Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bridalplasty Finale: Allyson vs. Jenessa

Allyson and Jenessa were told that a bridal panel would determine the winner of the competition, and each needed to create a speech to convince the panel to choose them as the perfect bride.

Allyson had trouble writing her speech, which left her nervous. Jenessa, on the other hand, was confident...until she realized that the Bridalplasty experts were girls from the show, many of which Jenessa screwed over.

After their speeches, the floor was opened up for the girls to ask questions. Jenessa was low. She told the floor that Allyson was always playing the victim, and that led Allyson to freaking out. It was brutal.

Next, the votes were revealed.

Cheyenne chose Allyson.
Melissa chose Jenessa.
Kristen chose Allyson.
Netty chose Allyson.
Dominique chose Jenessa.
Alexandra chose Allyson.

This made Allyson the winner! I love it!!!

I wonder if the producers swayed Allyson's decision to pick Jenessa as her competitor. It surely made better television than a competition with Dominique. In any case, I wanted to see Allyson win, and I'm so glad she did.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jersey Shore Issues & Emily Maynard of The Bachelor's Past

Although his lawyers deny an issue, there's a chance that Ronnie Magro-Ortiz will be blocked from season four of Jersey Shore.

If Ronnie's case for punching a guy goes to court in the time before Jersey Shore season four is set to film, Ronnie will not be able to travel to Italy, where season four will be filmed.

People with open trials are not able to travel with a visa to Italy. However, since he has not yet gone to court, he is still considered innocent and allowed to travel.

Meanwhile, Ronnie's possible conviction of a crime may not be the only controversy with the cast going to Italy. Italian-American groups are also up in arms about the cast traveling to the country. Arguments include the fact that the Jersey Shore cast may act like buffoons and make a bad name for Italian-Americans - almost like they'd be a freak show in Italy.

The Bachelor featured a group date to a NASCAR event - which is controversial because Emily Maynard was one of the contestants on the date.

Emily Maynard was the former fiance of NASCAR driver Ricky Hendrick, who died during their engagement and right before Emily learned that she was pregnant with their baby.

Sources for The Bachelor claim that this date wasn't specifically planned around Emily, but her attendance was simply a matter of circumstance. Fortunately, Emily notes that the date gave her closure and allowed her to face the tragic accident that occurred in 2004.

Seriously, though, should anyone be surprised if the date was intentional? I mean, the show (and reality TV as a whole) are about being voluntarily exploited. The networks know that and contestants know that. Pretty much no one comes out of reality TV looking perfect or without some kind of emotional scar. Yes, I feel for Emily, but she did sign up to be on The Bachelor, so she signed up for whatever happened during the filming of the show.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spencer Pratt - Ain't No Thang (But A Chicken Wing) let us know that Spencer Pratt is now trying to rap. Click here to hear the clip of Spencer's song, Ain't No Thang (But a Chicken Wing).

First of all, it's awful. But secondly, why 'thang?' It's just silly, and thang and wing don't even rhyme, whereas thing and wing actually do. And, he actually says thing, not thang, in the song.

Just listen for yourself. I warn you: it's scary.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kelsey Grammer: This Is Not Grammatically Correct!

Okay, okay, that was a bad pun. But Kelsey Grammar creating his own reality TV show is even worse.

Word has it that Kelsey Grammer wants to have his own reality show, which may detail his nuptials with fiancee Kayte Walsh.

If you recall, Camille Grammer has said that Kelsey encouraged her to be a part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, perhaps to distract her during the course of Kelsey's infidelity. The plan either backfired or went wonderfully. Because of Camille's newfound fame, Kelsey doesn't look so great. The thing is, neither does Camille. Her dirty secrets all came out (like the vow to not have sex with Kelsey), so no one is sitting around saying "Poor Camille" during this ordeal.

The big difference between Kelsey's show and Camille's is that Kelsey's show will be about Kelsey, so he can control his image more than Camille did on an ensemble show. It's a smart move on Mr. Grammer's part to create a positive reputation for himself and Ms. Walsh, especially with those who may currently have a negative opinion of them.

Monday, January 24, 2011

You're Cut Off: Jenn's Out Of Control

The issues with Jenn

Jenn started problems right away by not getting out of bed, and then she started problems with Nadia about cigarettes. Granted, Nadia probably did owe her cigarettes, but Jenn and Hana should have behaved like adults about it.

