Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jersey Shore Season 3: Sammi's No Sweetheart & Deena's Dressing Issues

This week marked the premier of Jersey Shore season 3 on MTV.

The premiere episode brought us some interesting situations.

First of all, Deena came in with a bang. She wanted to make an impression, and she did. She offered up a nickname for herself (a walking holiday), 'accidentally' showed Mike "The Situation" her private areas, and started a hands-on fight with Sammi. Despite this, or because of all this, she became very well received in the household. (To define the vajayjay moment, Deena took Mike to her room to find a hat, and she said she looked hot in the hat and a bikini. In the process of removing her dress to show the bikini, she removed her underwear and gave Mike a full show of her goods and butt.)

Sammi "Sweetheart" did not live up to her name. It was noted that she and Snooki hadn't spoken since the Florida episodes of Jersey Shore, so she had an opportunity: try to make things right with Snooki and J-Woww, or maintain the grudge. She maintained the grudge. First, she and Ronnie took the best bedroom - the one with three beds - forcing Mike to share a room with the dramatic duo, and angering the other housemates.

Second, she was mean to Deena, who didn't deserve it. Yes, Deena is Snooki's friend, but by befriending Deena, Sammi had a way to regain good graces with the rest of the household. Instead, Sammi was cold, snarky and mean, and completely shut down Deena's attempts to be friendly. Deena even told Sammi she had nothing against her, and Sammi built a mental wall and refused to be friends. Sammi then cried to Ronnie about her tough situation in the house, but clearly, she defined the situation on her own.

Things are sure to be tense on this season of Jersey Shore, since Vinny already turned down Snooki's advances, Ronnie freaked out when Deena bashed him and Sammi (but didn't defend Sammi, just himself, and bashed Snooki after she said he was cool), and with Deena's over-the-top onscreen personality.

I think this may be the best season of Jersey Shore yet.

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