Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bridalplasty: Boobies and Lipo and Tears, Oh My!

Tonight was the last episode before the season finale of Bridalplasty.

With Kristen gone, Dominique, Cheyenne, Jenessa and Allyson remained as finalists. Jenessa continued to play her manipulative game, making Allyson think that she and Dominique care about her opinion. Allyson has a guaranteed spot in the finale, so she's a target of Jenessa's pseudo-kindness. Fortunately, Allyson knows better than to trust Jenessa.

To win the two remaining spots in the finale, Cheyenne, Dominique and Jenessa had to face off in a wedding knowledge challenge. The loser would be designated as bottom bride and would be forced to leave the house immediately. Jenessa came up with a plan to kick Cheyenne out of the competition. She and Dominique created a plan where the two would signal at each other if they knew the answer to a question (or did not) so they could ensure they would only ask questions that the other would answer correctly.

For the challenge, the Bridalplasty girls sat around a table. For her turn, each girl chose a scroll and assigned the question to another girl at the table after reading it out loud. Jenessa asked Cheyenne the first question at Dominique's signal, and Cheyenne got it wrong. Then Dominique asked Cheyenne, and Cheyenne got this question wrong. At this point, Cheyenne figured out what's going on. Cheyenne then got to ask the question, but her target, Jenessa, answered correctly. Cheyenne was asked the next question, but got it right. At this point, even Allyson, a spectator, had caught on to Jenessa and Dominique's plan.

Cheyenne got her next question right. She then asked a question of Dominique, who got it right. Cheyenne was asked another question, which she got wrong. This kicked her out of the competition.

Later, Allyson was told that she had to decide which of the remaining brides she wanted in the finale with her. Allyson was torn because Dominique is stiff competition, but Jenessa stepped on people to get to the top. Jenessa, in another sneaky move, let Dominique talk to Allyson first so she could be the last voice Allyson heard...and spied on their conversation.

Jenessa played the crying game during her discussion with Allyson - she played on the fact that she helped Allyson win a plastic surgery. She also blamed her bad behavior on pain medication. Allyson, fortunately, put Jenessa in her place. Jenessa then went to Dominique and told her that she'd be the one staying and that she'd better win in her place.

Allyson then had to make her decision, and she chose....Jenessa! She said she did it so she can beat the person who deserves to beat in the finale. During Allyson's decision scene, Jenessa showed us what an evil person she is - in the confessional, she stated that Allyson can't take away her right to be in the finale! Please, girl, get over yourself!

So, there it is: our Bridalplasty finalists are Allyson and Jenessa. Who do you think will win?

Here's my commentary on today's episode: Stiff competition or not, Allyson should have had no doubts about allowing Dominique to continue. She and Dominique both needed the competition to have a wedding at all, as both don't have money for a wedding. Jenessa, on the other hand, has money, and there's a chance that her fiance might not want to be with her after seeing this show. Yes, Dominique cruelly went along with Jenessa's plans, but she's clearly not as bad as Jenessa. I think Allyson made a big mistake...she's trying to prove a point but she did it all wrong. If she kept Dominique, someone good would win, no matter what. Now Allyson may have more pride, but this means that Jenessa could actually win.

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