Monday, January 17, 2011

Bridalplasty: Meet The Fiances

First of all, Allyson called out Jenessa for the manipulator she is, and the girls vowed to get her out of the house. Jenessa realized that she lost control, and it is quite evident that she needs control to survive.

Next the girls were surprised with a great gift - their fiances. The men showed up, although they were blindfolded so they couldn't see their fiancees. Everyone was thrilled to see their future husbands - except Jenessa. She looked like she barely cared. It was quite strange.

During the episode, the couples were given lie detector tests. Dominique, being on medical leave, was exempt from the challenge.

Cheyenne and her fiance Scott went first. This was funny because Scott said Cheyenne has a shopping problem and Cheyenne said she knew she should do her own laundry, but she clearly doesn't want to do that.

Allyson and John went second. They did great - they outed a lot of their money and weight issues, but their lies were minimal.

Kristen and Brandon were next. It turns out that Kristen's mother-in-law wishes that Brandon was marrying an ex - and Kristen doesn't like her mother-in-law.

Jenessa and LJ followed. Let's just say that Jenessa tried to be honest...although it also meant outing her superiority complex. She did lie, though, stating that she doesn't manipulate her man, but she does. It turned out that Jenessa gave her man an ultimatum to marry her, and he wouldn't have if Jenessa hadn't done that.

Allyson and John won with two lies. That guarantees Allyson a spot in the finale. Jenessa came in second, followed by Kristen and Cheyenne. This placed Kristen and Cheyenne as bottom brides.

Ultimately, the deciding factor between Cheyenne and Kristen came down to Cheyenne not wanting to stay and Kristen being a strong competitor. In the end, Jenessa voted to keep Cheyenne. So did Dominique. That means Kristen left...and it was awful. She was fantastic, and Jenessa was definitely part of the reason that she left. We'll miss you, Kristen!

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