Jenn then decided Nadia drinks too much, so she wrote Nadia's name on the wine with a line through it, and then when Nadia drank it, she poured wine on her. Nadia retaliated with marinara sauce, but Jenn clearly started it.

Aside from not doing her chore and starting with Nadia, Jenn was rude to Laura at the lesson ceremony. She gave her the finger! She then went off on Laura, started crying and walked off of the set, breaking things along the way. We'll see the conclusion of her outburst on next week's episode.

I have to give Jenn credit - she's evil but she had a pretty great catchphrase: "I have PMS and I have a GPS. So I'm a b***h and I know where you're at." The grammar is atrocious, but the catchphrase is pretty good.

The adventures at work

The You're Cut Off girls were forced to work at a fast food restaurant. Let's just say that hilarity ensued. Marissa was actually pleasant, both on the bus to work and at work itself.

This is more than I can say for Jenn, who decided she was too good to wash her hands and stole fries instead of working.

Nadia threw a hissy fit and ended up quitting the job. As such, Hana decided she didn't want to pay Nadia at all. The only option was to dock Nadia's pay, which is what Hana chose.

The trouble with Hana

The trouble with Hana is that when she's not with Jenn, she does a good job, but when she's with Jenn, she's awful. Laura Baron noted this last week, and it was proven true at the fast food job. Since she worked without Jenn at first, she was promoted to shift manager. However, when she started training Jenn, she turned into a mess again.

To her credit, Hana seemed genuinely touched to learn about what people do for money, and how little they earn for manual labor. She seemed to have a breakthrough and realize that just because people work at a fast food restaurant, they are not any less than she or her rich friends.

Unfortunately, Hana failed because of her aggressive behavior as a manager, but I think she actually showed a lot of long as she was away from Jenn.

Jon Gosselin Demoted To Being One Of Us Normal People

Jon Gosselin, ex-husband of Kate Gosselin and former star of Jon and Kate Plus Eight, has a real job marketing.

This is sure a fall from grace for Jon, who lived the high life after gaining fame on his former TLC reality show.

Jon seemed to embrace the sweet life, going on expensive vacations with former girlfriend Hailey Glassman and spending loads of cash on Ed Hardy clothing. He claims that he wants a normal life and job, so that's why he's doing what he's doing, but I'm going to say that his money's run out and he needs a way to rake in some cash.

He's probably shopping around for reality TV shows, but I doubt there's a whole lot of Jon Gosselin demand right now.

All the best in the real world, Jon!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bridalplasty: Boobies and Lipo and Tears, Oh My!

Tonight was the last episode before the season finale of Bridalplasty.

With Kristen gone, Dominique, Cheyenne, Jenessa and Allyson remained as finalists. Jenessa continued to play her manipulative game, making Allyson think that she and Dominique care about her opinion. Allyson has a guaranteed spot in the finale, so she's a target of Jenessa's pseudo-kindness. Fortunately, Allyson knows better than to trust Jenessa.

To win the two remaining spots in the finale, Cheyenne, Dominique and Jenessa had to face off in a wedding knowledge challenge. The loser would be designated as bottom bride and would be forced to leave the house immediately. Jenessa came up with a plan to kick Cheyenne out of the competition. She and Dominique created a plan where the two would signal at each other if they knew the answer to a question (or did not) so they could ensure they would only ask questions that the other would answer correctly.

For the challenge, the Bridalplasty girls sat around a table. For her turn, each girl chose a scroll and assigned the question to another girl at the table after reading it out loud. Jenessa asked Cheyenne the first question at Dominique's signal, and Cheyenne got it wrong. Then Dominique asked Cheyenne, and Cheyenne got this question wrong. At this point, Cheyenne figured out what's going on. Cheyenne then got to ask the question, but her target, Jenessa, answered correctly. Cheyenne was asked the next question, but got it right. At this point, even Allyson, a spectator, had caught on to Jenessa and Dominique's plan.

Cheyenne got her next question right. She then asked a question of Dominique, who got it right. Cheyenne was asked another question, which she got wrong. This kicked her out of the competition.

Later, Allyson was told that she had to decide which of the remaining brides she wanted in the finale with her. Allyson was torn because Dominique is stiff competition, but Jenessa stepped on people to get to the top. Jenessa, in another sneaky move, let Dominique talk to Allyson first so she could be the last voice Allyson heard...and spied on their conversation.

