Monday, December 27, 2010

I Finally Watched an Episode of Bridalplasty

I finally watched an episode of Bridalplasty, and I must admit that I am both horrified and addicted.

The most notable thing about Bridalplasty is that you don't need to watch the full season to understand what's going on. The episode came on TV, and without even missing a beat, I completely understood the plot (compete in challenges to win plastic surgery before your wedding), the structure and the personalities.

Here's what I got out of the episode:
* Most of the girls on the show are not ugly. Not in the least. Are they insecure? Obviously. But most of them are pretty enough to be on TV...which means they genuinely are pretty. Most of the problem for some of them is being overweight, not ugly.

* Kristen is nice, but is slightly misguided. I feel bad for her getting into a fight with Jenessa, who is a major manipulator. Kristen wins major points for apologizing, even though Jenessa didn't deserve it.

* Janessa is a major manipulator...but actually believes what she says. When she turned everybody against Alexandra in an act of master manipulation, she acted like she was actually doing something good by 'getting rid of the manipulator.' But between those phrases, she admitted to being a manipulator herself!

* Some of the girls were amazingly nice. When the girls gave up their chance for surgery so Allyson could have liposuction on her arms, that was really nice, and clearly meant a lot to Allyson.

* Girls put together in a large group will be catty and bitchy. But you already knew that.

On another note, is it really safe to have so much plastic surgery in a short amount of time?

I highly doubt that it's healthy to have all of this lipo and other stuff done - and what will happen to the lipo-ed girls if they gain weight again? Will their faces and toes get super fat or something?

The whole show is a raging mess, and I'm so opposed to the concept. Your fiance and families love you as you are - why risk your life before your wedding? I get it - the winner gets loads of surgery and is "perfect" at the end, but she's also showing the world the problem with shallowness is society.

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Copyboy said...

I remember the first version of the show – The Swan!