Monday, December 27, 2010

Hugh Hefner is Engaged to Crystal Harris!

I bet Holly Madison is having a very angry Christmas season.

Why? Hugh Hefner, the man Holly wanted to marry and procreate with, is engaged to current girlfriend Crystal Harris. Not only does Crystal share Holly’s look (although Crystal will deny it), she stepped in as the number one girlfriend after Holly was given the boot from the Playboy Mansion.

So what does Crystal have that Holly doesn’t? She seemed to be less marriage and baby obsessed…and she’s a bit younger. She was also a bit more relaxed – she seems like she pretty much goes along with whatever Hef wants…not because she has to, but because she wants to.

All the best to Crystal and Hef – their age difference is huge but I hope they have some good years together. On the morbid (but good for Crystal) side of things, Crystal stands to inherit a whole bunch of money from this marriage. I believe she does love Hef, but she also probably realizes that she’s got plenty of youthful life to live after he bites the dust. She could feasibly be single again in her mid-thirties and start having babies then. Then again, she’s not Holly, so maybe she doesn’t even want kids. What matters is that Crystal and Hef are happy, and I believe they genuinely are. After all, she didn’t jump ship when her season of The Girls Next Door failed miserably, so she’s in it for real, not just for the fame (ahem, Shannon twins!).

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