Sunday, January 23, 2011

Companies are Pulling Ads From Controversial MTV Show Skins

MTV's drama Skins is creating quite a controversy, and advertisers are pulling ads like crazy.

The scripted show, which centers around sexually active teenagers, is marketed towards adults, but is shown on teen-centric MTV. In addition, the show is about sexually active teenagers, so that adds some real life drama.

The Parents Television Council is going nuts about how bad the show is, which is probably what's prompting advertisers to pull their commercials.

The thing is, the controversy is just going to help Skins, like it did for Jersey Shore. It'll boost interest in the show, which will in turn boost viewership and ratings.

The controversy also helps the companies that pull their advertisements - they gain positive publicity with the uptight crowd, who applauds them for pulling ads. However, I highly doubt that companies who keep their ads will face any criticism. The companies, like Wrigley's and Taco Bell, are probably just riding the publicity train by removing their commercials.

The uptight nature of the Parents Television Council doesn't just shine a light on potentially teen-harming television (which it may not be at all), it also shows that we're uptight Americans. The British versions of Skins is a major success - but then again, in Britain, drinking isn't as taboo either. Maybe it's the Americans as a whole with a problem, not the television network that's trying to keep things real. And hey, parents, if you don't want your kids watching Skins, don't let them. Don't ruin it for everyone.

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