Thursday, January 13, 2011

Toddlers and Tiaras: Isn't SamiJo kind of a unisex name?

Mom Tricia wanted a daughter so badly, just so she could put her in pageants. And she did. And her daughter does well.

The thing is, for someone who wanted a girl so badly after having three boys, I'm fascinated that Tricia picked such a unisex name for her daughter - SamiJo. I mean, it's spelled in a feminine way, but it's not the flowery, girly name that I'd expect from a pageant mom.

I have to give it to Tricia - she was really into pageants. She even had songs to sing to her daughter about pageantry and said her daughter is to raise Miss America. Will SamiJo be Miss America? Only time will tell but I will try to remember her name when I watch the pageant several years from now!

Something great about this episode was that a stepmom helped her stepdaughter compete in pageants. It was really nice to see that relationship between a stepmom and stepdaughter.

One thing that came up was the concept of putting makeup on babies. One of the moms stated that even in glitz pageants, babies are expected to be a bit less glam - maybe wear a bit less makeup and not be spray tanned. I agree - you probably shouldn't spray tan a child, let alone a baby.

That being said, pageant makeup is a big part of pageantry. And it can work wonders, especially on older kids, teens and adults. Not that I know much about pageants myself, but I do know about makeup. And I'm currently on a CoverGirl kick. They're actually pretty having a pretty cool promotion now, if you want to check it out.

Click the image above to check out the campaign. By the way, I learned about it through

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