Jenessa played the crying game during her discussion with Allyson - she played on the fact that she helped Allyson win a plastic surgery. She also blamed her bad behavior on pain medication. Allyson, fortunately, put Jenessa in her place. Jenessa then went to Dominique and told her that she'd be the one staying and that she'd better win in her place.

Allyson then had to make her decision, and she chose....Jenessa! She said she did it so she can beat the person who deserves to beat in the finale. During Allyson's decision scene, Jenessa showed us what an evil person she is - in the confessional, she stated that Allyson can't take away her right to be in the finale! Please, girl, get over yourself!

So, there it is: our Bridalplasty finalists are Allyson and Jenessa. Who do you think will win?

Here's my commentary on today's episode: Stiff competition or not, Allyson should have had no doubts about allowing Dominique to continue. She and Dominique both needed the competition to have a wedding at all, as both don't have money for a wedding. Jenessa, on the other hand, has money, and there's a chance that her fiance might not want to be with her after seeing this show. Yes, Dominique cruelly went along with Jenessa's plans, but she's clearly not as bad as Jenessa. I think Allyson made a big mistake...she's trying to prove a point but she did it all wrong. If she kept Dominique, someone good would win, no matter what. Now Allyson may have more pride, but this means that Jenessa could actually win.

Companies are Pulling Ads From Controversial MTV Show Skins

MTV's drama Skins is creating quite a controversy, and advertisers are pulling ads like crazy.

The scripted show, which centers around sexually active teenagers, is marketed towards adults, but is shown on teen-centric MTV. In addition, the show is about sexually active teenagers, so that adds some real life drama.

The Parents Television Council is going nuts about how bad the show is, which is probably what's prompting advertisers to pull their commercials.

The thing is, the controversy is just going to help Skins, like it did for Jersey Shore. It'll boost interest in the show, which will in turn boost viewership and ratings.

The controversy also helps the companies that pull their advertisements - they gain positive publicity with the uptight crowd, who applauds them for pulling ads. However, I highly doubt that companies who keep their ads will face any criticism. The companies, like Wrigley's and Taco Bell, are probably just riding the publicity train by removing their commercials.

The uptight nature of the Parents Television Council doesn't just shine a light on potentially teen-harming television (which it may not be at all), it also shows that we're uptight Americans. The British versions of Skins is a major success - but then again, in Britain, drinking isn't as taboo either. Maybe it's the Americans as a whole with a problem, not the television network that's trying to keep things real. And hey, parents, if you don't want your kids watching Skins, don't let them. Don't ruin it for everyone.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kim Kardashian vs. Amber Portwood: Who's Side Are You On?

Kim Kardashian is bashing Teen Mom, and Amber Portwood is not happy about it.

Kim Kardashiansays that the MTV reality drama Teen Mom glamorizes teen pregnancy and isn't appropriate for television. She also notes that she's never even consider having a baby at sixteen, given the level of responsibility and sacrifice it requires.

Amber Portwood contends that she isn't condoning teen pregnancy, and aside from that, Kim has no right to judge. Amber points out that Kim Kardashian became famous for having a sex tape that she profited from, which doesn't exactly make her role model material.

Whose side are you taking in the Kim vs. Amber debate? On one hand, I don't think being a pregnant teenager should earn you $180,000 per television season, and clearly Amber hasn't learned from her mistakes. She's announced possible pregnancies at least twice since Leah's birth, after all. Plus, she hit her on-again, off-again fiance Gary on several occasions. And, she let strange men move in with her and her baby.

On the other hand, Kim Kardashian secretly got married at 18 or a similar age and didn't even tell her parents. Then, she had a sex tape. Like Amber, she's really famous for no reason - just for her existence.

I think the moral of the story is that neither Kim Kardashian or Amber Portwood have made the world's best decisions, but when it comes down to it, I'm on Team Amber.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bridalplasty: Meet The Fiances

First of all, Allyson called out Jenessa for the manipulator she is, and the girls vowed to get her out of the house. Jenessa realized that she lost control, and it is quite evident that she needs control to survive.

Next the girls were surprised with a great gift - their fiances. The men showed up, although they were blindfolded so they couldn't see their fiancees. Everyone was thrilled to see their future husbands - except Jenessa. She looked like she barely cared. It was quite strange.

During the episode, the couples were given lie detector tests. Dominique, being on medical leave, was exempt from the challenge.

