Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bridalplasty Finale: Allyson vs. Jenessa

Allyson and Jenessa were told that a bridal panel would determine the winner of the competition, and each needed to create a speech to convince the panel to choose them as the perfect bride.

Allyson had trouble writing her speech, which left her nervous. Jenessa, on the other hand, was confident...until she realized that the Bridalplasty experts were girls from the show, many of which Jenessa screwed over.

After their speeches, the floor was opened up for the girls to ask questions. Jenessa was low. She told the floor that Allyson was always playing the victim, and that led Allyson to freaking out. It was brutal.

Next, the votes were revealed.

Cheyenne chose Allyson.
Melissa chose Jenessa.
Kristen chose Allyson.
Netty chose Allyson.
Dominique chose Jenessa.
Alexandra chose Allyson.

This made Allyson the winner! I love it!!!

I wonder if the producers swayed Allyson's decision to pick Jenessa as her competitor. It surely made better television than a competition with Dominique. In any case, I wanted to see Allyson win, and I'm so glad she did.

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caramel said...

Hi, I'm the one with the "tiara toddlers" blog. I love yours and I am now a follower, isn't reality tv so entertaining? Thanks for following/commenting on my blog!