Monday, January 3, 2011

If There Was Any Chance We Started To Like K-Fed, It Just Ended

We'd be hard pressed to find a K-Fed fan, but if we did, she may retract her fandom after she reads this.

Kevin Federline is risking losing his lady because he won't pop the question...because if he got married, he'd lose his spousal support from Britney Spears.

That's right. K-Fed seems to realize that he can't rake in cash on his own (Remember the trainwreck of his CD Playing With Fire?), and if he wants to keep living it up, he's going to have to do with with cash from the mother of his kids.

Of course, I can't completely fault Kevin and girlfriend Victoria Prince - the $35,000 K-Fed rakes in each month is some serious dough, and probably pays for some pretty choice gifts that more than make up for the lack of engagement ring on Victoria's finger.

I do feel badly that Britney has to support Kevin, but she did commit to marry the guy, and she's got millions of dollars more than he does, so I guess the situation is at least somewhat fair.

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