Cheyenne and her fiance Scott went first. This was funny because Scott said Cheyenne has a shopping problem and Cheyenne said she knew she should do her own laundry, but she clearly doesn't want to do that.

Allyson and John went second. They did great - they outed a lot of their money and weight issues, but their lies were minimal.

Kristen and Brandon were next. It turns out that Kristen's mother-in-law wishes that Brandon was marrying an ex - and Kristen doesn't like her mother-in-law.

Jenessa and LJ followed. Let's just say that Jenessa tried to be honest...although it also meant outing her superiority complex. She did lie, though, stating that she doesn't manipulate her man, but she does. It turned out that Jenessa gave her man an ultimatum to marry her, and he wouldn't have if Jenessa hadn't done that.

Allyson and John won with two lies. That guarantees Allyson a spot in the finale. Jenessa came in second, followed by Kristen and Cheyenne. This placed Kristen and Cheyenne as bottom brides.

Ultimately, the deciding factor between Cheyenne and Kristen came down to Cheyenne not wanting to stay and Kristen being a strong competitor. In the end, Jenessa voted to keep Cheyenne. So did Dominique. That means Kristen left...and it was awful. She was fantastic, and Jenessa was definitely part of the reason that she left. We'll miss you, Kristen!

You're Cut Off - Season Two: There's No One Like Erica Rose, But It's Still Fun

You're Cut Off is back, and I wish I could say that it's better than ever.

You're Cut Off is a great show, and I highly enjoyed season one. In that season, the rich girls were novel, and we loved meeting Erica (the smart but playing dumb girl) and Gia (the evil girl).

A notable thing about season two of You're Cut Off is that it isn't as focused on pretty girls. Season one only had beautiful or relatively attractive girls - this season's girls are much more varied, that's for sure.

One thing I did like is that in episode two, a new girl came into the house. Her name is Marissa. It brought a new element into the house because not all girls started at the same time - it almost allowed Marissa to be a spectacle to the other girls, rather than an equal.

The downfall of season two of You're Cut Off is that the girls seem to know what to expect. Even if they didn't know what show they'd be on, they caught on pretty quickly...presumably from watching You're Cut Off season one.

Episode two did have some great moments, and it helped me determine my favorites and my least favorite girl. Below are my favorites:

Marissa - this latecomer to the house is kind of a mess, but she really doesn't need to be cut off. She stepped it up for chores and work, and she stepped it up when others wouldn't.

Marcy - much like Marissa, she truly tries. I liked her.

Jessica - she's mean but somehow makes it fun and entertaining. She's a fun girl to watch on TV.

My least favorite girl is Jenn. She's mean, insulting and plain rude. She went off on people for silly mistakes and is just plain unappealing. Aimee is a close second for least favorite. She's also overwhelmingly rude and got into two physical altercations with Jenn. The two of them do make great reality TV - the fighting is over the top!

Fortunately, my favorite girls were rewarded with a fun day out for their hard work, which was nice to see, since the other girls didn't try or were just awful (like Jenn). The girls were treated to bowling, and while they initially seemed appalled, they started having fun and were truly great with the bowling alley employee, Nolan. They could have been mean, spoiled girls towards him, but they seemed to truly appreciate his help.

I don't love season two of You're Cut Off as much as season one, but this show is still a fun to watch VH1 show.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Is Reality Star Publicity Good Publicity?

Big brands spend millions each year on marketing. They hire celebrities to do their commercials and hand celebrities expensive clothing and accessories just so their stuff can be seen in public.

Typically, many retail brands are thrilled when celebrities dress in their garb. But what happens when our most hated reality stars sport top brands? Are the companies happy? Upset? Ready to do damage control?

I'm sure there's no absolute answer for this, because some brands will cringe at disliked Z-listers sporting their attire while others will take the "all publicity is good publicity" approach. But seriously, would Amber Portwood (who was forced to continue her 'no communication' ruling with baby daddy Gary Shirley), really help a high end brand like Burberry? I doubt it would hurt the brand at all, but I don't think it would exactly be helpful, either.

What if a celebrity recently caught cheating started telling everyone how they love a brand? Take Jesse James or Tiger Woods for example - in Tiger's case, his celebrity endorsers dropped him because he was a danger to the brand. So, let's say he started wearing New Balance and touting how much he loves it. Would New Balance like this because it is publicity? Or hate it because Tiger Woods is not exactly loved by the public these days.

What do you think?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Toddlers and Tiaras: Isn't SamiJo kind of a unisex name?

