drama that the women currently face.

Hey, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills casting crew - you're asking for disaster by putting Heidi Montag on your show! Just say no!!!

Update: Bravo turned down Heidi and Spencer's offer to be on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, thank goodness. Andy Cohen let us know with a resounding "Hell, no!"

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Now That's A Situation - Mike Sorrentino Wants To Do Movies

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino wants to ditch reality TV for acting.

Not only did he make more than $5 million in 2010, mostly through endorsements and his workout DVD, and he already rules the reality TV world, but he wants more.

Do you think The Situation can leave the Jersey Shore and move into Hollywood's movie and scripted TV business? I'm not sure that Hollywood's ready to take on the reality star. He might have too much of a reality reputation to make it into serious acting. However, he might be able to begin with funny guest spots in TV and movies, and if he proves himself, maybe he can move into the big leagues.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Camille Grammar - The Next Real Housewive of New York?!?

Rumor has it that Camille Grammer could be jumping ship from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and taking a chance on The Real Housewives of New York.

Apparently, the upcoming season (which has been pushed back in favor of The Real Housewives of Miami) lacks the drama and catfighting necessary to keep the show successful.

Word has it that Jill Zarin has invited Camille to film with her. My bet would be that Jill saw an opportunity with Camille. Jill's currently the 'outcast' and 'most hated' of the New York bunch - adding Camille would be sure to push Jill into at least the second least liked spot.

This transition is also a major win for Camille Grammer and Bravo. It's a win for Camille because she'll have a chance to start again with new women, and it's a win for Bravo because it will keep fans of both RHONY and RHOBH glued to their televisions for this season of The Real Housewives of New York. With Beverly Hills being the most successful franchise yet, this is sure to bring some of the BH viewers to the New York version of the show.

You know, I wouldn't be opposed to seeing a Real Housewives franchise from a less glitzy place in the US - maybe somewhere in Colorado, where people still have loads of cash, but not all of the madness of New York, NJ, Atlanta or California.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

MTV vs. Ms. LC

MTV has opted not to air Lauren Conrad's new reality show, which would detail her professional life but not focus on her personal affairs.

While MTV states that the network supports Lauren and wants to work with her, LC states that MTV won't air her show because it's too 'high-brow' and needs to be dumbed down for MTV's audiences. (The Laguna Beach and Hills star, after all, made the network millions with her personal life based shows.)

MTV contends that they'd air the show if it focused more on Lauren's personal life, which is a reality show format that MTV viewers know and love.

MTV also contends that a pilot was filmed for the new reality series, whereas Lauren notes that the whole series had been filmed and was ready for TV.

Will we get to see this new Lauren Conrad reality show? MTV states that they may try to make a special from the footage, but it may be a better fit for Lauren to try to sell her series to another network. Either way, I'd like to get a glimpse into Lauren's current endeavors. I do agree, though, that MTV may not be the best venue for a professionally-based show at this time.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Maury: Is This America?

I got to watch Maury today, and the situation on the show made me say "What?"

19 year old Ashley has two kids with boyfriend Brad. They'd been having sex since the age of 13. Ashley cheated several times, but she insisted that Brad was the father of their child, Bradley. (The lie detector determined that this was a lie - she wasn't actually sure.) In the end, Brad was the father, but seriously, WHAT? Is it really okay to have sex with multiple partners at 13 years old? Beyond that, did Brad and Ashley really expect a relationship that began at age 13 to last in the long term? Is having two children at the age of nineteen really the answer? Maybe I just don't understand, but this is madness. I'm significantly older than Brad and Ashley, and I'm not even ready for a kid!

Not only that, but why are the moms in situations like these so involved? I understand that a parent wants to defend her child, but when the boyfriends' moms get all up in the girlfriends' faces, it's a bit overwhelming. Especially when the girlfriends are in the right.

I have to give it to Maury - both Ashley and Brad said they want to make their relationship work, so Maury told Brad's mom Karen to butt out. Brad and Ashley want to be a family. Let them do it!

Maury is now casting for an episode with the description: Does your significant other work in the fast food industry, and do you think he's cheating on you with the customers? This is quite a specific topic. I guess there probably are people out there with this problem, though.

I also saw a bit of the Tyra show yesterday, despite the fact that I can't stand it. On the show, Alana was a pregnant (legal) prostitute at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada. Tyra made a big deal about how Alana was letting down the six year old version of herself by being a prostitute, since her goal at age six was to be a mom. Tyra also said that Alana is creating major psychological issues for her unborn daughter by acting as a prostitute while pregnant. I think Tyra means that the child will have issues if Alana tells her that she was a prostitute while pregnant, but it certainly came off sounding like Tyra meant that the baby would have issues just by existing in Alana's body. Tyra - reality check. Just because you don't believe in prostitution doesn't mean that Alana doesn't have to make a living. She was totally okay with her profession before Tyra made her feel awful. Also, if you think she needs a better job, why don't you employ her? I'm not condoning prostitution in any way, but don't just lecture Alana - offer her another option! Help her!

