Sunday, December 5, 2010

Downsized: Still Not Feeling It

For some reason, I keep watching Downsized on WE TV, despite the fact that I can't stand the show.

I feel like the show just keeps getting more and more obnoxious. It's not the kids - they're fun to watch and seem like well adjusted young adults. It just drives me nuts that Todd forces the kids to hand out fliers to the neighborhood houses, even though it's hot out. And the fact that Laura forced her kids to clean houses with her. Wouldn't it be more profitable to have the kids get jobs of their own?

I get it - this is all for TV, which is why it drives me so crazy. Would the family really have the kids handing out fliers in the heat if not for the show? Maybe not. Would the kids be cleaning houses? Also, maybe not. I still feel as if the television show (which will ultimately save the family financially) is forcing the kids to be more involved in the financial situation than they need to be.

On this week's Downsized, we watched...well...nothing. Laura found out her MS is under control (which is fantastic; even though I think the show is a mess I do hope she remains healthy) and we watched the kids be bored. I still wonder - wouldn't it be healthier for all of the kids (except Danielle, of course) to get jobs and then do their summer activities? In the current scenario, the kids are sitting at home and wasting their time all summer. How is that productive?

This week, we watched the kids explore the world of dating, which seemed about as real as the movie Shrek. I can practically hear the producers saying, "Okay, Whitney, pretend your brother's into your friend Shania!"

In any case, I think the show is ridiculous and is unfair to the kids, but whatever. I keep watching it, so what can I really say?

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