Mom Tricia wanted a daughter so badly, just so she could put her in pageants. And she did. And her daughter does well.

The thing is, for someone who wanted a girl so badly after having three boys, I'm fascinated that Tricia picked such a unisex name for her daughter - SamiJo. I mean, it's spelled in a feminine way, but it's not the flowery, girly name that I'd expect from a pageant mom.

I have to give it to Tricia - she was really into pageants. She even had songs to sing to her daughter about pageantry and said her daughter is to raise Miss America. Will SamiJo be Miss America? Only time will tell but I will try to remember her name when I watch the pageant several years from now!

Something great about this episode was that a stepmom helped her stepdaughter compete in pageants. It was really nice to see that relationship between a stepmom and stepdaughter.

One thing that came up was the concept of putting makeup on babies. One of the moms stated that even in glitz pageants, babies are expected to be a bit less glam - maybe wear a bit less makeup and not be spray tanned. I agree - you probably shouldn't spray tan a child, let alone a baby.

That being said, pageant makeup is a big part of pageantry. And it can work wonders, especially on older kids, teens and adults. Not that I know much about pageants myself, but I do know about makeup. And I'm currently on a CoverGirl kick. They're actually pretty having a pretty cool promotion now, if you want to check it out.

Click the image above to check out the campaign. By the way, I learned about it through

Monday, January 10, 2011

Lea Michele Blew Off Hailee Steinfeld

It was reported that Lea Michele blew off young True Grit star Hailee Steinfeld when she saw her on the Paramount lot.

Not smart, Lea. First of all, Hailee's headed for stardom, and she's already better at working with the press than you.

First of all, Hailee was very classy when she talked to the press about this incident. She told the story and focused on her sadness, while still showing her respect for Ms. Michele. We felt for her as she told us how she was ignored, probably because she was then unknown, and how she was wearing heavy 1800's clothing. She also complimented Lea, showing that she still respects her and doesn't want to hurt her.

Secondly, Lea Michele did not need this. Yes, lots of us are fans of hers and her amazing voice, but she's already come off snobby and rude to the press and her castmates - why do more to spoil her reputation? (Then again, she never thought the unknown on the Paramount lot would amount to anything...bad choice!)

So how can Lea make this up to Hailee? I would say that Lea Michele can send a very nice autographed picture to Hailee, which is all she wanted. She can even make news over it if they pose together with the autograph over lunch.

You have a chance to make this right, Lea Michele, so go for it! Show Hailee Steinfeld that you're the nice person that we want to believe that you are.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jersey Shore Season 3: Sammi's No Sweetheart & Deena's Dressing Issues

This week marked the premier of Jersey Shore season 3 on MTV.

The premiere episode brought us some interesting situations.

First of all, Deena came in with a bang. She wanted to make an impression, and she did. She offered up a nickname for herself (a walking holiday), 'accidentally' showed Mike "The Situation" her private areas, and started a hands-on fight with Sammi. Despite this, or because of all this, she became very well received in the household. (To define the vajayjay moment, Deena took Mike to her room to find a hat, and she said she looked hot in the hat and a bikini. In the process of removing her dress to show the bikini, she removed her underwear and gave Mike a full show of her goods and butt.)

Sammi "Sweetheart" did not live up to her name. It was noted that she and Snooki hadn't spoken since the Florida episodes of Jersey Shore, so she had an opportunity: try to make things right with Snooki and J-Woww, or maintain the grudge. She maintained the grudge. First, she and Ronnie took the best bedroom - the one with three beds - forcing Mike to share a room with the dramatic duo, and angering the other housemates.

Second, she was mean to Deena, who didn't deserve it. Yes, Deena is Snooki's friend, but by befriending Deena, Sammi had a way to regain good graces with the rest of the household. Instead, Sammi was cold, snarky and mean, and completely shut down Deena's attempts to be friendly. Deena even told Sammi she had nothing against her, and Sammi built a mental wall and refused to be friends. Sammi then cried to Ronnie about her tough situation in the house, but clearly, she defined the situation on her own.

Things are sure to be tense on this season of Jersey Shore, since Vinny already turned down Snooki's advances, Ronnie freaked out when Deena bashed him and Sammi (but didn't defend Sammi, just himself, and bashed Snooki after she said he was cool), and with Deena's over-the-top onscreen personality.

I think this may be the best season of Jersey Shore yet.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Trainwrecks and Tiaras: Toddlers and Tiaras is Back!