Clearasil Keeping Ads During MTV's Skins

While major advertisers pull their commercials from MTV's Skins, Clearasil is sticking with the show and continuing their ads.

I give Clearasil props for this. Advertisers constantly run from controversial shows for fear of consumer backlash. While I understand this, controversy equals viewership, and Clearasil is sure to be noticed by Skins fans. And really, what's the PTC (who is protesting Skins) going to do? Ask people not to buy Clearasil? I hate to tell you, but if Clearasil helps keep my skin clear, I don't care if the PTC doesn't like the company.

Additionally, while Skins is said to be aimed at adults, we know that teens are watching MTV. And who needs Clearasil most? Teens! They've got acne, or at least concerns about preventing acne. Clearasil, by keeping its ads, is exactly attracting its target audience.

Props, Clearasil! You're sticking with your advertising strategy and probably gaining business in the process. Not to mention the great relationship this will build with MTV.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Groovy, Baby! Toddlers and Tiaras: Groovy Girls Pageant

This week's Toddlers and Tiaras brought us a slightly non-traditional pageant: a 70s and 80s themed pageant called the Groovy Girls pageant.


This week brought us Taralyn, a young girl who's won over $18,000 and has fiery red hair. Taralyn is very likable - she seems like a nice, grounded girl. What I really like about Taralyn is that onstage, she still looks like a kid. Yes, she's a kid with a ton of makeup, but she has genuine childlike confidence and stage presence. The thing with Taralyn is that she's a genuinely beautiful child, both with and without makeup, and that shows. Taralyn looked like an angel in her white outfit of choice clothing.


We also saw Brooklyn this week. Like Taralyn, Brooklyn is also likable. Both girls are down-to-earth, real girls. Their families also both seemed nice, and while they are pageant moms, they don't seem over the top. It was touching to see Brooklyn's mom Kandice get emotional complimenting how well her daughter did - she showed genuine love no matter how Brooklyn performed, and it didn't hurt that she did well!

Brooklyn's outfit of choice clothing was awesome. You could see that so much effort went into it. Brooklyn's groovy wear outfit was also great - it was age appropriate and she looked so happy while wearing it.

Taralyn and Brooklyn's Friendship

Taralyn and Brooklyn are friends and competitors. Brooklyn's mom stated that Taralyn usually places ahead of Brooklyn, and you could see the distress in her face. Fortunately, the spirit of competition doesn't seem to get between the moms or the kids in these families. I also have to give Brooklyn's mom credit - she uses stick on nails for Brooklyn, rather than acrylics, because, as she says, it's not PC for a 5 year old to have acrylics.

It was great to see Taralyn and Brooklyn interact. They truly are friends, not just competitors.


Zanna, the third featured competitor, is the feistiest and most spirited of the group. Born just over a pound, she's got more attitude twice her size. However, she's also likable - she's not a diva like many of the Toddlers and Tiaras girls. Despite that, Zanna and her sister Zoey cost their parents $10,000 last month in pageant costs! Zanna does get acrylic nails, unlike Brooklyn - but that's because stick on nails pop off of her fingers.

Zanna has stage presence like an adult. As her mom said, her smile did look a bit fake, but her stage presence was phenomenal. One thing that I noticed is that Zanna looked like a little adult. This is an asset in pageants, but if I didn't know from the show, I'd have no idea that she's as young as she is.

The Pageant & Crowning

The Groovy Girls pageant was actually fun! It wasn't super glitzy and competitive like many of the pageants - the pageant seemed to be more fun and less serious than other pageants. Yes, it was true glitz, but it had so much personality.

In their division (4 - 5):
Brooklyn won outfit of choice.
Taralyn won groovy wear.
Brooklyn won most beautiful.
Mackenzie, who appeared to be the only other competitor, won queen, which means the other girls went for higher titles.

In her division (6 - 8):
Zanna won outfit of choice
Zanna won most beautiful
Sophie won divisional supreme, which means Zanna was left in for a higher title.

Zanna ended up with the 4 - 8 year old mini supreme title. Mom Patrice was happy because she knew Zanna was a bit off that day.

Brooklyn ended up winning 4 - 8 grand supreme...which left Taralyn with the title of ultimate grand supreme.

