Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Americans Watch an Average of 34 Hours of TV a Week - Why Are People So Concerned?

Nielsen broke the news to us that Americans watch an average of 34 hours of TV a week. While some people may react to this with a "say what?" it seems perfectly logical to me. Here's why:

* People are unemployed. When you have 24 hours a day to sit and stare at at television set, 34 hours of television viewing doesn't seem so bad. Granted, some unemployed people probably watch about 12 hours of TV a day (or more!) so they probably help to raise the tally.

* People of the Generation Y era multitask. We read a text, watch TV and surf the internet all at once. This allows us to watch our 34 hours of TV while still functioning in society.

* DVR lets us tape everything we want to see. So, we can record How I Met Your Mother, Jersey Shore and The Real Housewives of New York and still have time to surf the internet. There's no reason to choose between the two 8:30 PM television shows we love - we can watch them both the next day.

* We love TV. We gain addictions to sequentially based reality shows. If you miss one week of The Bachelor, you missed an elimination, and missing that is a sin for a die-hard reality TV fan.

So, yes, we're watching more TV. But is it really that unhealthy? I'd say no. If you're home all day, why not pass the hours with Judge Pirro and Maury? And, if you're at the gym, why not soak up some of America's Next Top Model? As long as you stay active and keep TV as part of a healthy lifestyle, there's no harm in taking in 34 hours a week.

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