You know how you can't look away when you see a car accident on the side of the road? Toddlers and Tiaras is like that, only it has badly spelled names as well.

This week we saw mom Tina and daughter Mia. Tina is raising Mia to be 'totally 80's.' It's actually cute, although a cone bra outfit (think Madonna) on a two year old is completely inappropriate.

Tina and Mia are from Jersey, so the Toddlers and Tiaras crew cleverly caught a glimpse of them at the Jersey shore. Mom's quote to Mia was, "What's the Situation, Snooki?" Much like dressing your two year old in a cone bra, you should not be encouraging your daughter to be like Snooki.

Jersey mom Tina dressed up Mia in her cone boob Madonna outfit for the pageant, and Ava's dad David (to be discussed later in the post) looked so disapproving. At some point, one of the producers must have asked him his thoughts on dressing kids up like Madonna, because he made a bit statement about how he disapproved. Meanwhile, he dressed up his daughter like Lady Gaga which is only mildly more appropriate.

We also saw mom Lorena and daughter Aishlynn. Yes, Aishlynn. The worst part is that it's pronouned Aish-leen. Like ice, but with a 'sh' sound. Aside from that, Lynn does not spell Leen. Not to sound awful here, but mom Lorena had Aishlynn at 18, so maybe her baby naming skills weren't fully developed.

Aishlynn needed a boost during the pageant, so mom gave her Pixy Stix. In my opinion, it made her rush through her routine like a sugared up maniac, but mom was happy, and that's what counts.

Thankfully, despite her bad name, Aishlynn's costume was way more age appropriate than Mia's Madonna or Ava's Lady Gaga.

The best part of the episode was seeing Ava again. You remember Ava? With the super feminine dad? Well, David is back with Ava, and while I don't care much whether I see Ava or not, I love seeing David as a pageant dad.

On this episode, David addressed the issue that people are calling him gay (without actually saying it) on pageant message boards. He said that people were making fun of his 'high pitched voice' and accent. He also said people were being mean and making fun of people for being fat and other things are completely irrelevant at pageants. I think the goal of this episode was to bring David in a little from the outwardly over-the-top episode of the previous Toddlers and Tiaras season - this season highlighted less of his enthusiasm and pointed out his desire to save money. However, the statement about saving money by saying something like, "If I can't have that Louis Vuitton bag, I can't have that Louis Vuitton bag!" didn't help.

David insisted that Ava needed to win this pageant because she's about to age out of her age group - and honestly, I'd be more concerned if it didn't mean she'd soon be turning four. Believe it or not, David, Ava still has a lot of life to live!

In any case, dad David did not disappoint! He danced like a maniac to encourage Ava onstage and it was great to watch. Unfortunately, Ava won second runner up and David was devastated. He was also devastated that she didn't get best dressed, and since he makes her dresses, he thinks they deserve to win.

My favorite part of each Toddlers and Tiaras episode is watching for bad names, and this episode sure delivered. It brought us all of my (least) favorites in one name: gratuitous letters and an apostrophe. The name? Zye'Quirria. Yeah, it's real.

I find that I'm a bit underwhelmed by Toddlers and Tiaras these days. I was so excited for the season premiere, but the show failed to deliver.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Americans Watch an Average of 34 Hours of TV a Week - Why Are People So Concerned?

Nielsen broke the news to us that Americans watch an average of 34 hours of TV a week. While some people may react to this with a "say what?" it seems perfectly logical to me. Here's why:

* People are unemployed. When you have 24 hours a day to sit and stare at at television set, 34 hours of television viewing doesn't seem so bad. Granted, some unemployed people probably watch about 12 hours of TV a day (or more!) so they probably help to raise the tally.

* People of the Generation Y era multitask. We read a text, watch TV and surf the internet all at once. This allows us to watch our 34 hours of TV while still functioning in society.

* DVR lets us tape everything we want to see. So, we can record How I Met Your Mother, Jersey Shore and The Real Housewives of New York and still have time to surf the internet. There's no reason to choose between the two 8:30 PM television shows we love - we can watch them both the next day.

* We love TV. We gain addictions to sequentially based reality shows. If you miss one week of The Bachelor, you missed an elimination, and missing that is a sin for a die-hard reality TV fan.

