Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jersey Shore Issues & Emily Maynard of The Bachelor's Past

Although his lawyers deny an issue, there's a chance that Ronnie Magro-Ortiz will be blocked from season four of Jersey Shore.

If Ronnie's case for punching a guy goes to court in the time before Jersey Shore season four is set to film, Ronnie will not be able to travel to Italy, where season four will be filmed.

People with open trials are not able to travel with a visa to Italy. However, since he has not yet gone to court, he is still considered innocent and allowed to travel.

Meanwhile, Ronnie's possible conviction of a crime may not be the only controversy with the cast going to Italy. Italian-American groups are also up in arms about the cast traveling to the country. Arguments include the fact that the Jersey Shore cast may act like buffoons and make a bad name for Italian-Americans - almost like they'd be a freak show in Italy.

The Bachelor featured a group date to a NASCAR event - which is controversial because Emily Maynard was one of the contestants on the date.

Emily Maynard was the former fiance of NASCAR driver Ricky Hendrick, who died during their engagement and right before Emily learned that she was pregnant with their baby.

Sources for The Bachelor claim that this date wasn't specifically planned around Emily, but her attendance was simply a matter of circumstance. Fortunately, Emily notes that the date gave her closure and allowed her to face the tragic accident that occurred in 2004.

Seriously, though, should anyone be surprised if the date was intentional? I mean, the show (and reality TV as a whole) are about being voluntarily exploited. The networks know that and contestants know that. Pretty much no one comes out of reality TV looking perfect or without some kind of emotional scar. Yes, I feel for Emily, but she did sign up to be on The Bachelor, so she signed up for whatever happened during the filming of the show.

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