Monday, January 17, 2011

You're Cut Off - Season Two: There's No One Like Erica Rose, But It's Still Fun

You're Cut Off is back, and I wish I could say that it's better than ever.

You're Cut Off is a great show, and I highly enjoyed season one. In that season, the rich girls were novel, and we loved meeting Erica (the smart but playing dumb girl) and Gia (the evil girl).

A notable thing about season two of You're Cut Off is that it isn't as focused on pretty girls. Season one only had beautiful or relatively attractive girls - this season's girls are much more varied, that's for sure.

One thing I did like is that in episode two, a new girl came into the house. Her name is Marissa. It brought a new element into the house because not all girls started at the same time - it almost allowed Marissa to be a spectacle to the other girls, rather than an equal.

The downfall of season two of You're Cut Off is that the girls seem to know what to expect. Even if they didn't know what show they'd be on, they caught on pretty quickly...presumably from watching You're Cut Off season one.

Episode two did have some great moments, and it helped me determine my favorites and my least favorite girl. Below are my favorites:

Marissa - this latecomer to the house is kind of a mess, but she really doesn't need to be cut off. She stepped it up for chores and work, and she stepped it up when others wouldn't.

Marcy - much like Marissa, she truly tries. I liked her.

Jessica - she's mean but somehow makes it fun and entertaining. She's a fun girl to watch on TV.

My least favorite girl is Jenn. She's mean, insulting and plain rude. She went off on people for silly mistakes and is just plain unappealing. Aimee is a close second for least favorite. She's also overwhelmingly rude and got into two physical altercations with Jenn. The two of them do make great reality TV - the fighting is over the top!

Fortunately, my favorite girls were rewarded with a fun day out for their hard work, which was nice to see, since the other girls didn't try or were just awful (like Jenn). The girls were treated to bowling, and while they initially seemed appalled, they started having fun and were truly great with the bowling alley employee, Nolan. They could have been mean, spoiled girls towards him, but they seemed to truly appreciate his help.

I don't love season two of You're Cut Off as much as season one, but this show is still a fun to watch VH1 show.

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