Sunday, November 14, 2010

WE TV's Downsized: Episode 2

I truly hope that Downsized is a work of creative fiction, packaged at a reality show.

I say this because the Bruno family is looking more and more ridiculous.

During week two of Downsized, we learned about the Bruno family's spending habits. They are spending $500 a month on eating at restaurants because it makes them happy.

Say what?

You're on food stamps, filed for bankruptcy and still spending $500 a month on restaurant meals? Not only that, but the Bruno family spending a bunch of money on cable and internet. Shouldn't cable be the first thing to go?

Mom Laura also has a pretty crazy spending habit - expensive coffee. When the financial adviser criticized her coffee habit, she cried and said she has MS, and without coffee, she'd fall asleep while standing up. Here's the thing - she can still have coffee, but why can't she make it at home and bring it in? I don't think drinking coffee in and of itself is the issue - I'm imagining that Mom has a Starbucks habit or something.

The Bruno family is spending $1,695 a month in rent that they clearly can't afford, but hasn't even tried to lower their rent. Why haven't they asked their landlord for a reduction? This week, the financial adviser told them to try - isn't that something that a normal family might try right away?

Some discrepancies from week one came into light this week.

As we did not learn last week, some of the kids do have jobs. The show creatively hid this during episode 1, but now we know that the kids are bringing in some money.

Dad Todd still can do some business with his contracting firm, however, Dad doesn't do any advertising, even cheap stuff, like business cards and flyers. It's like he's not even trying! Mom Laura seems to enable this, because when the financial adviser criticized it, she said that he does work hard.

Downsized is still a good show to watch, but like I said, hopefully it's a work of fiction. I believe that it's a bit too unrealistic to be real, and it seems like the family is probably friends with WE TV producers who wanted to use their friends as pawns to make money. Likewise, the family benefits because they make money and will no longer have their financial issues. The show is interesting, but definitely is not completely honest with us.

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