So, yes, we're watching more TV. But is it really that unhealthy? I'd say no. If you're home all day, why not pass the hours with Judge Pirro and Maury? And, if you're at the gym, why not soak up some of America's Next Top Model? As long as you stay active and keep TV as part of a healthy lifestyle, there's no harm in taking in 34 hours a week.

Monday, January 3, 2011

If There Was Any Chance We Started To Like K-Fed, It Just Ended

We'd be hard pressed to find a K-Fed fan, but if we did, she may retract her fandom after she reads this.

Kevin Federline is risking losing his lady because he won't pop the question...because if he got married, he'd lose his spousal support from Britney Spears.

That's right. K-Fed seems to realize that he can't rake in cash on his own (Remember the trainwreck of his CD Playing With Fire?), and if he wants to keep living it up, he's going to have to do with with cash from the mother of his kids.

Of course, I can't completely fault Kevin and girlfriend Victoria Prince - the $35,000 K-Fed rakes in each month is some serious dough, and probably pays for some pretty choice gifts that more than make up for the lack of engagement ring on Victoria's finger.

I do feel badly that Britney has to support Kevin, but she did commit to marry the guy, and she's got millions of dollars more than he does, so I guess the situation is at least somewhat fair.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

John Granatell Is Dating Hailey Glassman: Who Smells A Couple Seeking a Reality Show?

If you don't smell an attempt at a reality show in the works with these two, you must have a really stuffy nose.

RadarOnline reports that John Granatell, son of Real Housewives of New Jersey's Kim Granatell, is dating Hailey Glassman, the girl who dated Jon Gosselin (Jon and Kate Plus 8) after his divorce from mom of eight Kate.

I would like to note that I smell some major fame seeking in this relationship. Here's why:

* Kim Granatell did whatever it took to get screen time on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. She built a friendship with Danielle Staub, then presumably turned on her when she realized that being friends with Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita would better help her score her slice of fame. It did, but still didn't make her popular enough to win a starring role in the next season.

* Kim probably encouraged her son John to date Hailey and see where the fame could take them. Even if John wasn't necessarily seeking fame on his own, his mom probably encouraged it.

* Hailey Glassman relished in the fame she found with Jon Gosselin. Probably even beyond that, she loved the money that Jon provided her. The relationship seemed to fall apart when the money dried up. Kim and John Granatell probably have loads of money, and Hailey's loving it.

* Hailey knows she needs a fame boost to get a reality television show, and John can provide that boost. Even if she can't get her own show, she can get in with some famous circles through John, and possibly even gain screen time on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

I'm not saying that John and Hailey aren't dating for real. I believe that they actually are dating. They have a lot in common: they've got semi-famous backgrounds and are definitely open to being on television. They probably realize that together, they are more powerful than they are apart, and that can help to build a very serious relationship. Plus, their shared experiences can build solidarity - they've been there, done that in the reality fame world. Do I predict a marriage in the near future? Probably not. But that's okay - this is by far not the most dysfunctional relationship for reality stars.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Who's Making Things Worse: Kelsey Grammer or Camille Grammer?

Kelsey Grammer and Camille Grammer are having a very messy divorce. And both seem to be very much at fault.

At first, Kelsey seemed to be the instigator: he moved to New York, proposed to Kayte Walsh and asked Camille for a quickie divorce so he could be married in early 2011. Reportedly, he asked Camille to be on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills so she's get off of his back so he could be with Kayte.

However, reports surfaced that Camille hasn't exactly been angel herself. Sources claim that she's been awful to Kelsey for a long time now, and even placed him on a one year sex ban.

I think the ultimate conclusion is that the Grammers had a broken marriage, so Camille overcompensated (she has four nannies, right?) and Kelsey ran away.

Tying in with this, rumor has it that Kelsey encouraged Camille to be on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills so he could cheat with Kayte. I don't necessarily agree with this. I think Kelsey may have encouraged Camille, but that's so she could build an identity of her own, an issue that she clearly struggled with. Kelsey had to know that he would look terrible in the public eye during the divorce if Camille became famous. On the other hand, if Camille really was at fault, Kelsey knew the show would out her as a mess, and turn the public to 'Team Kelsey.'

I think the real answer is that both Kelsey and Camille are seriously at fault. There's no innocent party. You should not cheat on your spouse, and for this Kelsey was wrong. That being said, you should also not be intentionally hurtful to your spouse either. Kelsey and Camille, your lives may be public, but your dirty laundry could have stayed private. You might have been a bit better off that way.