Wednesday, December 1, 2010

On the Final Episode of I Love Money 4...

Brooklyn won the role of Paymaster in the I Love Money finale, winning him a spot in the finals.

It was actually touching when Brooklyn gave Mindy her check - he told her she plays with her heart. He admitted that if Mindy wins, she deserves it. Also heartfelt was the moment when Brooklyn let one of his competitors leave the game. That player was Punisher. I am glad Punisher was sent home because he's been playing people throughout the whole game. He's been manipulative and evil. That being said, I think Hot Wings has been acting like a child lately, and she might have deserved it more.

I think Brooklyn's move was strategic. While he said that Hot Wings could beat him in the game, he probably knows that Punisher could beat him, whereas he might be able to beat Hot Wings. However, he said that Hot Wings needs the money more than Punisher, and I do believe that.

Punisher, proving why he should go home, had a total hissy fit when Brooklyn sent him home. It was pretty brutal, but Brooklyn did what he had to do.

The final competitors had to come through an obstacle course like challenge where they had to find coins in order to get to the next step. At the end, the competitors had to put together a puzzle, and Mindy completed it first. Her victory was announced, and Brooklyn gave her a huge hug. It was amazing that Brooklyn was so happy for Mindy.

Meanwhile, Hot Wings went off about how much she hates Mindy and Mindy stole the game from her. She cried and acted like a spoiled brat. It was disgusting.

I am so glad Mindy won. I've been Team Mindy the whole way, and she totally deserved this.

Note: We learned that Mindy has a twin sister Cindy. Wow, matchy names!


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