Both Brooklyn and Taralyn did great, and I'm glad that they both placed very well. Unfortunately, Brooklyn was a bit upset to not win it all, but she still did great. Cheer up, Brooklyn! You did great!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Real Housewives of Miami: A Hot Chick and a Drag Queen

News is surfacing about the women to be featured on The Real Housewives of Miami, the next installment in the Real Housewives franchise.

Initially, this show wasn't going to be part of the Real Housewives franchise - Bravo was going to air it under the title of Miami Social Club. Despite the fact that The Real Housewives of DC was kind of a bust, Bravo's success with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (and the OC, NY, NJ and Atlanta) must have given Bravo the idea that yet another Housewives franchise would be a good idea.

This time, we'll follow women from sunny Miami, Florida. We'll start off with sexy and successful Alexia Eccheverria. She's the editor for Venue magazine, which is a Spanish publication about fun and nightlife. From her picture, Alexia looks sexy and self-assured, so she's sure to be a firestarter on the Miami version of the Housewives franchise.

Next up we have Elaine Lancaster, and she's not exactly a housewife by nature. She's one by choice, actually. Elaine Lancaster is a drag queen. This is a new element that we haven't seen in previous Real Housewives series, and it's sure to be interesting. My guess, by looking at her picture, if that she's going to be the over the top character this season. Hopefully she'll fare better than past over the top Bravo stars like Danielle Staub and Michaele Salahi!

The show will also feature socialite Adriana Sidi, public relations expert Marysol Patton, and charity planner Lea Black.

Two of the cast members are divorcees of sports stars, which almost makes me want to call this Housewives series "The Real Ex-Housewives of Miami. This, along with the inclusion of a drag queen, may be why Bravo initially planned to stay away from making this a part of the Real Housewives franchise. In any case, these divorcees include Larsa, ex-wife of Scottie Pippen and and Christy, ex-wife of Glen Rice.

Teen Mom: Jenelle's "Winner" of a Boyfriend

This week on Teen Mom, we were introduced to Jenelle's new boyfriend Kieffer.

If you follow my blog, you probably realize that I have a major pet peeve with misspelled names. And Kieffer is definitely one of them. Still, the meaning of the name seems to fit Kieffer well. Kiefer (the correct spelling) means son of a lion. And Kieffer definitely was a lion.

I have to give credit to Kieffer for volunteering to meet Jenelle's mom, but he certainly looked like an idiot doing it. Let's recap:

* When asked if he has a job, the answer was that he's temporarily laid off. Never fear, though! Even though he told us earlier that he didn't graduate high school, he's taken two classes in culinary school. And, with his resume, he can walk into any restaurant and get a job as a line cook. (First of all, that's not impressive, and secondly, why don't you do it?)

* Kieffer told Jenelle's mom that he moved to his new state by himself and walked to the town where he currently lives carrying forty pounds of clothes. Say what? You're supposed to clean up your answer, man! Say you moved there looking for a new life and you're making it happen, not that you ran away from home at sixteen (or whatever) and were homeless!

* Kieffer noted that Jace can't keep his eyes off of him. Um, self centered much? And, I don't think that Jenelle's mom Barbara took this as a good thing - he might have confused Jace, not stepped in as a new daddy.

Not to mention that Jenelle has to drive him everywhere, he gave her tons of hickeys and I'm pretty sure that like her, he's doing a lot of drugs (pot, at minimum).

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You're Cut Off: Hana Turns Evil and Erica Rose Makes an Appearance

On You're Cut Off, Jen decided to leave, which turned Hana into an uber...well, let's just say witch.

Hana, who can flip flop from nice to nasty, got in touch with her nasty side. She went as far as to show that she's better than everyone else by not participating in the fashion session (where she chose not to show off her style and the cost of her clothing). The other girls had fun with it - Hana cut herself out.

She then flipped out when Aimee wouldn't buy her cigarettes with the grocery money after she barely participated in painting the fence, which was her chore. She proceeded to flip out again when Aimee came back without the cigarettes and poured soda down the sink drain.

It's sad to see this because Hana could truly be nice, but she seems to get in touch with her nasty side at inappropriate times. I'd love to see her make a turnaround because I truly believe she has potential.

Erica Rose made an appearance on You're Cut Off, which was awesome!

Unfortunately, she didn't do much to show off her TV star personality. She modeled the items in the budget or bank competition, in which the girls have to decide whether something is expensive or inexpensive. (Note: they did not do well.) I would have loved to see the girls dress her in the swap meet clothing! (Their challenge was to buy outfits for socialite Tinsley Mortimer at a swap meet. Look for pics of this if you want to see Nadia look like a prostitute.)

I was happy to see both Tinsley Mortimer and Erica Rose in the episode - those are two of my favorite socialite / reality stars.

In the end, everybody failed for the day. It was sad, but definitely deserved.