Monday, January 24, 2011

You're Cut Off: Jenn's Out Of Control

The issues with Jenn

Jenn started problems right away by not getting out of bed, and then she started problems with Nadia about cigarettes. Granted, Nadia probably did owe her cigarettes, but Jenn and Hana should have behaved like adults about it.

Jenn then decided Nadia drinks too much, so she wrote Nadia's name on the wine with a line through it, and then when Nadia drank it, she poured wine on her. Nadia retaliated with marinara sauce, but Jenn clearly started it.

Aside from not doing her chore and starting with Nadia, Jenn was rude to Laura at the lesson ceremony. She gave her the finger! She then went off on Laura, started crying and walked off of the set, breaking things along the way. We'll see the conclusion of her outburst on next week's episode.

I have to give Jenn credit - she's evil but she had a pretty great catchphrase: "I have PMS and I have a GPS. So I'm a b***h and I know where you're at." The grammar is atrocious, but the catchphrase is pretty good.

The adventures at work

The You're Cut Off girls were forced to work at a fast food restaurant. Let's just say that hilarity ensued. Marissa was actually pleasant, both on the bus to work and at work itself.

This is more than I can say for Jenn, who decided she was too good to wash her hands and stole fries instead of working.

Nadia threw a hissy fit and ended up quitting the job. As such, Hana decided she didn't want to pay Nadia at all. The only option was to dock Nadia's pay, which is what Hana chose.

The trouble with Hana

The trouble with Hana is that when she's not with Jenn, she does a good job, but when she's with Jenn, she's awful. Laura Baron noted this last week, and it was proven true at the fast food job. Since she worked without Jenn at first, she was promoted to shift manager. However, when she started training Jenn, she turned into a mess again.

To her credit, Hana seemed genuinely touched to learn about what people do for money, and how little they earn for manual labor. She seemed to have a breakthrough and realize that just because people work at a fast food restaurant, they are not any less than she or her rich friends.

Unfortunately, Hana failed because of her aggressive behavior as a manager, but I think she actually showed a lot of long as she was away from Jenn.

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